15 minutes of flirting

i had to be at work in 20 minutes. but i needed to pick up some things at the commissary. as i headed through the NEX (basically a dept store), i saw heather working at the sunglasses display. heather is a very cute married woman from san diego. she’s very sweet. she has a slightly high pitched, girly voice. i LOVE this type of voice on a woman btw. drives me crazy. there’s a nerdy guy in his late 30 looking at the glasses and talking to her. let’s face it; this guy wasn’t buying shit. he just wanted to talk to heather (don’t blame the fellah). as i pass the counter (her back is to me), i say loudly (in a somewhat high-pitched voice), “HEATHER HEATHER….I LOOOOOOOVE YOOOOU!!!!! she turns, see’s me, smiles, and playfully shakes her head.  then i notice stacy is in personalized services. hadn’t talked to her in a while, so i walk over, she sees me and smiles. she mentions not having seen me in a “forever” so i reply, “well why do you think i came over, i know you’ve missed me.” she has a bf btw. stacy just smiled and slapped me lightly on my arm; i was leaning on the counter towards her trying not to stare at her amazing cleavage. i mentioned i hadn’t seen her ass (she has a PHENOMENAL ass) in a while and i need a fresh dose. i tell her to turn around for me, she complies. i respond, “GOD have i missed you.”  she giggles and shakes her head. “ok sweetie, i need to run. it was good seeing you.” i remark as i start walking away and i hear “byyyyyye”. behind me. i might have spent maybe 2 minutes chatting with her. i walk out the NEX and into the commissary. i bought my crap to make So-so’s special dessert (when she asks for it, i cannot refuse). i’ll post the desert recipe tomorrow. and you fellah’s owe me BIG TIME for this recipe. every women i know is POWERLESS against it.

i walk back into the NEX to get to the mini-mart, heather and dude are still there (almost 10 minutes had passed). “HEATHER HEATHER….YER SO PUUUUUUURTY!!!!!!!” i say loudly (in the same high pitched voice) as i’m walking by. her head darts toward me, she smiles and replies playfully, “SHU’ UHP!!!!!” and laughs. i made my way into the mini-mart, grabbed my fabric softener, and found myself in rachelle’s line (i didn’t know she was working).  i ALWAYS tease rachelle. she’s pretty cute, but after she got her entire right upper arm tattooed she’s just not as pretty to me. she asks for my ID (you have to show military ID before they can cash you out) ands she smiles, she knows what’s coming.  “no, i’m not showing you my ID today, matter of fact, show me YOURS.” i say. she’s VISIBLY HOLDING BACK a smile. and her eyes are darting left to right. i smile. she blurts out, “FINE, then you can’t have your stuff.” i reply, “quit acting like you don’t love this little game we play girl. i’m smarter than that.” i’m stating this while punching in my card info, i’m not even looking at her. when i finish, i look at her and she says, “you’re just impossible, have a nice day Danny, goodbye.” i laughed, she hands me my stuff i look in her eye and purse my lips together imitating a  kiss, and i wink at her. i walk away.

all of these interactions occurred within 15 minutes. i got to work JUST in time.

i must note that NOTHING will transpire with any of these women, i’ve known all three for a while. heather is married, and i’d NEVER escalate with her like i do with stacy. stacy is your typical 24 year “i’m too pretty for you” young women. i’m always telling her how her bf is gonna fuck it up, and when he does, i’m swoopinging in and getting her pregnant. she just laughs and replies, “oh really? thanks for telling me.” she’s the kind of girl that has +300 cellphone pics of herself on facebook (that SHE took btw). you know the type. rachelle is 19, and teasing/neg flirting works like a charm on her. but i do this with EVERY woman i come in contact with. NO WOMAN is safe from my flirtation. i’ve never had any complaints about it either, so i assume they like it.

i was going to post this as its own post, but since you’re already here………

facebook is the greatest thing in the world to watch guys fuck up with women. i have 2 examples.

julie- julie lives in san diego, she models for playboy (i’m not kidding), no nude work, mostly their sports catalouges. she ALWAYS has a bf. she posted a pic of herself in an adidas track suit, zipped up above her amazing breasts. there were easily 3-4 replies where the guys were showering her with adoration. the 4-5 girls that were doing it were fine. there were about 8-9 comments when i dropped my BOMB on her. i comment “not bad, but a track suit…..yer better than that girl.” she hadn’t repled to a single comment, 2 minutes after my comment, she replies, “HEY!!!! it’s adidas, and it’s SOFT.” i had her. i respond, “baby, you don’t have to convince me. i was just commenting.” she didn’t reply back. BUT, she didn’t respond to ANYONE elses comments. hmmmmmmmm.

