REPOST ReRe: Some Good Ole’ Porn

i’m tired of the all the BS with this election. thank God it’ll be over tomorrow. no clue who’s gonna win, but i’m prepped for the impending civil war forecasted post election. did i vote? YES, and i voted for the candidate that didn’t shit on the military while i had to show reverence for the job or completely disregard laws you and i would fry for. but whatev’s, three things can chase the blues away: guns, pussy, and food porn. the first 2 are on you. i got the latter seen up.

bon’ appetite

if you REALLY want to make a bomb as fuck steak, you have to have it dry aged. normally, a quality steak-house dry aged cut is a tad more expensive. but, you can save some fundage by dry-aging at home. here’s what you do.

buy a quality steak. personally, i prefer a thick-cut porterhouse. the reason, there’s a filet mignon AND a new york strip. it’s the best of both worlds. so, i usually ask the butcher (the butcher at your local supermarket WILL cut a steak to your specifications) to cut me a 1 and 1/2-2 inch slab o’beef. once you get it home. get an aluminum baking tin or thick paper plate and poke 3-4 holes in the center of the pan. run bamboo skewers into the holes make a kind of tray. you’re trying to keep the steak off the bottom of the pan to maximize the air flow to age the steak.

wipe the steak down of all moisture and throw away dirty paper towels. then wrap both sides of the steak with paper towels and place at the bottom of the fridge (preferably on it’s own shelf or bin). let it sit for 24 hours. after 24 hours, remove from fridge, discard paper towels, flip steak, and add new paper towels. return to fridge for another 24 hours. remove from fridge, discard paper towels, flip steak, and place steak back in fridge for another 24 hours. rinse repeat for 3-4 days. the outside texture of the steak will have a dry’d feel to it.

the steak may develop a slight odor. that’s NOT a bad thing; it means it’s aging properly. remove from fridge and let it sit until close to room temp. season ONLY with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. place under broiler (about 6-8 inches under heating element). you’re looking at about 4 minutes per side for medium rare.

remove from oven and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

i like to serve with steamed asparagus. take a batch of asparagus, bend them lightly until they break- discard the stem section, keep the florette. place the prepped asparagus in 4-5 paper towels soaked in water. place in microwave and cook on high for 2-3 minutes. let sit in microwave for 5 minutes after cooking. you can do this with damn near ANY vegetable: potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, etc.

enjoy. the meat has an absolutely amazing tenderness and moisture. it’s a steak experience you won’t forget.

stay up.


day one. notice the skewers. the paper towels are gone after the second day.after first 24 hours.

after 24 hours in fridge


after 4 days. the steak was a tad thicker and needed an extra day. notice the exquisite color. that’s what you’re shooting for.



New Wind on the Hunt

I’lol be writing this soon enough (once I get home). Got a kick in the ass when I was in the city today….

went into the city today and met with a few friends i hadn’t seen in forever. been in a bit of a rut lately thinking about just all my BS in general. i’m looking at moving into a new place soon, i should be starting school in january…..even though i’m not really all that keen on going, but it does pay me well.

it’s odd how things you know are completely hidden from you you when it’s happening to you. if i were talking to a friend and they mentioned all the bullshit they were dealing with i’d probably have a tiny bit of wisdom to interject. but when it’s you…’s a blur.

haven’t heard from my boy that’s getting out of the USMC, so i’m moving on without him as far as the “dirt cheap survival retreat” lifestyle. i might not have to buy my own land since i have 2-3 people that would LOVE to have my camped out on their land. that should be a pisser. can’t wait.

i have officially given up on looking for a job. seriously. NOTHING out there, so fuck it. i’ll just keep cutting back but hey……that was the plan all along.

it was fun being in the city again. hadn’t been in well over a year. and halloween is one hell of a time to be in the city. i guess the take away from all the shit is….pretty hokey, and i’m sure you can get what i’m saying. now, if you don’t mind…..i’m going to watch that creepy as hell movie “the witch”. lates.

stay up.



And Now Back to Regular Programming

sorry about the absence, a lot’s been going on lately and NO i don’t want to get into too many specifics. essentially i spent a week in the ICU. i wasn’t eating but was drinking a ton of water and powerade (i quit booze quite some time ago thank you), and threw my sodium levels into critical status. i’m good now though.

been donating a lot of crap to downsize but i still have a ton of crap. my old place in jax was about 2000 sq ft, and my house now is about 900-1000 sq ft. i’m still looking at going off grid and still waiting to see if my boy is coming back here to NO when he gets out of the Marines. hunting season is creeping up, need to get used to shooting the bow again (i set up an archery range in my back yard), and i Might go back to school this spring to do industrial mechanics but i want to speak to the guy in charge of the program first since i quit delgado’s welding and machining curriculum. at least i got my lvl 1 welding cert and my NCCER core card. it’s just 3 semesters and pays quite well out here. i’ll keep you posted.

minimal, minimal, minimal….been keeping to myself, trying to get out more, but i’m really just acclimating to civilian life. it’s getting a bit easier, but i still kind of miss the not knowing where i could be. that was the best thing about the navy, i didn’t know where i was going to be in 2-3 years. i’m not looking for work, the VA FINALLY unfucked my disability so tbh, i really don’t have to work. so i just clean the house, and try and exercise so i sleep easier.

now that you’re peeling yourself off your ceiling form the sheer excitement of my retired life, i hope you’ll be able to function on a daily basis now. lol. So-So is coming in to visit for halloween and she wants to do some House of Shock which is fucking amazing this year. they redid the whole layout and the freakshow/laff in the dark is trippy as fuck. i really want want to drop and walk through it. if you’re in the city, do yourself a favor and go check it out.

oh, and i quit the PTSD meds. they were fucking me up. i’m waaaaaay better now without them. i just smoke once in a while and the Doc said he doesn’t have a problem with it so long as i’m not doing it all the time. makes a great nightcap btw.

guess that it for now. like i said, i’m learning a big part of minimalism is that it leaves very little to talk about. but i’m retired and too old for that motto horseshit. it’s nice to sleep in, go see the city, take moms to lunch, and figure out my day as it unfolds before me. and don’t worry, i still mess with the girls. something is in the works as we speak…..

follow me on that twitter thing @GuerroTaco

stay up.

Repost: Gov’t flu

[Edit-this post was written to encourage others to be more self reliant and not not hold a hand out begging the gov’t to help you. I KNOW, i exist off a gov’t pension and disability; but i earned that shit after 20 years living the myth of Sisyphus. the next post will be all original so you can see how i’ve evolved from what i was writing a short time ago. change is inevitable and if you can’t roll with the punches you end up getting rolled…..

things change. and i’ve had to readjust my plans with said change. but i still have my eyes on the prize].

by now you know about the 5th wheel, about me parking on my cousins property, going to welding school once i get settled, hell i’l even be living semi-off grid. at the very least, i’ll have the set-up to go off grid if i need. as i watch things unfold around me, and as Cappy noted in his book regarding the 2012 election, i fully expect shit to get worse [edit-and it has]. i touch on it a bit with this post [edit- post is irrelevant now].

it seems we have a majority of the population that wants shit handed to them. i’m not here to cite statistics and blast on any political side (i think both are useless), no. i’m a man. men don’t bitch and moan, we find solutions. mine is simple.


after 20 years of traipsing the globe i’ve been fortunate to see TRUE poverty, and let me tell you something: the poor in the US are doing MUCH better then in china, or eastern europe. i’ve decided to starve the beast. no point in me breaking my back to give almost a third of it away to someone who doesn’t feel the need to contribute shit. that’s made it a career of being a parasite.

i can live comfortable, mostly off the land, don’t need public services, i prefer isolation, i’ve grown tired of consumerism, and i’d MUCH rather carve out my own path than have an administration corral me into what they think i should be. no, that’s not the Cajun way.

the great thing about the gulf coast is that there can be a complete breakdown of society….and not much will change in neck of the woods. i was watching a special on natgeo about what would happen if there were an attack on the US power grids. it was called “American blackout.”

well, the “suffering” the people had to deal with was laughable to me. money can be worth shit and won’t be missed in my neck of the woods. and since i’ll be getting into welding [edit-got to level one, i can tack weld and do the basics, but the program was shit], i’ll be able to easily find work under the table [edit-pension and disability is FINALLY squared away, i’ll work if i want to keep from being bored]. in Cajun country, we horse trade. secondly, i have a MUCH needed skill…

combat medic. i can perform damn near any minor surgical procedure. granted, the mortality rates for simple sickness will fall back to the early 1900’s, but that’s to be expected. oh, about welding scho AND, since i have “PTSD”, it’s been advised i not work in patient care. so…..welding school will be FREE!!!!!!!

matter of fact….i know a few HM’s that have been invited into “prepper communities” to serve as the local Dr. plus, being tactically trained is a HUGE bonus.

i’m 5 months away from hacking it out on my own. i’m still buying my 5-6 acres in Cajun country as my little slice of the swamp, but i’ll be protecting the back end of my cousin’s property. i’ll sleep late, hunt, fish, shoot the gun/bow, drink beer, tend to a micro farm, tend to some chickens and goats. hell, MAYBE i’ll even work a little (under the table of course). because, well…..

i’ll be free to do whatever the hell i want. self sufficiency FTW.

stay up.

