my next post will be about beth. seem’s i need to explain my experience with her.

stand by.

i met beth awkwardly. we’d exchanged  words while she was looking over the HM wall of medal of honor winners. i saw her looking and explained the wall to her. that was it. well, she came to my clinic (she was ill) and was seen and put on SIQ (sick in quarters). i filled out her paperwork and told her to come back the next day (i out ranked her, and was the man running the clinic then).

she came back the next day and one of the guys BEGGED to get her checked in. whatev. i soon got a request from the doctor she was seeing to meet with me.  turns out……she saw a different doctor and she was  SIQ for the weekend. I FELT AWFUL!!!!. look, she was sick… joke. so for me to drag her out of bed for an unneccessary appointment upset me.

long story short……..she told me to ask her out. from our first date…..i was her’s. we slept together on the first night and spent every moment we could together. the problem was….was that she was leaving to go back to LA in 3 month’s. not a promising thing….but i REALLY liked this girl.

her last weekend in NO she disappeared. no clue where she went. this was the beginning of the end for us. the last week she was in NO all she could do is argue with me. i eventually wrote her off a day or so later.

it was finally her time to go she and came to see me  the day she took off. it was awkward. we talked 2-3 times after she left. but i didn’t feel any connection. i let her go.


i ended up leaving new orleans to take to a ship in Japan. it took me 2 years to get into another relationship. i.was.crushed.

i ran into her while i was in Spain (told her that i still loved her), went to LA to see her. it was……odd.  that died out when i went to kuwait. we crossed paths AGAIN last summer. she was going to meet me in NO, but it never happened. this was my learning point…..

i ended it. she was draining me. i’m not going to bad mouth her on a blog, she’s a great girl and i learned a lot about myself from her. but she’s the girl who broke me. and now….i’m better for it.

so… all of you know. are you fucking happy now? masca huevo, que chingada. go bask away in my heartache.

yet….i’m very over her now (when I end things, it’s DONE), but still think of her from time to time, and said thoughts go from happy memories to the bullshit she’s capable of. i can only wonder what’s next for me….

we’ll see……….

5 Comments on “Beth….”

  1. Lily says:

    *bated breath*

  2. Lily says:

    you don’t have to explain anything ..unless you want to share.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      do you REALLY want to know? look, i have no secret’s, and i don’t mind explaining. but i think our trip is boring. do you REALLY want to hear our bullshit?

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