maryana- maryana bartends on bourbon, angie introduced us. she posted a pic on face book (2 nights ago btw), and i commented on it. “you smell funny.”  then a guy replies, “well that’s your opinion.” then the guy compliments how pretty she looks in the pic. she asks when we’re coming back to NO, and we need to stop in and say hello. i don’t know dude, she was just killing 2 birds with one stone. i tell her i’m coming in for halloween and that she needs to hit up “house of shock” with me. she replies that sounds fun. i respond, “pm me your number, i’ll call you when i get in.” 5 minutes later, i had her number. now maryana is married (just to get her greencard), so i doubt anyhting physical will happen. but she’s cool to chill with. she’s a very pleasant girl. who i’m after is her co-worker Atricia. Atricia’s mexican, and smolderingly beautiful. she will be mine. oh yes……she shall.

maryana and a man that's as photogenic as a bucket of stillborns. oh, she's ukranian btw.

point being, kissing a girls ass and feeding her ego won’t get you nearly as far as playful teasing and flirting. make her EARN your adoration. don’t offer it up like it’s nothing.  most women are more than willing to work for it. at least…..the one’s worth flirting with are.

i’d be interested in hearing from you ladies as to what you think of being flirted with. when was it done well, and when was it done poorly? would what i was doing with these ladies have worked on you? never mind, don’t answer that. i know it would. lol.

Lessons learned from working with a beautiful woman.

i was grabbing a coke zero for my shift when the kid in line in front of the counter noticed me, stands up (he was leaning on his elbows), and says, “well, i guess 45 minutes of your time is more than enough from me to waste.” he exits the store, i’m shaking my head. the girl behind the counter is a cute black girl. we know each other but aren’t friends. she smiled at me, and said hello as  i put my coke on the counter. i state, “and the fact that you had to POINT OUT that you were wasting her time speaks volumes about your manhood little-shaver.” she giggles and nods. i asked her how long he had been there, and she told me 10 about minutes. “did he ever ask for your phone number or if you were single?” she shook her no. “were you attracted to him?” again she said no.

this reminds me of So-so.

when i first got out here, i was immediately put into training for a secondary modality. 3 months later i was placed on a 7:30pm-7:30am night shift. i like working nights, seriously. well, my coworker was the very lovely So-so (my nickname for her).  so is Cambodian, amazingly beautiful, and sports an epic rack. EPIC. did i mention she’s asian? EVERYONE knows who So-so is, and she’s fawned over by 98% of the men she comes in contact with. i worked side by side with her for over a year (actually, i was her supervisor). now some things you need to know about her before i proceed.

she’s VERY traditional in her Asian-ness. i learned A LOT about that in my tenure with her.  she will not walk in front of me (b/c i’m older), if we’re eating together she won’t start eating until i eat (same reason). it took me a while to get used to it. after some time, these rules loosened up a bit. now, she’s like my sister. i love her to death, honestly. she’s VERY independent and guarded about herself….more so of her family. she DOES NOT talk about her family with ANYONE outside her family. well, her family considers me an extended member….and i’m very honored by that. i actually got to meet her younger sister (also a hottie). there’s little i don’t know about her personal life. she doesn’t share everything, but she’s open about many things with me. is she’s upset, she RARELY shows it. she’s very demure, quiet, very intelligent, has a BLACK sense of humor (another reason i lubs her), and she’s very driven. and like i said, she’s fucking beautiful. face-8, body-9, perssonality-9.5.

on a routine night no less than 5 guys would approach her and chat her up. and i mean chat her up for 10-15-20 minutes. in most cases, they just prattle on and on hardly giving her a chance to talk. she’d sit up straight, smile, and give brief answers to the questions they’d field her way. eventually, they’d move on. this happened ALL THE TIME. not ONCE did a guy ask her for her number. she’d usually casually let slip her having a dude………but the guys would proceed undeterred *sigh*. smh.  and they  ALWAYS kept the conversation focus squarely on her. not ever once looking my way. never…..NOT ONCE did ANY man ever build attraction in her……until finally ONE man got it right. So-so finally had a man talk to her that managed to build attraction . JUST one.