Repost: the Rifle and the Bow

i’m lazy, so here yah go…….

when i was a kid, i BEGGED my grandfather for a gun. he was Houma tribe, and he took outdoorsmanship seriously. before he’d get me a gun, he made me learn to run rabbits. which is little more than a survival tool to eat in the event you get lost in the woods.

when i got my rifle, i was ridiculously excited. my grandfather, who rarely spoke, said, “never shoot anything you won’t eat. never shoot anything not attacking you. a man can take with a rifle and eat. but a man that takes with a bow, will feast. taking game with a bow is the mark of a pure hunter.”

the words didn’t really register then, but they make total sense now. i have more than one rifle. one in particular is a deer gun. any man can pick up one of my rifles and take game. hell, i’ve taken more than blogger to the range to go shooting. Unka Mitch fired my rifles, i’ve fired his.

but the bow is different. the bow is MINE. a bowyer measured my bow specifically for me. the draw is set to my arms length. i don’t have a high end bow. i bought a used bow, and i have no plans on upgrading. i LOVE her. actually, i have the same bow as Unka Mitch. seriously. the first time i let loose a few arrows, i was hooked. what my grandfather told me made perfect sense.

any ass with a rifle can glass an animal from 100 yards and drop it, blood track it, and process it. the bow requires skill. i’m only good from about 40 yards. past that, i may miss. hunting 101: never take a shot you aren’t sure you can make. if you hit an animal you HAVE to track it and finish it off. don’t let the animal suffer, never maim it.

the rifle is a great weapon in your hunting arsenal. actually, it’s a staple. but the bow, the bow is the weapon of a TRUE hunter; a man that has taken the time to master it is a man that respects and honors the hunt as it’s MUCH more difficult to learn than the rifle.

don’t shy away from the bow, find a hunter who’ll teach you it’s power. any archer will be more than happy to teach you. as is in life, do you want to walk the easy path, or learn to master the difficult road?

choose one.


get some.

stay up

Give us this day our daily minimalism

i realize that most of you reading this (more like, the handful) aren’t really down with the whole off grid lifestyle. and that’s cool. to each his own. but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the knots out of your rope without solar panels, deep cell batteries, and an RV. i’m FAR from where i want to be in my quest to downsize, but i went from a 2000q ft home to a 750sq ft squatters lounge.

i gave away 80% of my furniture. GAVE. i had a $3k sofa i bought in san diego, first co-worker to show up and claim it got it. that was my beginning. think of it as Buhhdism: there self denial and total excess. find where in those two extremes you feel most comfortable with. i’ve been shedding as much of the “excesses” as i can: cable, net, tv, books, bed, pay bills. i’ve donated most of my food bank to local churches and started buying silver instead. found a nice place close by and he always has at least $500 in silver bars for me to buy (i usually buy about $150-200 worth each month).

look around your house, if you see something you haven’t touched in a year…..get rid of it. turn off the TV and read a book of substance. get off your ass and go for a walk, ride your bike, unplug from your home and connect with the real world. i’m not saying everyone should go off grid, but i do know most people need to recognize what’s truly important to them and nurture that (said important thing is subjective of course). read Siddhartha, or fight club. take the family out to dinner, take your boy to a ball game or your daughter to whatever the hell she’s into.

sorry. i don’t want to get soap-box in this bitch. but i think i made my point.

minimalism (as far as i’m concerned) is simply an absence of consumerism. if you have a roof over your head, food on your table, bills that are paid, and people that care for you…..yer styling. as for me, i have my little house, which will become a smaller house once my friend retires. of course it sucks that my cousin, who has +60 acres about 2 hours from NO lost everything in the floods a few weeks ago. but she said i can still park my shit on her land.

hopefully anyone reading this will find their little slice of bliss.

stay up.

Stuffed Chicken Breast

i LOVE this little dish. it’s simple and you can go fucking nuts with it as to the stuffing. first thing you’ll need is a chicken breast. lay out some cling wrap and cut the chicken breast in leaving about 1/4″ uncut. you’re just butterflying it- got it? place the cut side down on the cling wrap (please be sure to place the breast OPEN, hence “butterfly” moniker). then place another sheet of cling wrap over the bitterly’d breast. take a nice tenderizing mallet and pound the thicker portion flat to give a more even breast (it’ll cook more evenly and quicker). remove the top sheet of cling wrap.

now comes the fun part.

what do you stuff the breast with? i usually go with boudin, but last night i rocked some green onion sausage. i’d recommend it lain sausage, stuffing (recipe will come at the end of post), or any raw, uncooked sausage. place the stuffing at about 1/4″ on one side of the breast. then flip the unstuffed portion over the stuffed portion. from there you could simply season with whatever seasoning you’d like (i used blackened, chipotle, of buffalo wing powder- look for it in the gravy/seasoning packet section of you local grocery, OR EVEN OLD BAY). THE SEASONING is all up to your own palate. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmkay.

now….i LOATHE doing dishes. so i line a pizzq pan with foil, then fold/pinch/roll 2 4″ sheets of foil into thin mashed up rolls. you’ll probably need 2. these will keep the breast from sitting in it’s juices and cook the under portion of the breast more evenly. fold the “rolls” into a crude “C” shape and place bot C shaped rolls inside each other. basically you’re making a rudimentary grill rack. you want to keep the portion of the breast off the bottom of the past, let some air get underneath there.

normally, i’d give you the “cook at 375 for 30-45 minutes” spiel but if i’m going to cook, i’mma fucking cook. so take some bacon, lay one strip down at a time and overlap the bacon enough to cover the surface area of the stuffed chicken. place the chicken onto the bacon blanket and flip one side of the bacon over the chicken then fold the other side over. PLACE THE BACON FOLD SEAM DOWN on the foil rack you made. if you choose the bacon route then at this point add your seasoning and cook for the times listed above.

for an all purpose quick stuffing i’d recommend the following:
-2 1/2 cups seasoned bread crumbs
-1/4 cup olive oil
-1-2-3 TBS garlic powder or 2-3 finely chopped garlic gloves
-1 tsp crushed red pepper
-1/4 cup parmesan cheese
-1/8 cup raw oatmeal (optional)

combine ingredients in bowl and mix to form a paste like thickened mixture and use for stuffing. again, this is just FYI if you want to try something new, but i prefer the uncooked sausage/boudin route.

the ghetto foil “cooking rack”

nom nom nommers. c’est si bon.

stay up

What Up?

i guess it would only be fair to update you on goings-on since i left jacksonville.

first, i’m back in NO living in what amounts to the fight club house which is one of the places my parents rent out. the previous tenants were evicted and they basically trashed the place. i cleaned it as best as i could be to be honest, i don’t give a fuck. i’ve had FAR worse accommodations. my boy gets out the navy in 2-3 months and he’ll be crashing here until we get shit squared away (i’ll extrapolate later).

i’m unemployed as fuck. that kinda sucked wet donkey balls at first b/c the navy fucked me on my disability pay. to compensate, i was going to school for welding and precision machining. i was copping $1500 a month for each semester. i got my level one welding cert and my NCCER core certificate. NCCER is just a cert to be able to be on a job site. basically a CPR card for construction work. buuuuuuuuuut, i dropped out. the program sucked and i was wasting my time.

that led to me being able to afford rent and bills while leaving about $250 for the rest of the month. needless to say that year+ was a tad stressful for me. i had to jump through hoop after hoop after hoop to get my PTSD covered. well, last month it FINALLY went through and i got a retroactive check for $23,000. i paid 3 months of rent and bills. but i was a fucking wreck before that went through. now between my pension and disability i don’t have to work any more. i’m going in tomorrow for a CT scan for my head since i tested positive for TBI. MO’ MONEY.

as for the going minimal thing; i gave 80% of my shit to a newly wed junior sailor. i’m STILL getting rid of shit though. as far as the property thing- my friend getting out of navy in a few months is also going to do the same thing. known him for 12 years. he’s in desert dwelling (29 palms) Marine Corpsman for just outside lake charles la. we’re going in on 3-5 acres in cajun country or possibly mississippi. all he wants to do is sleep late, fish, and hunt.

works for me.

he’s also read the same book i have on he’s all in. but can’t really plan anything until he gets his ass down here.

so there you go. i’m sitting pretty in NO sleeping late and i’m toying with the idea of a part time gig just to get out the house for a little while. eat, sleep, shit, walk Brody, take the mom to lunch once in a while, and go ride the bike to get some exercise. a far cry from the care free skirt chasing days of yore.

hopefully i didn’t put you to sleep.

stay up.

Lazy, Alive, and Retired

i was going to start a completely new blog but decided it’s too much work, so i’ll just resume posting here. i’ll write something longer and more relevant later but here all you need to know:

1- i’ll be posting my accent into minimalism (i’ve already started)

2- i SHAN’T be posting about women (dead horse)

3- posts will now be done daily, i’ll be taking a more Keoni approach of posting when i feel like it..

of course, all this is dependent on if you give 2 shits to read about whatever the hell i post.


stay up


elephant in the room: i got into a fight. not going into details, but will share something with you- i was totally ashamed of what i’d done. there was a time when i’d have bragged about it, but like i said that guys gone. but at the time of the fight, 2 months prior i went into deep isolation: avoid friends, not leaving the house, and not eating. my family was seriously worried.

other interesting news: i dropped out of school and quit looking for a job. told my mom, “i think i need to just concentrate on readjusting to civilian life and dealing with the PTSD.” personally, it took me a few days of thinking over after the fight.

what am i gonna do now? simple- nothing.

just get my shit together and deal with each day as it comes. not really much else i can do. how will i get money- pfft, that never gonna be an issue. but there’s more news you probably won’t believe- i quit drink out of where 2 weeks ago. ZERO beers, and i honestly have no desire to do so.

then today, just a few hours ago, i was at the VA. i saw mental health so could start on getting my disability fixed. i’m at 10%, i’m easily at 80%. however, what i’m not getting is retroactive. so the paltry 10% clocks in at $133.22. yup. i did the math and i HOPE to be getting $64822. well guess what mental health told me in the end.

