The FCUK t-shirt

couldn't find a bigger picture. but you get the idea.

i LOVE this t-shirt. the minute i saw it, i bought it, and it’s been money. every girl that sees it comments about it. THREE different girls brought the shirt up today. i was at a smoothie joint, and i noticed the girl eying it. “i like your shirt.” i ALWAYS respond with the same reaction.

i grin, and i ask, “really? what exactly do you like about it? “the girl grinned and fidgeted (they always do). and she fumbled to reply. “i…i…i dunno, i…..i just like… know.” i kind of think this girl was in high school so i didn’t escalate it further. i would have  invited her into the ladies for more “discussion” if she were older. i may be a perv and a flirt, but i’m not a creep. i ended up telling the girl the my shirt liked her as well. and i left.

i was in my local supermarket, i walked into an empty line and the girl from the next line (relatively cute black girl) grabbed my purchase and told me her line was open. i smiled and walked over into her line, “you smell really nice, what is that?” i ginned and replied, “sorry, i’m a bit gassy atm.” she laughed and asked me what scent i was wearing, so i told her and she says, “i see you decided to wear my favorite shirt.” i just smiled and told her i knew she was working tonight so i decided to surprise her. i’d like to tell you i flirted and escalated with her, but i didn’t. i’m not into her, but this is a typical everyday occurrence and interaction for me with girls i come in contact with.

i finished the errands running at pappa john’s. i was picking up my order and the girl behind the counter was about 5-6. very pleasant girl. her shirt was COVERED in flour. as she laid my pizza on the counter (super-supreme, hold the sausage and pepperoni, extra sauce, half the cheese, thin crust…..this is a relatively healthy meal btw) i motioned for her to lean in for me (great rack on this girl btw) and when  she did, i whispered…”i don’t know if you know this but you have , like, a little flour on your shirt.”  she smiled and said that that tends to happen sometimes. then i mentioned that i’m sure she’s got a black belt in pizza ninja-ry. then she bites, “i like your shirt.” i smiled and her and dropped my line……”really. what do you like about it.” she fidgeted, she played with her hair, and couldn’t look me in the eye. she stuttered that she liked how the FCUK looked like “something else” when you first look at it. “i smiled at her and explained it was a clothing company and it stood for “french connection united kingdom.” and that it a british clothing store. then i added, “but i kind of like where your head was,” and i smiled. i asked her name, and she told me it was sarah. i paid for my pizza and bid good evening to sarah. sarah told me goodnight, and she never quit smiling at me.

6 Comments on “The FCUK t-shirt”

  1. Mary says:

    I think the funniest thing to me was the “What do you like about it?” line resulting in them stuttering. My response would have been, “It just strikes me as a smartass shirt.”
    Then again, I have one with “Let them hate as long as they fear” on it in Latin.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    i see someone’s up late. hola dear.

    most of their attire is sexually suggestive. all the waitresses at the local comment about how much they like the shirt. and you miss are a horse of a different color, so i’m not surprised you’d react the way you would.

  3. Lily says:

    Oh that’s a cool t shirt. TBH I thought you were being wanky when you mentioned an FCUK shirt (and I did also think what is this the 90s..:-) Just teasing) but it looks good, reminds me of Jack Daniels or something like that.

  4. […] then ran to my local supermarket to grab some lobster ravioli. i was wearing my fresh to death  FCUK jack daniels t-shirt. the cashier (i know 90% of the cashiers) commented that she liked my shirt. i […]

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