on one occasion, i had to pull rank on a kid that worked in the ICU who used to come to my dept, ask her to go into the hallway, and he’d talk to her for 15-20 minutes. once i noticed she was getting bothered by it….i stepped in and devil-dogged him in private.

based on what i described, who in the class can tell me WHY 99% of the guys failed to turn So-so’s head? badger, Pm, Yo, Ds…..i want no answer from you at first. besides, i’m sure you already know. i’d be interested in hear the ladies perspective on this as well.



she didn’t give me her number…and i kinda like it.

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2 nights ago i was at the local (i work late hours and stop in for a beer after work) and a very attractive brunette came in and sat next to me. i don’t like the single number rating system, i prefer the way they rate ladies on the movie “Beautiful Girls”. it’s a 1-10 number for: face, body, personality (more on this later). i’ve lived in my area for well over a year and in my experience, you NEVER see girls out alone or without a group of guys there. so when she sat next to me, i didn’t really think much of it, i figured the bf would show up in a second.

“are they still serving?” she asked. i smiled and told her that last call is at 1:30am. she thanked me and i went back to watching ESPN.  for the life of me i can’t remember what happened next, but she initiated a conversation with me. we talked for about 30-45 minutes. i’d like to tell you i was some smooth talking sonuvbitch, but i wasn’t. i was just my normal old self. i made her laugh, and teased her about being a packers fan. we talked about football, new orleans, food, and our mutual dislike of the city we live in. i finally worked in an indirect mention of a boyfriend and she winced. yes, she does have a bf. i won’t go into any personal stuff about her since we talked about the manosphere. and she knows i blog. we talked manosphere because she has experience with “beta” behavior. when i mentioned not caving in to a woman’s every need and waiting on her hand and foot she gave me a wide eyed ”YEEEEEES!!!! EXACTLY”. when i told her about the manosphere she excitedly mentioned going home to google it. am i worried she’ll find my blog? nope. i hope she does. she’d be another Bb, stephanie, or Lily as far as i’m concerned. interestingly enough, i told her about the “experiment” i did on lyssia, where she had to list all the qualities she needed in a man. when i told her i only had 6 qualities out of the 14 she listed, she laughed and said, “that’s too funny.” i don’t recall her exact reply, but she thought the experiment proved a good point.

i mentioned that she probably should spend some time being single for a while and she nodded that that might be a good idea. i ended up asking for her number anyway (why the hell not). and she said, “that’s probably not a good idea, but now that i know that you’re always here…..i know just where to find you.” as a matter of fact, she said this more than once. to be honest, i’m glad she didn’t give me her number. it show’s me she loyal enough to not stray in a relationship. i respect that.  but,  i’m pretty sure i’d have gotten the number if she were a single lass.

i realize some of you might be thinking i could have gotten her number, but that’s some PUA shit. i wasn’t looking to ONS her. i’m shooting for a LTR. so when she said no, i didn’t push her for it. but i did tease her that i couldn’t let her in on the restaurant’s “secret” if i didn’t get her number, and she laughed.

what i noticed from the talk we had: i KNOW she was attracted to me, by the time we were about 15-20 minutes into the conversation, she was completely facing me, and leaning in slightly. she didn’t play with her hair (pony tail), but when i touched her the 2-3 times i did she acted like nothing happened.  she touched her face a few times, she kept her chin low and kept her head slightly sideways exposing her neck, she smiled and laughed frequently (i have 2 black belts at making people laugh) and it was apparent she was VERY comfortable with me. she is 27, dark brown hair, big-(and very pretty) dark brown eyes, 5’6″, looked about 115 lbs, face-7.5, body-8, personality 9.5, no kids (WoOOT!!!!). like i said, she was a really cool girl. also…i made ZERO mention of her looks, and the conversation was 50-50.

who know’s, maybe we’ll bump into each other again.

what do you guys think?