“i think yo need to just concentrate on readjusting to civilian life and dealing with your PTSD. you’re not ready for school or work.” *facepalm*

i still plan on writing so don’t worry. i’ll do my best to get 2-3 post out a week.

latah brah.


i’ve been away for a while. sorry. been going through a lot of shit. long story short- i’m quiting i have a few months to figure out what i’m going to do.

if you really want to understand, watch last sunday’s episode of walking dead where eastmon explains PTSD to morgan. i put the tv on pause and cried……for a good 5 minutes. don’t know where i’m heading i just know there’s a road before me.

got into a fight last night. guy was unloading his groceries into his car and pushed his cart away.

it hit my car.

words were exchanged and

look who got popped

look who got popped

i walked away, he didn’t.

i’ll try and keep up with posts. sorry guys.

latah brah.

The Wire

sorry about the little lapse in posts. had kind of a rough week. ended up having to call the VA emergency line because i got severely depressed. just a lot of shit hit at once. i’m second guessing school, still can’t find a job, the VA is still dicking me around to fix my disability status from 10% to the 80% i deserve.

thank God this week is fall break and i only have school wed/thur, then i’m off for the rest of the week. had to sit and do a lot of introspection about the near future. it’s kind of odd; for the last 3 years all i could think about was getting out. and while i’m certainly not wanting to be back in the matrix, being out hasn’t been quite what i expected.

i guess i thought it would an easy transition, but…not so fast danny. lol.

point is, if i can deal with this bullshit….any of you can keep trudging along as well. see, told you the new writing isn’t going to be the yuk yuk slinging, girl chasing crap it used to be. i’m in flux, and that should be reflective in the writing.

maybe i’ll start walking around wal-mart for writing material. that might be funny. until then, sorry. but hey, at least i’m being honest.

latah brah.


i mentioned that there was a blonde honey limbed lovely that caught my attention. and i got the impression you guys were going to want see the turn-out. hate to be a kill joy but the fact is…..

haven’t been there in 2-3 weeks.

you see. something i always stressed to you guys was live your life as what is most important to you. and on planet Danny a lovely blonde isn’t changing my plans. she works at starbucks and i have no reason to go there now. i have no class crap to study. thusly, i’m not going there just to chat up some girl.

women are the side-dish to my life. not the entrée.

i’m not here to bullshit you guys about myself. and i’m assuming most of you reading don’t want me to BS you. if i go back to that sturbeezy’s, and she’s there, i’ll give it a shot. but my expectations are low to non-existent. i think i heard the term “outcome independence” in the past. i dunno…

that’s just not the crux to my life atm. the mission is ALWAYS more important than the girl.

latah brah

One Thing

quick post because i’m lazy and have to study this weekend.

everyone has one thing. one thing that means the world to them, is personal to them. no woman has EVER found my one thing. and this one thing usually isn’t family, it’s something personal. i’ll explain- i came home to NO before i moved to jacksonville from spain. i used to go to this bar close to my mom’s when the step dad was watching TV.

there was a bartender there that was fine as hell. every guy there drooled over her. i was there damn near every day for 2 weeks. she used to read when it was slow, which it was when i was there. i finally asked her what she was reading and i asked her if she’d read, “the unbearable lightness of being”.

she hadn’t. i bought her a used copy and told her we’d have a discussion after she finished it. well, she LOVED the book. i told her we needed to hang out one night after she got off work. her next night off, we went to the house she was watching while the owner (her boss, who had a crush on her) was on vacation.

do i need to elaborate?

one book, i got in. why? reading/books was her one thing. we ALMOST banged in a book store that i brought her to before i got the +1.

my best friend, a man i’ve known since i was 5 has his own one thing: skateboarding. a girl that can appreciate skate culture will win him over every time. i quit skating years ago, but i’m still part of the tribe because i appreciate and support the culture.

what’s your “one thing”? that girl you like, what’s her one thing? your son, daughter, wife- what’s their one thing?

food for thought, you do the dishes.

Past, Present, and Future

one of the classes i’m taking is a pre-requisite class that damn near everyone has to take. basically to make some funds for the school. all the class does is teach you to write a resume, go on a job interview, cite references for work, prioritize, and keep track of finances.

done, done, done, and done.

i however am the oldest of the class and for the most part i’m teaching my side of the class. and it’s funny: when i start talking career success and job related crap they listen intently. when i’m talking to the guys, the instructor listens for a moment and will say, “listen to the man, he’s been there.”

just before class was done i told them, “learn from your past, be ever mindful of the present, have a plan for the future. just don’t be so overly concerned of the past and future that you lose sight of the present.”

hokey. sure. but it’s the truth. and Lord knows i’ve made enough complete fuck-ups mistakes to know.

you see, i retired after my time in the nav. i knew my life was going to be different. in jax i was living my last years up. i knew i was leaving in 3 years so i was just having fun. well, eventually playtime came to and end. and my constant pursuit of women was placed on the back burner.

i had fun in jax, and there’s a LOT of posts of nothing but me chasing the skirts. many of the post were explanations of things i’d learned as a dick slinging little asshole that incredibly works out and got me some poon results. but now that time is gone.

i quit writing to get my shit together and figure out what i’d do next. and, well….i’m still in that present. as for the future; the original plan is out. but it’s been restructured. i must finish school (one more year of machining and i’m dropping welding). not that i dislike welding, but delgado’s program just isn’t for me. once i’m done with school, i have a few options- to be continued.

sorry i’m not slinging witticism and my typical self-deprecation horse shit. because, honestly…it’s time to be serious. but until then this site is still developing and maybe a new voice will emerge for me to offer something you readers. honestly, when i see i have over 200 views…i’m fucking amazed. so to you guys reading, thanks.

so in summation: don’t dwell on the past, keep your eyes firmly in the present, and don’t sweat the future.

latah brah.

The Slob Bible

i saw this while i was living in jax and 1- i always loved Dice, 2- he has a bit about todays woman that had me crying. but the kicker is the reaction of the women when he goes through the bit. just a warning NSFW based on language. because of the language, the sites showing it for free have a “age entry” requirement so i can’t link it. enter “andrew dice clay indestructible”- check the

if you decide to watch it wait for just about the 26 minute mark and strap yourself in. again, the females response is funny/telling.

latah brah


quick post today…..

confession: i had a tinder account.

i first heard about tinder during the last winter olympics. the athletes were using it to have after event bang-fests. see, tinder is supposed to be a “hook up” site. i figured, “no strings sex, COOL.” so i had an account, uploaded some pics and added my witticisms for my profile. then the waiting game began. you “like” the ones you think are cute, and “swipe right”, the ones you don’t.

seems simple, right?

here’s what i experienced: most of the ones i liked were cam girls wanting me to subscribe to their site. fuck that. then i realized something odd. the girls that wanted to hook up were fucking creepy. and i felt legitimately creepy reading what they were sending me in IM’s.

look, i LOVE a filthy girl. but i think i prefer my filthy girls to show their naughty side once i we establish some repoire. i’m well aware that girls are super nasty. but the cheesy nasty on tinder is just stupid. plus….i do better when i interact with someone face to face. i can read IOI’s and body language.

my advice, do it the old fashion way. get off your ass and deal with people (or women) one on one, directly. and stay the fuck away from tinder.

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latah brah.

Institutionalization, Beards, and Ink

i was home on terminal leave. i was texting with a former coworker (female) back in jax. i made a comment about not wanting to shave and she replied, “then don’t shave; you’re retired.” i drew a blank. i WAS technically done with the navy, but i was so accustomed to shaving every day that i was on autopilot.


while i couldn’t wait to be done with the navy, i really wasn’t prepared for what i was going to do without my “navy routine”. a few friends that retired told me it can take up to 2 years to fully acclimate to being “out of the matrix”. thusly, i quit writing to work on adjusting to being a civilian. well, i’m FINALLY just getting comfortable with writing and finding subject matter- which explains why there is no longer a “daily” post.

step one- fuck shaving. what i wasn’t prepared for was the response from women. all of them said they loved it. huh, never saw that coming. then i learned a harsh lesson on first growing a beard….the new beard itch. i almost shaved this sonuvabitch more than once. then i learned about “beard oil”. again….never knew such a thing exists. go to amazon and search it- i’m lazy and don’t feel like linking it.

about 2 weeks before my last day, i got my first tattoo. i gave the guy a print out of what i wanted. well, dummy screwed it up. i told him to not charge me or i’ll do a review of him and tell people to avoid it and i’d show his manager. so i didn’t pay. i never had a tat before because i knew where i wanted them and visible tats after joining is against UCMJ. my bosses saw it and never said a word.

once i got to NO i found a shop (electric expression in kenner), the girl at the register recommended my girl Jessie. i showed her what i wanted and we scheduled a day. a reputable artist usually has a waiting list. she is now the only person i’ll let do my work. black. only black. my grandfather (dads side) was Houma tribe and told me only black tats that have a personal specific meaning should be inked.

again, i’ve been opened by women asking what my greek lettered “molan labe” tat said/meant. i NEVER tell them specifics. i simply say they’re military related. if they ask what my bars are, i tell them, “if you have to ask, you have no reason to understand it.” believe it or not, that makes them more eager to know. classic hamster. i escalate and tell them i never tell fully clothed women what my tats mean.

they smile and say, “pleeeeeeeeease.” sorry babe, rules are rules. i should point out 90% of the women i do this with are women that work at places i frequent. when i posted about the barista (more on that later), i mentioned if she asked about the tats, i’ll have an IOI. i NEVER esstimated girls would respond to tats the way they do. i however still find excessive tat’s on women gaudy. but on guys (especially Blaine) hot. like sup….never mind.

Jess at work.

Jess at work.

