if you’re a man…tough shit.

ran across this on Keoni’s site…..again, this is just more fuel to my fire as to the NEVER getting married rant. this is a sad story…..so plan accordingly.


this is the kind of story that i find that tells me i’m better off on my own.

que chingada.

5 Comments on “if you’re a man…tough shit.”

  1. Lily says:

    This is a bizarre story.
    Athol covered it on father’s day last weekend.
    It is truly mad how involved the state gets in people’s lives but there must be more to the story. It started with him smacking a baby/toddler hard enough to draw blood but the mother called some sort of social services person who was already involved with the family.

    I dug up the ex wife’s summons.
    I am not sure why they thought that putting him in gaol would help, how could he have earnt to pay it off? Maybe he gets some sort of army pension? But still ridiculous gaoling someone for that. It was for him to pay half medical expenses for the children. It was about 2 or 3k. It said in the summons that she had written off some other costs. It is very sad that he killed himself (and felt he needed to) for that sort of sum.

  2. yeah, i agree lily. i read that story and i felt that there had to be more to the story. setting himself on fire for $3k does not make sense.

    still, i have read enough in other places to agree that the american legal system has gone too far.

    this whole topic is fascinating but not one for me to dwell on now. i am focusing on personal productivity.

    very unlikely i will ever get married again anyway.

  3. dannyfrom504 says:

    there very well may be more to the story, but if the gender’s were reversed i think we’d have more of an outcry. i hadn’t heard ANYTHING about this before.

    i’m just want to point out how imbalanced the system is. watching my brother-in-law getting railed REALLY set the hook in me.

  4. uncleFred says:

    For the edification of those who care…

    This is long. About 1/2 way through he describes the “slapping” incident in greater detail. If you read the entire piece you may, as I did, come to view Thomas Ball in a different light.


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