Throwing myself under the bus

i appreciate everyone’s compliments, i do. i don’t consider myself anything special, i’m a normal guy….seriously. i’ve said before i don’t run game, and the confidence i’ve gained i attune more to maturity than anything else. the danny blogging now has only existed for the past 3-4 years. i’ve posted before (and there has been talk on other blogs recently about approaching women) how guys can be pretty clueless. this personally is VERY true of me if i have a STRONG attraction to a woman. i get nervous, i can’t think straight. it still happens every once in a while. i have many examples of this from my past, i’m sure a lot of guys do. this example is by far the funniest. it happened while i was in japan.

i was on the ship, i had to run to the quaterdeck to deliver an ace wrap to a pier sentry who was patrolling the pier. i get to sponson, and i see her. VERY cute, reddish-brown hair. i stop, stare, and she smiles. i come to my senses and head down to the pier. i went back to medical. i thought about this girl ALL THE TIME. she was just checking on to the ship when i saw her. well all new check-in’s have to come to medical eventually, so when she showed up (everyone i worked with was well aware that i wanted this woman to have at least 5,000 of my babies), everyone assumed i was going to do her check in interview. nope, i don’t pull that chicken shit move. i found out her name was emily and she was from austin, and i learned where she’d be working.

emily. told you she was a honey limbed lovely. soon after....well, keep reading.

i’d pass her in the p-way and she’d drop her head slightly, make eye contact, break eye contact, then look at me again, and smile. once we were in line for chow and she started up a conversation with me, now……the current danny definitely would have escalated. old danny didn’t. i just talked, then went to a table (without her in tow) and ate with some guys i knew. [edit-FAG]

OH, trust me….it gets WAY WORSE. i should point out that this “passing her and her smiling at me” went on steadily for a few weeks (our ship was at sea at the time).

i was taking a college class on the ship. i was leaving the class and we ran into each other in a p-way. she sees me and smiles, i walk past her. then something inside me screamed, “FUCKING TALK TO HER YOU ASSHOLE!!!!” i turn around, and called her. she turned and had a HUGE smile on her face. she says, “yeah, what’s up?” i respond, “you got a minute?” she smiled and nodded and i asked her what she planned on doing when we got back to yokosuka. she shrugged her shoulders and said, “i don’t really know, i’ve only been off base twice.” (we had gotten under way 2-3 days after she reported on board). then she nails me, “why you asking?” and grins. she immediately followed with, “you have a house out in town, right?” i told her i did and she asked where i lived, and asked what my house was like (japanese homes are VERY different from american homes, btw). after i gave her a little info on my house, i froze.

[edit- i need to point out that this conversation isn’t verbatim, i don’t recall EXACTLY what i said, but this i more or less how it went down.]

my thought process completely abandoned me while i had this beautiful little creature crying out, “ASK ME OUT DAMMIT!!!!!” standing in front of me. but i froze, i stared at her for a few awkward seconds, then blurted out, “ok, well, i guess i’ll see you around.” and i turned around and walked away. i heard her say, “i guess so.” and i could hear the ‘w.t.f?” in her tone. as i walked away, i could see the hindenburg careening to the ground in my mind, but something had the sense to say, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, GO BACK AND ASK FOR HER NUMBER, WTF….DUDE…..SERIOUSLY. STOP. STOP AND GO BACK!!!!!” but i didn’t. i went back to medical. i was COMPLETELY humiliated and disappointed with myself. i KNEW what i had done wrong but i still botched it up. [edit- UBER FAG]

i went back to medical and told the four girls i worked with the story (2 were total hotties btw). i have never had women laugh at me that hard in my life. my best friend of the 4, cheryl, just covered her mouth and shook her head and told me, “baby what the hell?” she was TOTALLY into you.” i replied, “yeah stupid, i know. i can’t explain why i did that. GOD am i an asshole.” this was particularly crushing because i had finally decided to try dating someone else again. i had broken up with beth 2 years ago, and the girls were pushing me to get back out there and i had told them i was going to try.

i was 30 or 31 at the time. i wasn’t lacking in confidence per se. but i was REALLY attracted to emily. she was fucking beautiful: face-9.5, body- 9, personality from what i had gathered, she seemed very sweet. but i froze up when i need to sack up. i have no clue why i did what i did. but i REEEEEEALLY felt like a faggoty douche for doing it. i mean, i already had small IOI’s from her, but the conversation show’d: she was giving me a oppurtunity to ask her out, and she was asking me about my HOUSE, which makes me thinks she was sending me an indirect clue that she’d like to go there. i feel obligated to let you readers know that the dweeb in this story has been choked out, beaten senseless, and sent packing. danny 2.0 currently writes this blog. lol.

i’d LOVE to hear what my female readers think of this. and everyone feel free to point and snicker, i deserve it. lol.

manning the 25. i wasn't firing it, i was actually providing safety coverage during an UNREP.