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latah brah

Repost: A Sterling Reputation

it’s friday, i’m lazy, and i have to study all weekend for a make-up test and go to the shop to finish a project for school, so you get to read an oldie but goodie.

had a lengthy email conversation with a reader who was interested in precious metal. i’ll summit: if you can’t hold it in your hands-it’s useless. i try and buy at a local dealer, but there’s a run on silver and the wait on an order is about a month. gold is great- if you can afford it. i can’t. buy 1 oz. bars at largest. and keep in mind, i mentioned this over a YEAR ago.

but truth be told, it’s a bit late to try and get serious about silver. if you’ve been watching current events you probably know shit’s about to get real. i saw it and made arrangements. but i guess better late than never. if you can get it, get on it and acquire what you can in silver or gold. it’s well worth it.. enjoy your weekend.

latah brah

ITLR: The Asshole Nuke

have a seat guys and grab a beer. i’m seriously amazed at how my life provides me with writing material.

i live in a pretty chill neighborhood. for the most part we all get along. we avoid the redneck meth-head on the corner and the guy next door to me on the corner. we were cool at first, but he started having his visitors parking in front of my house. came home from school one night and there were 4-5 cars lined up and douche was having a party. i walked next door to speak to him and asked him to not have his friends park in front of my house. his reply…

“it’s public property.”

i stared at him and parroted, “public property. PUBLIC PROPERTY???!!! ok. PUBLIC PROPERTY.” i walked off and he went back inside. i was completely taken aback. back in jax the neighborhood was a community. this guy is the exact opposite. so i did what any self-respecting asshole would do for get back.

i parked in front of his house for 2 weeks and chirped the car alarm at least once a night (i was working nights back then).

eventually, he quit parking in front of my house. but then there’s his 2 kids. they used to play in front of the house along the 3 houses along the corner. i didn’t care, I PLAYED on that same stretch of property as a kid. football, i can’t tell you how many football games i’d been bruised and bloodied playing (tackle only. touch is for pussies). so i was cool with it. but soon i got tired of the son kicking a ball against my house and waking me up. i soon told them to stay out of my yard (old man, i know). then i’d come home and the kids would curse at me and talk shit.

yeah, they’re kids, but i’d NEVER speak to an adult that way as a kid. and the fact that dad made the “public property” comment that i just said “fuck it” and told the kids to keep of my “private property”.

the other day i came home from my moms, and the kids were playing in my yard. got out the car, put Brody in the house, walked to my fence and told the kids, “i meant it when i said stay out of my yard.” i saw the kid left a ball on my property. i took my pocket knife and said, “my yard, my ball”, and popped the ball. dad came out and told me not to talk to his kids like that.

strap yourselves in, we’re about to hit turbulence.

i simply told the dad (zane) that i told his kids to keep of my “private property” since they were in the habit of waking me up while i was trying to sleep. he raised his voice, took 2-3 steps towards me and i hit the red. i threw off my glasses and chain and told him to to PLEASE come at me. he stopped (which told me everything i needed to know), and stared at me for a second.

i told him, “i swear to God please swing, because i’m stupid. i’ll go to jail if it means i get to pound on you. and i’ll be out of lock-up in less than 2 hours with bail waived. you have no idea who my family is (and yes, they are VERY well connected in the city. i have a a lawyer on 24-7 retainer). and honestly, i haven’t been in a fight for a while; not that i LOVE fighting, but this guy needs his ass kicked.

by now his wife came out and i told him, “you have 2 options: come fuck with me and your wife and kids get to see you you get your ass whipped, or go the fuck back into your house.” he turned around and mumbled as he walked off ferrying his family back into the house. i then noticed that a few of the neighbors came outside and watch part of the spectacle.

a few of them cheered me on as i walked back to my door. see….NO ONE likes these people. i don’t know what they did to piss off my neighbors, but they don’t like him. good thing they’re moving in a month. see, out here…men fight. if there’s a disagreement, you take it outside and settle it. i can read people like a champ, and i KNEW this guy was all talk. so i escalated knowing there wouldn’t be an altercation while showing i wasn’t going to put up with his bullshit. plus i have an asshole streak a mile wide if pushed (yeah navy).

theatrics yes. but still a show of force is better than war. I think the art of community is being lost, and that makes me sad. Then again…..

they’re gone in a month and my neighbors are thrilled that he got called out. kind of made me think of this gem…

latah brah.

Pasta Alfredo ala Danny

mom came back from vegas after being gone for a week so Brody wanted to go pay a visit. i was kinda hungry and knew mom wasn’t in the mood to cook, so i decided to go with the first thing she taught me how to cook- fettuchini alfredo. interestingly enough, she taught me to cook it because i wanted to take this girl to dinner and FA was her fave.

“you like this girl son?” mom asked inquisitively. i nodded yes and she said, “any asshole with a credit card can take a woman out to eat, but if you cook for her she’ll be REALLY impressed and she’ll never forget you.”

God damn if she wasn’t 100% correct.

i invited her over and mom went shopping, the stepdad was playing golf, but my little sis stayed behind. i cooked the dinner, steamed some asparagus (place the spears in 3-4 paper towels, wet the towels and microwave for about 3 minutes or until done), and we ate. girl looked like she injected heroin. then we went up to my room and caught some stink finger and tit.

what, i was in 8th grade. i got the +1 a week later. catholic school girls FTW.

FA alfredo i EASY to make. melt 1/2 stick butter, or more if you like. once melted add one small carton (i think they’re 8oz.) of heavy whipping cream or half and half. bring to a low boil. lower heat and slowly mix in 1/2 cup parmesan cheese. lit simmer on low for 20-30 minutes until reduced and tightened up. salt to taste. add whatever cooked pasta you like. voila. as you add each ingredient have some fun and imitate julia childs.

for Alfredo ala Danny use shells, brown one cubed chicken breast. saute baby bella mushrooms and add one small jar of progress marinated artichoke hearts (strain off 90% of the fluid). add the above after you mix in the parmesan cheese and begin to reduce the sauce to allow the ingredients to blend.

c’est si bon

latah brah

so good you'll have to touch yourself after.

so good you’ll have to touch yourself after.

On Minimalism

when last i penned for this special ed class of a blog, i mentioned retiring, buying some land and setting up a travel trailer and kicking back. you might even recall my getting the idea after reading “Dirt cheap survival retreat” by W.D. Creekmore.

seemed like a good idea at the time.

well reality has come crashing down and i’ve changed plans (i’m free to do that, i pay my fucking taxes dammit). i have at LEAST one more year of school, then one class during the summer. i’m still by and large living much more of a minimalist lifestyle as is possible for a student. i still plan on having a camp, but i’m doing it a bit differently.

my cousin has roughly 62 acres 1 1/2 hours from NO. i asked her if i could put a trailer on it and use it for hunting and taking little vacays. she said sure. in return, she and her family can use it whenever they want. but she did say i could stay there as long as i need. kindness you say? nope…..

practicality- i’ll be keeping people OFF her land. and who better to do that than a retired HM with some serious rage issues and “trespassing laws” where if you don’t belong on the land, you can be legally shot.

i fucking love louisiana.

however, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. once i finish school i’m looking at living just outside of baton rouge, maybe gonzales. hopefully by then i’ll have my VA shit settled and once that’s done i really don’t need to work anymore. maybe i’ll work, maybe i won’t. i still have a LOT of shit to get rid of. i have no sofa, only my old queen sized bed, and my old table. the rest is just TV and small tables. why do i need to get rid of so much shit. well then let me fill you in…

fucking tiny houses. FUCK.YES. love the tiny house movement. WANT!!!!! see, once i get my VA shit sorted (more on that later), i’ll receive a retroactive check for around $65k (tax free). that should cover the tiny house and possibly acreage. if you’ve been living under a rock, you can become obsessed caught up/edumacated by watching the show on HGTV. not saying that channel is gay, but it’s not very straight.

in summation going from a 1800 sq.ft home in the burbs to a 3 bedroom one bath cottage built in the 40’s is a huge step. but my rent is cheap and well….my parents own the house. and the full transformation into the minimalism i’m looking to is a process, a journey.

at least i’ve taken the first step.

oh, if you’re wasting 10-15 minutes of your life reading the site and not following my twitter, please do so.

oh……in case you were wondering, little man is just fine. see.

ho ho ho fuckers.

ho ho ho fuckers.

latah brah.

It’s on

i’ve been on kind of on a sabbatical from women; i really need to stay focused on school, and i study all the damn time. well, there’s a SLAMMING blonde barista that just started working at the starbeezy’s i study at. i.will.close. i know what you’re thinking, “and how will you do that Danny?”

it’s the same technique i explained on closing strippers and waitresses. 1- lose the customer status. did that already, i know most of the staff there. then become a regular….again, DONE.
now it becomes a chess game. well….

check- she’s a solid 9 and has a boyfriend. and….well you know what i’ve long said about women of exceptional beauty: they all get cheated on. i KNOW her bf is going to mess around on her. i’ll bank on it. well, one of my VERY good friends (an openly gay black guy) is going to mention me to her. after i find out she’s broken up he’s gonna tell her she needs to just get some rebound dick. guess who he’s going to mention to her?

Danny. and if she asks about the tats (most girls ask what the molon labe says/means, it’s written in greek)….IOI and thats when i escalate and drop my “yer gonna end up pregnant” comment.

checkmate. enjoy your weekend.

OH…..i almost forgot. it’s been a while but i think it’s time for-



got a new shipment of diamond candles yesterday and i’m as a excited as a little girl with a new pony to be burning my “grapefruit mint” ring candle. as the summer comes to a close i think back to lazy days at the beach with blaine. the gentle burn of the sun, the waves crashing onto the beach, the sound of the gulls. i’d sit lazily sipping my cosmo, reading a book, and in a state of total bliss.

then i’d feel his strong hands on my shoulders, his warm breath on my neck, lips brushing my skin. his hand inching slowly up my thigh until his fingertips are inches from my…..wait, what?

my grapefruit ring candle. who's ready to rub their cock on my face?

my grapefruit ring candle. who’s ready to rub their cock on my face?

latah brah

Beta Ballad: Advice from a Woman

for the record, i like this song. Courtney reminds me a lot of Kim Deal and i’m a Kim Deal nut job. watch the video, read the lyrics and we’ll discuss.

