New add to the “PT” playlist…

feeling this song. it’s made it to the “PT” playlist line-up (among- misfits, gwar, slayer, chimera, and others). i REALLY need to get back into surfing more. haven’t paddled out in ages.

another workout/run fave (marine’s LOVE this one):

this particular song brings ALL the blood-shed i’ve been privy too right back to me. but……still a GREAT run song.

another running fave. DAMMIT, i’m on a music tangent now. *sigh* sorry.

bad brains is by far one of the most under-rated punk bands EVER.

i begin every run with this song-

ok…….i think i’m done. sorry all.

One Comment on “New add to the “PT” playlist…”

  1. johnnymilfquest says:

    In keeping with the hard rock theme:

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