No Joy…

…at least not tonight.

was at the local, and my book soulmate was there (she’s borrowed about 5 of my books). well, she moved about an hour away. she’s in town this weekend and we were playing catch up. well, i finally escalated and she was down. i didn’t linger around her too much since she was catching up with a few of her old friends. as the night wore on i finally went over to where her and a mutual friend were drinking. i sat next to her and she leaned over towards me and i put my arm around her. ok. it was pretty obvious where this was going so when we were leaving i mentioned  her coming back to my place but she said she was too tired. BULLSHIT.  we walked to her car and made out a little and i got a half assed hand job (i pulled my mule out just to see how down she was). after a few minutes of trying ot coax her, i got tired of dealing with it and just walked away. told her i’d see her when i see her and headed back to my car. i’ll call her tomorrow so i can get my books back before she she heads home in the evening.


oh well.

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