“Pedestrian At Best”

I love you I hate you I’m on the fence it all depends whether I’m up I’m down I’m on the mend trendsetting on reality I like you despise you admire you what are we gonna do when everything all falls through I must confess I’ve made a mess of what should be a small success but I digress at least I’ve tried my very best I guess this that the other why even bother it wont be with me on my death bed but ill still be in your head

put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint
you tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to exploit you
give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey
I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny

my internal monologue is saturated analog it’s scratched and drifting I’ve become attached to the idea it’s all a shifting dream bittersweet philosophy I’ve got no idea how I even got here I’m resentful I’m having an existential time crisis what bliss daylight savings wont fix this mess under worked and oversexed I must express my disinterest the rats are back inside my head what would Freud’ve said

put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint
you tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to exploit you
give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey
I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny

I want to wash out my head with turpentine cyanide I dislike this internal diatribe when I try to catch your eye I hate seeing you crying in the kitchen I don’t know why it makes me like this when you’re not even mine to consider erroneous harmonious I’m hardly sanctimonious dirty clothes I suppose we all outgrow ourselves I’m a fake I’m a phony I’m awake I’m alone I’m homely I’m a Scorpio

put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint
you tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to exploit you
give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey
I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny

put me on a pedestal and I’ll only disappoint
you tell me I’m exceptional and I promise to exploit you
give me all your money and I’ll make some origami honey
I think you’re a joke but I don’t find you very funny


the chorus is key, and what she’s saying is if you put her on a pedestal, yer fucked. From the pedestal, she’ll move onto taking advantage of you, to taking your money and wasting it, and to eventually not being able to respect you. the verses are nothing more than hamster rambling. i think Courtney just summed what’s been talked about for years. it just seems women are actually realizing and admitting to it. but this line stood out to me- “I’m a fake I’m a phony I’m awake I’m alone I’m homely I’m a Scorpio.” i’m willing to bet this is an honest admission. and it’s the last line in the last verse, therefore i believe it’s a summation. whodathunkit.
ok, now i have to study for a test tomorrow.

latah brah.

Technical School

i stated before that i’m currently enrolled at Delgado technical school studying precision machining and welding. Cappy has written extensively on the scam of american universities. i’ve already spoken to him about the cost and advantages of tech school. and seriously, if you’re a young man, you should seriously look into it.


cost- a full load (4 classes per semester) runs just under $2k, minus book cost. if you don’t have the funds you can always apply for student loans *more on the scam regarding how students fuck themselves over later*.

time- most of the programs can be finished in 2 years. i’m on my second semester of machining, i have one more and a computer class this summer and i’m done.

demand- the guy that i work with in machining class (a Marine) is currently apprenticing at a shop in metairie. he’s not getting paid until he finishes the course; he’ll graduate when i do. i watch him machine work and he helps me with my projects. according to him 95% of the guys in his shop are over 50, and retire soon. there is literally no one to replace the guys about to retire. essentially, you walk into a job after you graduate. we’ll start making around $15 an hour, earning a raise within 6 months. and the instructors know damn near everyone hiring in the industry.

difficulty- for the most part, if you fail a course it’s because you are putting in ZERO effort. the instructors tell you what to highlight for written exams and as long as you show up and try to do the shop work, you’ll pass. THEY.DON’T.WANT.YOU.TO.FAIL.

of course, each program will have pros/cons and differing levels of difficulty. welding takes practice and repetition; and it’s HOT. machining takes well over a year to really comprehend. my boy in machining has been apprenticing over a year. the instructors tell us it takes some time to really get the hang of it. but everyone is there to help you out and they’re cool about it. yer a newb, they get it.

now, maybe you’re not really into machining or welding. what else could you do. here’s a few suggestions:

industrial maintenance, instrumentation, carpentry, auto mechanics, industrial electrician (any electrician actually). if you’re so inclined you could learn any of the subjects i mentioned by joining the military and getting the training through them, get 4-5 years experience, get out and get paid.

so there you go. with very little time and money (hell, even free if you enlist) and you can be walking into a very great paying, in demand job. and the school/work environment is locker roomish. hope everyone had a great holiday. i ate ribs at my parents place.

latah bra


i’m as miserable as i look. and my balls probably smell like a whopper.


it’s been over a year. DAMN. i haven’t written anything in well over a year. living back in new orleans, going to school, and pretty much being a hermit. oh wait, you probably want me to fill in the blanks. ok. fair enough….

i left jacksonville and went home to NO. for the first 3-4 months i was a bit of a player, then it just got old. i can’t explain it. i don’t know if it was the women or myself: maybe both. i landed a job, then after about 3 weeks, i quit. it was just too stressful and it was making me very depressed. i felt bad for tapping out, but eventually got over it. then i started school. i took up HVAC (air conditioning repair/service), but hated it. switched over to precision machining and welding . i am now on my second semester of both at delgado technical school.

and i really like it.

i ended up landing another job (not that i really need to work, but i felt obligated to), but again…i quit after just over 2 weeks. again too stressful. i talked to a few of my USMC buddies still on active duty and they all said it takes a while to adjust to civilian life, especially after 20 years. then i learned the harsh reality- my PTSD is WAY more serious than i thought. i don’t really leave the house, i can’t sleep, i avoid friends and family, and i rarely eat. i can honestly go 3-4 days without a bite. the meds just didn’t work and i don’t want to be some drugged up zombie. that’s the VA’s plan for 99% of vets with PTSD.

i’m not trying to bum anyone out. i look at sympathy from the major payne philosophy, “you want sympathy. you find it in the dictionary between shit and syphillis.” but i’ve always been big on writing honestly. and, well…this is just the reality of my transition to civilian life. i have NO CLUE, if this blog will morph into something productive, or even anything readable. but if i see people are willing to read, i’m willing to write. besides, my PTSD counselor told me having a journal is great therapy. and i’d much rather write than take xanax.

to be honest, i kinda like being in school (especially when you get paid to go). talked to Cappy about school and let me tell you, technical school is the way to go. i think that will be the next post. for now, let me close with; i’m alive, i’m fine, going to school, and enjoying never having to work again. we’ll see what this morphs into…a 41 yo man that retired from the navy and is trying adjust to NOT being military seeking a path of minimalism.

latah brah

Going Ashore

next week i start checking out of the command. tuesday, i move out of my house. on the 14th i have my VA appointment. the next day, i drive back home- for good. last week was my “official” (read, i didn’t request one) retirement ceremony.

i started this site in the summer of 2011 at the suggestion of others. i found the Sphere in march that year and stumbled from site to site. after becoming a regular commenter on Riv’s site and having Yohami goad me long enough i started this site.

so here i am.

and now i feel my time here is done. i have no further advice to give. i have nothing else to offer to you men about women. and i am no longer the man that started this site. therefore, it’s disingenuous for me to blog under this handle.

i promise, i’ll return. but i need to get my affairs in order and finish my retirement. i need to reconnect with my family. i need to reconnect with myself. like i said, “dannyfrom504” is dead. the man that started this site is gone.

the sites i mentioned before will announce my new site. i’m ready to start anew. if you choose to join me, i’d be greatly appreciative. but to those of you that read my BS, i thank you. i very much appreciate your reading. with all honesty, i could never imagine i’d have had as many of readers as i’ve had. to all of you…..

but it’s time for me to set to dock. thank you all for reading, thank you all for the comments. and thank you in general.

i’m not one to forget kindness, and reading my site- i see as kindness.

thank you. but i’m going ashore. this site will no longer be updated.


stay up .

Embrace the Pain

i’ve never posted “work out” shit before. i really don’t think most people would like my workout’s, it’s pretty unorthodox. i don’t use weights. it’s all body weight and goes from excersize to excersize. i do 3 rep’s of 6 moves, rest 2 minutes. repeat single series of 6 moves, rest one minute, and repeat single series until 45 minutes has passed.

i’m not a big guy, but i’m “effecient”. K doesn’t seem to have a prblem with my ability to “do work”.

in the summer of 2008 i volunteered to go to kuwait. the way i saw it, even though i was a tech and not an 8404 i felt ashamed that i had NEVER touched the desert. once i found out the hospital needed two people to go, i went straight to the CMC and she fast tracked my approval.

that’s where i met Billy. Billy was a little bad ass from Utah. total outdoors guy. he was sent to jacksonville after he got medically dropped from BUDS. during dive phase a tank got dropped on his foot. his run time went down, they medically dropped him. when we got to camp pendelton to train for the deployment, we hit it off immediately.

once i realized i was going to be his LPO at the clinic in ali al salem, i was ended up bunking with him and my boy Boles. still talk to Boles. there’s NOTHING to do in ali except work and work out. well, Billy stumbled upon gym jones and decided we were going to do that.

i was only able to do 1/3 of the workout before i tapped out. Billy managed just over half. it’s BRUTAL, and it’s meant to be. back then, they posted the daily workout for free. now you have to join to get the workouts. BUT if you’re google savvy you can still find the old workouts, they HAVE to be out there.

you wanna join GJ, it’ll cost $500.

i got to pendleton weighing 138lbs with a 34″ waist. i left Kuwait 156lbs with a 31″ waist. we were supplementing with cryotest, leukic, animal pak, and isopure protein. i wouldn’t advise anything i just listed except leukic and animal pak. i STILL use animal pak as my primary multivitamin.

by the time i left kuwait, i was able to do about 2/3 of the gym jones workouts. Billy was doing the whole damn thing. when i got back to spain, EVERYONE stopped and commented how “jacked” i looked. i was “fluffy” when i left spain.

the program work’s if you’re willing to suffer. i’m too old for all that moto shit now. lol. i don’t work out to stare lovingly at my biceps and pecs. i work out to be able to hold a 8 pound crossbow upright for up to 7 minutes. to swing harder than my opponent and cause pain. i work out so i can drag a 120 pound buck back to camp.

i don’t do cardio to up my 5k time. i do cardio because if my enemy has more endurance than i do, he wins.

why do you work out?

stay up.

