Damn…..it’s been THAT long.

i just realized it’s been over a month since i started this abortion of a blog. i discovered the “manosphere” back in april after being sent to roissy’s site via the infamous kay hymowahgo-whatever her last names’ article. from there i discovered most of the other sites, then became addicted to “Becoming Alpha”  (which has since been shut down…MISS RIV). i then began to frequent Badger, Riv, Keoni, Yohami, and Johnny’s site on a regular basis. after more than one suggestion this blog came about. i really don’t feel like i have much to offer to the manosphere, and i’m the first person to say i’m not really good with “game”. i post my run-in’s with women just so people can see how i approach situations….TBH, i haven’t been on a date in a REALLY long time. but….i haven’t really tried. i RARELY ONS, because i’ve always said……i’d rather be in a LTR (sorry Johnny, but it’s true) than just run through a slew of women (been there, done that). and where i live….the woman are AWFUL. seriously. add that with the fact that i’m a home-body like a mother fucker and it just compounds the situation. after my time here is done, i’m probably heading back to texas where i’ll scoop up some little mexican lass and spend my days keeping a smile on her face.

honestly i’m VERY surprised at the amount of views i get. sure, i have slow days, but when i see i have +100 views….WTF???? lol. not sure how wordpress collects its stats. i mean when i’m home i’ll hit the blogs i mentioned on my site 3-4 times a night. does each one count as an individual view, or is it a your url is counted once, then that’s it. hmmmm……

i’ve really tried to make this blog different than other “manosphere” blogs, i’m really not even sure i’d qualify as “manosphere” material. so i guess this blog is more just “stream of consciousness” blogging about mostly horse-shit and cooking.  if anyone reads this and learns something that they think helps them learn about relationships (which is why i believe most of the blogs are about) i’m glad i was able to help, but i’d be more comfortable teaching you to poach an egg to make killer egg’s bendict.

now, i have been told more than once on various blogs that i am a “natural”, i guess i understand what that implies just based on the title…..but truthfully, i don’t quite understand what that means (still waiting on the explanation Badger. so fire off that email please. lol). i actually got a copy of “bang” and i just can’t read it. i do 2-3 pages, then i can’t read anymore. which kind of pisses me off because i know what’s inside can/will serve to better my relationships and knowing how “game” helped decent men “save their marriage” makes me wan to TRY and finish it…..it’s just REALLY difficult to push through it. i recently got a cache of books in and i’m already 1/3 of the way through one after 2 days (“finding your way without map or compass”), because the book is just fascinating.

anyway…….i’m fucking rambling now. so basically, if you come here and like what you see, i appreciate it and hope you stick around.

stay up

16 Comments on “Damn…..it’s been THAT long.”

  1. Bb says:

    Making the steak now…your rep is on the line…

    Happy 1 month blog-a-versary.

  2. Lily says:

    I am making the steak v soon, only delayed as I was on a no sugar zone till I got my weight back down.

    I don’t think you want to be taking tips on bettering relationships from Creepie Rooshie. Johnny once said that Creepy Rooshie says he is the equivalent of girl grabbing M&Ms at counter on the way out of supermarket, or something like that.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      like i said…..i haven’t been able to read it. it’s been shelved, which is the equivilant “book banishment” in my house. after emails from a few readers (guys you know btw) hearing how their marriages were bettered makes me want to learn more about “game”. i MIGHT pick it up again, but probably won’t.

      i have more of a “curiousity” in the subject, which i assume is the reason i’m having a hard time reading it. it hasn’t jumped out and grabbed my attention as i read it.

      very funny comparisson Johnny makes.

      • Lily says:

        I’m not sure if it was Johnny who said it initially or Creepy Rooshie.
        But it is funny.
        M&Ms when it’s 3am in the morning and you’ve been drinking since the afternoon?

      • johnnymilfquest says:

        @Lily: is Roosh the only one who qualifies for that epithet?

        Do I have to get a certain number of notches before I become “Creepy Johnny”?

        no, your monotone voice on your radioshow posts make you “creepy johhny” by default. lol.

      • johnnymilfquest says:

        @Danny: lol

  3. Badger says:

    “blogging about mostly horse-shit and cooking”

    Your new blog tagline.

  4. congratulations danny. your blog is a great addition. the cooking part is just added bonus.

  5. Keoni Galt says:

    Just keep writing whatever comes to mind. One month is a blink of the eye in internet time….I can’t believe I’ve been writing at my blog for 4 years now….

  6. This is yet another blog I need to check more regularly….

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