God Damn Right

God Damn Right

The Ladies of Publix

i was at public monday buying beer. as i paid and made small talk with the cashier when the girl bagging exclaimed excitedly, “I”VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!!!!” i smiled and said i one in a lot. the cashier nodded in agreement, “yeah, he’s stops in every day.” the bagging girls said, “he smells SOOOOO good. what was that cologne you had? you said it was new.”

“yeah, Jean Paul Gauliter’s new scent”

the bagging said, “HE ALWAYS SMELLS GOOD!!!!!” this girl’s 18-19. i’m leaving in less than 2 weeks, and she’s WAAAAY to young, but i KNOW i could have closed it.

today, i stopped in to get shit for my tattoo. JUST finished it at 6. i was getting shit to clean it off and the bagging girl gushed when she saw it. “NEW TAT???!!!” i nodded and she asked what it was. i told her and she asked what it meant. she asked to see it and i told her, “some other time. me and some beer have a date.”

she was smiling from ear to ear. i looked back and she was still looking.

i’ve said since i started blogging, the best way to practice “game” is on women that HAVE to talk to you. loll for IOI’s and escalate when early on. the second girl gave me IOI’s, but i remained aloof. when i see her again, i’ll tell you what happened.

too be continued…..

I was cleaning shit yesterday in anticipation of my pack out and found this.


i have NO CLUE, who this is or when i got it. abundance mentality- get some.

stay up.

Test Your Game

i ran this post a long time ago, i’m going to repost it for my newer readers, but in a shorter format.

early in my blogging career, i was the PM supervisor for radiology. i had 2 civilians and one military tech to Lord over. my ultrasound check was a SLAMMING hot asian girl. i worked with her for almost 2 years. i watched HUNDREDS of guys approach her. this was their typical open- in EXACT detail.

they’d walk up to the check in desk, i was sitting less then ten feet to her right, usually writing a post or “doing research”. yeah, that’s it- research. a guy would walk up and just start talking to her. asking her how much longer she had left at the hospital, asking about her schooling, then just showering her with compliments about how hard working she was.

she’d smile, be gracious, and mention how hard it is to juggle work, a second job, school, and spending time with her boyfriend.

the guys would continue on, usually for about 5 more minutes, then walk away. i’d spend the next 2-3 minutes regurgitating what they had said and adding “want some dick” in between compliments. she’d laugh and nod.

then, ONE guy showed up and made her tingle. here’s what happened.

older guy, maybe early 40’s. he approached asked why she was still in and when she was transferring. she answered. then he looked at me shook my hand and introduced himself. he asked me how long i’d been there and made a joke. then he went back to girl and asked what she was doing. she told him he was studying. he asked what for and she mentioned nursing school. the she mentioned the second job and the bf. he chuckled and said, damn girl, you’re kill them youthful asian good looks with all that hard work, but old boy is lucky. take care you guys” he walked away.

i lifted my head, looked over and she was blushing and smiling BIG TIME.

this is the ONLY time i’d seen her react like that. to this DAY, she remembers him.

so, i ask you readers. HOW did this man manage to generate tingles after SO MANY others failed.

i will provide the answer tomorrow in bold.

A Poll for the Ladies

while on house hunting/job hunting leave, i quit shaving. i went 20 day without. below are the results. i’d say guys could chime in too, but i’d end up with an erection and that would make me uncomfortable since i’d prefer you’d be able to see my blue vein throbber.

so Ladies….what say you. you can look at a pic of me with out on my “about” page.

15 days in.

15 days in. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

after 20 days.

after 20 days.

I Know it’s Over

“Danny, did you have a girl over this weekend?”

K was over. she reads the site sometimes. i must have made mention of a friend having stopped by. i told her i had in fact had a friend over. then she asked if it were a girl. i told her it was in fact a girl. she asked if she could ask me a question and would i be honest in answering. i looked at her for a second. i warned her the contents of this conversation was going to be blogged. then i told her-

“you better be careful that you REALLY want the question to be answered. you know i’m not going to lie to you.”

she asked me directly if i saw other girls. i immediately told her, “yes.” she asked who and i told her that was none of her business. she said she deserved to know. i reminded her that she was NOT my girlfriend and that from the beginning i told her that this was just what this was going to be.

“you do realize i’m moving out of my house this friday?” she looked at me and asked why i was JUST telling her this. i told her, “i just found out to today. when it comes to you, i don’t deal with possibilities, i deal in terms of definitiveness. i told you in april i was going back to NO for good.”

i think this was the moment it hit home for her. suddenly a girl coming over wasn’t the issue. i’m not here to talk shit, or gloat. kerri is a great girl. if i weren’t leaving, things would be different. she looked visibly upset. i think she may be falling for me. this all started in november. i see her once or twice a month.

every woman i’ve gotten involved with where it started to get serious. girl falls for me. it’s almost curse. i told her none of this is about her. i told her she was a phenomenal girl, and that i was in fact filled with regret that it was over. but this was my life, i chose it. every 2-3 years i move on.

“Kerri. you’re a beautiful girl, you won’t be off the market that long and hopefully i treated you in a manner that you realize you deserve to be treated.” despite what you might read here, i’m actually a GREAT guy to be involved with. i treat my women QUITE well. i smiled at her and said, “but no one’s gonna pound that pussy better then me, and you know that. i get in there better than a sybian.”

she bit her lip, smiled, shook her head, and looked away. “what is it with you guys and your dicks? you guys are so bad about opening up.” i looked at her, smiled, and said, “thats EXACTLY what i was talking about. ‘opening YOU up’.”

“Kerri, i think i was VERY clear in telling you how i’m not happy, but this is my life. it’s been my life for the last 20 years. but i am happy to know that YOU are the last girl the navy will take from me.”

she tried to shit-test me with, “now you have a reason to visit jax.” i laughed and told her i’m NEVER coming back to jacksonville, but she’s welcome to visit me in NO, IF i’m single of course.

she asked me if i ever planned on “settling down.” i laughed; i’ve heard this from HUNDREDS of women. i told her i was settled now, that i don’t lead some life of pomp and grandeur. she said she was talking about settling with a woman and getting married. i didn’t EVEN want to have that talk.

i walked up to her, took her hand, placed my palm on her face, and kissed her. then i said, “right now, THIS is enough. besides, you know your brown eyes are my blue skies” she blushed. she asked me how many women i’d told that to, i smirked and replied, “hundreds.” she punch my shoulder.

after i kissed her, i told her i was sorry. she asked what i was sorry about and i told her the last thing i wanted to do was break her heart. she asked how i could be sure her heart were broken. i stared right into her eyes and 2 seconds later she looked away a made a grimacing face. again, i told her i was sorry.

like i said, she’s a great girl, but i’ve been here before. it’s hard for me to really “let her in” when i know ultimately it’s doomed from the start. she never asked about the other girl. i think she already knew. this is why i tell guys to NEVER lie if they’re going to run more than one girl. ALWAYS make it known from the beginning she is NOT your girlfriend.

i was VERY clear with Kerri that i was leaving and we weren’t going to be exclusive, that id she met someone that she wanted to “boyfriend up” with, i would let her go. but her hamster told her SHE could win me over despite my ADMITTING this has happened to me before. but she’s a woman- emotion trumps logic and reason.

i think the fact that she NEVER mentioned the other girl again is pretty telling.

when you’re honest, you have a better chance of “hoe’ing it up” as a female i work with puts it. lol. she affectionately call me “hoe ass”. lol. i tell her, “i’m not a hoe, just a man with options.”

she LOVES Buckley’s version of this song. just for you K. [ed- she texted me that she feels like the song mirrors my relationship life. i told her it seems to parrot my having to leave women behind often.]

i introduced her to SKM. it’s now her favorite band. this is her jam. babe, remember that drive to st. augustine? lol.

where the “blue skies” line comes from.

stay up

ITLR: The Barking Doggy

this past weekend i was at the local having a pint. out of no where there was a commotion by the pool tables behind me. i looked and there stood a kid 17-18ish, yelling at a guy standing with his hair in a ponytail.

he had a slight smirk on his face. he never said a word, he just stood staring back with a shit eating grin.

eventually the manager walked over, and ended up kicking the kid out.

the manager came back sat next to me and the bartender walked over. i looked at the manager and said, “that kid was gonna get pounded if it went to blows.” the bartender (an Irish guy and former hell raiser) nodded and the manager quickly agreed. “OH YEAH!!!!” manager spent a year in prison for involuntary man slaughter. guy pulled a gun on him, he took the gun and he shot the man in the face, point blank.

when he told me the story he did it in the most chilling voice i’d ever heard from his mouth.

guys that fight, NEVER talk shit. there’s a disagreement and either a fight begins or does not. when a fist lands on your face, that’s the primary sign you are in a fight. there’s a certain way i fight if i KNOW it’s gonna down. don’t ask, i ain’t telling.

“when you are short on everything but the enemy, you are in combat.” -murphey’s laws of combat.

guy ended up coming up to the bar to get a drink. i looked over at him and said, “god dammit i was hoping you were gonna unload on him.” he smiled and said, “nah, i only fight men.” i told the bartender i was covering his beer. he shook my hand, thanked me and i asked his name.

“Mike, you.”

i answered, “Danny. nice to meet you. stay the fuck up Dude.”

he turned and walked back to his game of pool.

stay up.

United States Misguided Children- Let Slip the Dogs of War

never did an 8404 tour. i’ll tell you that right now. all my tours were OCONUS (out continental US) and CONUS (continental US). i served 3 years on the USS Blue Ridge. at my first command i volunteered to go to GTMO (Cuba). i was one of 2 HM’s that were the primary HM’s to go before a HUGE deployment was sent after i returned.

while in GTMO, i was an E1. a nothing. i just did what iwas told and did it as best as i could. i fucked up, got my ass chewed and went back out got my ass beat. on my weekends off i was “voluntold” to head off with an HM2 to field train with Marines.

i got yoked up, armed and set out with HM2 at 0500 sat/sun morning for every other weekend. i learned how to do sick-call, learned to never quit running, learned to assimilate. that’s the key; if you can’t keep up with 0300’s, they shut you out. i’d shit myself running before tapping out and got on the truck.

there’s always a truck when Marine’s run. it’s for the injured. you NEVER get on the truck.


i sat one weekend doing ops and my Marine’s were getting in the 3 point stance to tackle a 6 foot cactus. i went to the head one sat night and my Marines were sharing a blow-job doll. one saw me and asked, “DOC!!!! if one of us has an STD and we share this, can we all get it?” i looked at them blankly and just nodded yes. then i took my shower.

then there’s the time they fucking soaked rolls of toilet paper in JP5, lit on fire, and used the surgical tubing i gave then as slingshots to fire at each other one night. i got my ass HANDED to me that night by SSGT Jimenez, then by my LT at the hospital. luckily, i was a piece of shit know nothing E2. they just yelled at me and it was done.

bottom line was, one of my Marines asked if i could get surgical tubing. i got it. had no clue what it was for. but i never blue falconer. that was key. i took my reaming and didn’t say shit. but i earned my stripes one night when i went to the ER to talk to a buddy. they got a SERIOUS call to the line. Marines crossed over and hit a land mine. my buddy ORDERED me to go (he was an E4, i was an E2), said this call needed extra hands.

we got on scene and the 2 Marines crawled back onto the base. one lost half his leg and the other was riddled with shrapnel. my boy applied the tourniquet and i started the IV. the other Marine said he was fine and the we needed to look after the amputee. we got them both back, they lived, and were patients on the ward i worked at.

when i told/tell this tale (it’s been declassified) i always saw/see it as “i just did my job”.

in Kuwait, the squad lost their HM when he broke his foot. i was at camp close to the iraqi border and a squad leader showed up asking for a HM that “knew his shit”. i was covering X-ray, but was the pharmacy tech of ANOTHER camp, but filling in a “general duty” billet (if you’re military; you get it). i was sent over to HQ and met SSGT ********** (he’d never want his name here). i asked him to show me the MRAP and asked where he wanted me assigned.

he showed me my spot and i asked to see the guys. i gave them all quick clot, ACE wraps, tourniquets, and ABD pads. i introduced myself, told them who i was and assured them i could NEVER replace their HM, but i knew my job was to ensure they got back to camp alive.

and that i would die doing that.

by then i’d been in long enough to understand the nature of warriors. these guys were moto, but our missions were basically to drop off supplies to various FOB’s (forward operating bases). one Marine asked me if i wanted to man the .50 cal. this an newb joke. you man it, you clean it. told said Marine to eat my dick. the crew laughed.

sat in radiology when i was needed and crossed the border when my Marines went out, then went back to my camp at Ali al Salem. it was a fun few weeks, and they kept busy.

always had fun with Marines, either you fit in or you don’t. i did, and it’s an honor i hold sacred. i have MANY other sea stories involving my Marines (most HM’s do), but i think i’ll save those for later. man, i wish i knew where Dogsquat was at. i KNOW that old warpig has some tales to tell. this is just for him and my Brother Marines. GET SOME!!!!!!


stay up.

The Compound

988 Steeplechase lane
Orange Park, Fl 32065

that’s my physical address. that’s where i’ll be for the next 2-3 weeks. my house is known as “the compound”. newbs to the hood are told, “that’s Danny’s place. if you have kids keep them away from Danny’s house. if shit hit’s the fan, GET TO DANNY’S HOUSE!!!!!!”. theres a tactical weapon in each room. let me show you around. my first home video, around 2012ish.

the “compound” now, what i DIDN’T show.

had a girl come over and she commented on the machete in the guest bathroom. i LOVE how you ladies snoop. what’s not in the video is: the machete in the guest bathroom, the police bar in the kitchen, and the machete in my bathroom. i also have shotgun shells in every room in the house.

don’t look at me like that. i like to feel secure.

took Nugget shooting yesterday. the AK fucking jacked her shoulder. she liked the AK and she dug the P95. but she LOVED the ruger 22/45. honestly, she dropped clips quicker than i could fill them. i can’t tell you how much women LOVE having a man take them to the range to shoot.

Nugget and the .22.

i got some too of course.

it was a fun time. after shooting i ate some vietnamese food and headed back home. when i got back my neighbors had a little “going away” party for me. Lopez, Nugget, and So-So. we stayed up and drank and played “corn hole” then we played a sick card game that’s just not right. it was a good time, and i will honestly miss leaving this neighborhood.

thought you’d like this.

yes. yes i do.

yes. yes i do.

now you all know where i live. if anyone from the Sphere has beef with me, now you know how to find me. i couldn’t be more open than posting my home address. i prefer to go one-to-one from the chest. but, just remember, i drew on a woman i LOVE. i’ll FIRE on someone i don’t know.

if you live in the area and wanna have a beer, shoot me an email.

stay up.


i was originally intedned to post an e-mail i received at work today about a course being held to promote “female leadership” in the navy. basically it’s a class for women only to teach them how to be effective leaders. do i even need to ask if there will EVER have the same course for men only?

don’t answer it. i sent a copy of the email to SSM and PrivateMan so they could read it.

in case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably notice the tone of the site has changed. next week will be my last week of work in radiology. the following week i check out of the command. april 11th will be my last day at NAS Jacksonville. on the 14th i have an appointment with the VA to discuss my disability.

around the 15th i will be heading back to louisiana. once my household goods arrive and my parents fix up the joint, i’ll be living in their house next door to Paw-Paw’s pad where me and my boy Adam will be fixing up the house so my mom can rent it out.

once i leave Jax i will no longer be updating this site. i started this site as a goofy as fuck navy dickbag that was well blogging about, well- “horse hit, women and food.” the fact is, i’m no longer that guy. i gave away all my furniture, i’m moving to a more minimal lifestyle. i had a nice talk with Yohami and he seemed pretty psyched about it as well.

the fact is, i RARELY even talk to women anymore. it just seems disingenuous to continue this site. i’ve been pondering this for about a month. i spoke to SSM, PrivateMan, and LaidNYC about this all around the same time.

i’m glad i started this site. God knows i’ve made some VERY good friends from this blogging nonsense. even the people i’ve had fall outs with with i honestly wish nothing but the best for them. i was always amazed at the emails from you guys wanting my humble take on something. and i really want to thank you readers for taking time to read my bullshit.

but fear not. i’ll be starting a new site that will be more closely aligned to the way i’ll be living. it’ll be more of a MGTOW, minimalist, traditional masculinity site. i’ll still be posting openly and SSM and PrivateMan will announce when i start it. i still need to figure out the format. you won’t find me railing on feminism (not that i really did), and if i meet a woman, i have every intention on sharing it.

in short. my life is about to make a major change. i’ve spent the last 20 years jumping from place to place. now i’m 40, starting to feel it, and am looking forward to peace and quiet.

i’m not quiting, just changing. change is necessary, natural, and beneficial.

me and adam. been friends since we were 5

me and adam. been friends since we were 5

stay up.

Dog Man

a man and his dog, there’s no other more unconditional bond for a man (ok, aside from his mother). i left Brody with mom since i’ll be moving out of my house in 2-3 weeks and i’ll need to stay in a hotel. mom had to put her dog (Cody) down due to old age and his being so sickly. i knew when i saw him in december it would be the last time i’d ever spend time with him. i took a few pics with him, i just knew it was his time. never took pics with Cody before that day.


Cody-co-co. look at that tounge.

when i went home Brody practically jumped out the car and ran circles at the door to mom’s house. when i let him in (mom wasn’t home) he sat at her chair. he knew she needed him, and he never left her side when she was in the house. little fucker ignored me if she were home. lol.

talked to mom last night and told her how i miss Brody and i’ll unconsciously put my hand over to where he sits and i realize he isn’t there. mom laughed and said, “when you called and left a message as i sat listening to it he stared at the phone and ran excitedly in circles. trust me, he misses you too. the other night he was sleeping with terry (my dad) and he kicked Body off the bed. the next morning i woke up and he wasn’t in his chair in the living room. i went upstairs and he was in your bed. i have to keep the door closed now or he’ll stay in there on your bed.”


a woman came to the department while i was on watch saturday and we were watching Too Cute: Puppies. they were showing a litter of basset hounds and the patient used to breed bassets. i told her my mom bred shi-tzu’s and she recently lost her dog of 12 years Cody. she asked me if i had ever heard of the “rainbow brighe” GAYNESS ALERT- she mentioned that when animals die they go to the rainbow bridge. there they play and live with other animals that have passed on. when humans die, they cross the rainbow bridge. as they do, the animals that were once parts of the family find them, greet them, and walk with them to heaven.

i told my mom this story and she started crying. i felt bad, but at the same time, i knew she was happy. i really don’t think mom will own a dog again for a long time. her last dog (Saux. prounounced socks) died when i was in high school. she didn’t get another dog for over 10 years. losing Saux hurt her that badly.

i don’t even WANT to entertain the idea of Brody passing (he turns 9 in november). my boy Adam lost his rotwieller (Indy) and he was a wreck for months. every NO skater knew and LOVED Indy.

i’ve loved women. i really have. but i don’t think i’ve EVER a had bond with a woman stronger than the bonds i’ve had with my dogs. and i’ve ststed before, a dog will open women FOR you. just take your dog for a walk and watch the girls swoon. Brody’s run to women that were exactly my type and start playing with them. hell, he’s actually pee’d on a few of said women. now remember, Brody is VERY well trained. he NEVER just runs from my side, he just seems to know, “OOOOOOH Danny’d like her.” lol. it’s crazy.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i'm truly blessed.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i’m truly blessed.

here’s my neighbor DJ’s dog Bully. first time i met him he ran at me and i froze. DJ’s yelled, “NO WOORY, HE NO BIHTE YOO!” DJ’s a veteran of the Serbian conflict btw. he got shot in the dick. when he told me i said i didn’t believe him and he stood up to unholster the pistola. Sean stopped him and DJ’s wife chimed in, “there is scar, but it still work.”

these are my neighbors. steeplechase lane is fucking nuts. and i’m really gonna miss living amonst these psychos.

Bully. he's 90 lbs of snuggle nugget. unless of course you enter DJ's house illegally.

Bully. he’s 90 lbs of snuggle nugget. unless of course you enter DJ’s house illegally.

AND soon enough, i’ll be raising a team of hunting dogs. i’m REALLY looking forward to that.

stay up.

Lenten Food Porn: Jamaican Jerk Mahi

quicky, simple, and delish. i’m posting this early since it kind of needs to marinade overnight for best results. you will need-

one piece of fish per person. you don’t HAVE to use Mahi (publix had it on sale) but i’d run: sword fish or tuna; any firm fleshed fish
jamaican jerk marinade. i prefer “walkers wood”. you can usually find it at any international or caribbean food store. pic below. or make your own.
2-3 limes

halve the limes, squeeze some juice onto the fish. cover top of fish with marinade (walker’s wood is HOT), use sparingly if you’re averse to spicy foods. i’m NOT, so i love this shit. but if you can’t take heat, just add a small amount to the top of the fish. cover and let it site overnight. at the very least it should marinate for about 4-6 hours; the longer the better.

remove from fridge and let it get close to room temperature. turn on your broiler and let it heat for about 5 minutes. oil cooking pan, place fish in pan and cook for about 6-7 minutes. remove from heat, let sit for about 10 minutes, plate and dig in. i’ll post pics when i cook mine when i get home (it’s marinating as we speak).


stay up.

ITLR: The Bow

“Any man with a rifle can scope an animal from 100 yards. When you make a kill with the bow, you are a pure hunter and show your prey the respect it deserves.”

i’ll NEVER forget these words when my Grand Father (my dad’s father) spoke them to me. i think i was about 11-12. i had just been given my first .22 long rifle. actually it’s pretty common for boys in the south to get a .22 as thier first gun. Paw-Paw was Houma tribe. hunting, fishing, and working the land was always a big part of his life. i remmber having to hoe a field for half a day; at 8. that should give you an idea of how Paw-Paw’s mindset.

once i got back stateside from Spain i KNEW i was going get the gun collection going again. each one (except the AR and MAC-10) have a purpose. the AR and MAC are just fun to shoot. but i ALWAYS wanted to get a bow. i went to a place out here that i had been patronizing for about a year and had gotten to know the owners. it’s a family run store, not corporate. i bought my turkey/duck gun (mossburg 500 cammo) for $200. it was listed at $300. this is my toy store.

green acres on normandy. jax florida

green acres on normandy. jax florida

said store has an archery department and a bowyer. nice guy. he asked me what i was looking for and i told him i had an interest in getting a bow, but didn’t want to drop $7-800 on a bow only to find out i didn’t really like shooting it. he told me he had a few used bows and he asked my price range. i said arounf $250. he brought down 2 bows and suggested the Matthew’s Mini-Mae. nice bow, felt comfortable, and he showed me how to grip it. i was sold.

he adjusted it to my arm legnth, got me a trigger, and a few arrows. once it was measured he too me to their indoor range and let me drop a few arrows at 30 feet. i was hooked. what i like about the bow is that it’s MINE. anyone can pick up one of my rifles and drop lead. if you tried to use my bow, you’ll NEVER be as effective with it as i am.

i like that.

and it’s not an easy task. haven’t gone shooting in a while, but after talking with my cousin the other day i was given permission to hunt her land whenever the hell i want. that means i need to practice shooting again. if you shoot and hit an animal. you are obligated to retrieve the body. so you better make damn sure you make a clean kill. to help matters out i bought THESE bad boys as my new broad heads. my buddy uses them and said he’s never had a deer make it more than 30 yards after a chest shot. it dies quickly.

that’s a good thing.

i’ve had one or two readers ask me bow questions and here’s my 2 cents on anyone looking to get into archery.

1- get a used bow. make sure it feels comfortable when you hold it. a reputable bowyer will NEVER try and make you buy a $900 carbon fiber body bow (see pic below) if you’re a noob.

2- have the bowyer set it to your measurements. pretty much a no-brainer. should be the first thing he does. my guy needed to adjust my bow twice to get the draw perfect.

3- know your draw strength. mine is set to 50lbs. if you’re a bigger guy, you could probably go to 75lbs.

4- invest in a good stabilizer. mine cost $75. makes all the difference in the world. i just barely grip my bow and it balances PERFECT without tilting. that’s what a stablizer does.

5- have your sights ajusted properly. the bowyer set me to 20, 40, and 60 yards.

6- all other crap is personal. arrow rest, lighted sights, lighted arrow nock, wrist strap. don’t spend too much until you know you’re going to really be using a bow often. but even now, i have no plans on getting a new bow.

7- when you actually start shooting. after you release the arrow, keep your eye on the target and follow the arrow until it hits the target. this will make you much more accurate. the bowyer that set up my bow gave me this tip.

a bow and it's parts.

a bow and it’s parts.

this is my bow. there are many like it but this one is mine.

this is my bow. there are many like it but this one is mine.

trust me, shooting a bow is a GREAT way to relieve stress. it’s such a primal tool that when you actually hold a real bow, you’ll be immediately hooked. man has used a bow as a weapon and hunting tool for centuries. and trust me, it’s NOT easy. but nothing worth doing ever is.

and think about it. if you hunt, and fire at and kill an animal, every damn thing in the woods knows people are about. a bow kill is silent, and you can retrieve your arrow and use it again. even if you only get the most basic set up and shoot once a week, i promise you’ll soon find a passion for it.

again, if you have any questions, feel free to email me.

stay up.

We’re Just Wired Differently

saturday i had duty with my girl jackson. i was watching the new 300 movie (again, with a blue vein throbber erection) and jackson was looking at furniture for her daughter. she kept asking me to look at ottoman’s, mirrors, armoir’s, etc. i really couldn’t be bothered by it. eventually she quit asking me to look at shit when i told her angrily that i was busy watching persians being slaughtered.

i little later that afternoon, i decided to also jump onto craigslist. i started looking for crossbows. i found a nice barnett for $350. they don’t make that particular model anymore and $350 is a GREAT price. i tunred the monitor towards her, with a pic of the crossbow and asked her what she thought. she looked at me, riased her eyebrows and said, “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!???” i laughed.

she was absolutely right. why the HELL would i ask her opinion on crossbows?

i spent all day yesterday looking at hunting dogs and reviewing crossbows. i replied to 2 craigslist ads by guys selling crossbows but no dice. i decided to head to Green Acres (my personal toy store) after i called, i was informed he had something used i might like. he handed me a Ten Point Titan HLX (ten point doesn’t make this anymore, now the have the titan XTREME). wanna see a happy Danny?

ain't she purdee

ain’t she purdee

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

he gave me the crossbow, quiver, and 4 arrows for $500. i dropped $300 without batting an eye. but the arrow heads are BEASTS!!!!!! i got a set of Rage broad heads. the following is pictures from their site, *WARNING GRAPHIC* prey kill pics.


you see to middle arrow, that’s how it leaves the bow. when it makes impact, the blades deploy open causing MAJOR trauma. now, i know you might find this cruel but the fact is it kills the animal MUCH quicker. thusly, the animal suffers less. my boy sent me a pic of where he popped a buck and there was a HUGE puddle of blood. “never had a deer get more than 30 yards after being shot.” that’s a good thing btw.

Paw-Paw taught me 2 things. never kill what you don’t plan on eating. never kill anything unless it’s attacking you.

it’s been a while and i know how much you all LOVE this bit. it’s time for….


i placed an order to diamond candle and they came in today. i was giddy as school girl crushing on beiber. but i ordered THREE. WHICH ONE DO I USE FIRST!!!!??? DKHOFAHSV;ORTESUZIO;TUVV290 ]HQ7T=VM1KDNFOIVANJGJNOIRZUYN’TNPY/. my man hamster was out of control. fortunately Blaine put his soft hands on my shoulder, told me to close my eyes and just pick one.

he’s good like that.

i'm so giddy i could pee my pants

i’m so giddy i could pee my pants

i ended up rocking guava berry and Blaine gave me a roman war helmet. and now for great moments in gay cinema.

on a more serious note. today LaidNYC announced he was closing shop. i actually spoke to him last night and he told me about it. i’d been telling everyone that he’s said he was going to stop blogging eventually.

Laid is a VERY genuine guy. the first time i spoke to him he was cool as hell and even said he has the utmost respect for guys that post openly. so i’m not surprised he’s gonna start a new project that isn’t anon. well, despite what you may read, he’s a VERY humble individual. i’m glad to know he’s in the place he’s in now, he really deserves it. but i ain’t saying bye to him.

i KNOW i’mma run into him eventually. lol. best to you Brother.

stay up LaidNYC. stay the fuck up.