My computer at work has AIDS

and it deleted my “texting mellissa” post. i’ll try and repost it. thankfully it was still on my phone. in summation: i got mellissa’s number friday afternoon and texted her early sunday afternoon to set up a date sunday evening. she’s 20. i knew i was going to have to run major game to pull this off. here’s the text string.

me- hey you. starbucks at target. tonight at 8.

her (10 minutes later)- can’t i have planz

me- cool, i guess i need to delete this number.

her (2 minutes later)- HEY!!!!! i already made planz. we can meet up some other time.

me- nope, we can’t. i work bad hours and next weekend i’m going down to visit my sister.  are your plans THAT important?

her(5 miutes later)- no, but it would be rude to cancel

me- maybe, but tonight  is the only free time i have. it’s up to you.  [ed-had she said no, i’d have deleted her number. i already know she’s not LTR material, so i’m qualifiying her. i WILL NOT work for this girl.]

her– (47 seconds later) – starbucks, the one at ******* plaza.

me- yup. 8 o’clock.  [ed- ok, i kind of feel like a dick becuase i already know that the only thing i’m going to do (IF i do anything) is fuck this girl. period. i want a relationship, and this girl doesn’t qaulify. and “starbukz”,  WTF man? i need some married people,  “game master”, and married ladies types to give me some feed back on this girl. i feel like a wolf about to slaughter a calf.

we already know how this ended. i just reposted it so you can see how i landed the date. she was either going to meet me, or i’d have told her it was nice knowing her, then lett her know i was going to quit contacting her. thank you private man, badger, and OTC for commenting.

La Tortuga

i will say, this post meant MUCH more to me than what occured on my date. i swear this on my eternal soul.

i’ve been reading the SAS guide to tracking as to help me when i hunt in sept, and finding your way without map or compass as well. i got home from my local around midnight, it was VERY dark out. i was taking the trash out to the street and i saw it. something “different” at first i thought it was a frog, then i realized it wasn’t (no prominent hind legs). i also noted some odd tracks in the sediment that was close to my mail box. i squated and studied them. i’m becoming much more aware of shit like this now since reading the SAS book. things that are out of place are starting to get my attention. the book is amazing. back to the frog, i squated down, it was a baby turtle. not a pet turtle either (it had a cylindrical, pointy nose), it’s been raining alot here and this thing managed to wander off from the pond 100 yards away.

i placed it in my hand, and it…..opened. i shit you not. it didn’t stand, but it unshelled it’s legs and head. i was AMAZED. turtles are usually VERY easily spooked. i talked to it, i did. seriously. i asked it how the hell it managed to put itself in such a dangerous position. i walked over to the pond……placed it on the bank. it shelled. i stood up. it made NO move to the water (less than an inch away). i laughed, and gently nudged the rear of it’s shell. the second it felt water it EXPLODED into the pond. again……i laughed.

“glad you’re home little brother.” i walked back home feeling like gold.

Date night

7:54, she texts me. i had been awake for about 10 minutes.

“starbukz iz clozed”

i’m immediately annoyed with her. my 15 year old nieces text my with this type of spelling, i can accept it from them, from a “college student” it pisses me off. i take it as a sign of unintelligence. BAD sign for me.

me- no worries, meet me at ************ next to *******. [ed- it’s in the general area of the starbuck’s] order a banana and strawberry smoothie for me when you get there. i’ll pay you back. [ed- i was giving her a reason to be there and not just stand around]  i’ll be there in 10 minutes.

her- kk

i get there, she’s at a table, smoothie sitting across from her. she’s stands up to hug me when i approach, i kiss her cheek. she’s wearing: SHORT denim shorts, a grey tank top, flip-flops, she has her hair back in a casual, yet very attractive manner. i sit, thank her for the smoothie and ask her what she did today. she went on about school for a few minutes then she asked about the steak and lamb i cooked. i change the subject……

“why did you decide on nursing?” i ask her. she went on about wanting to help people and nursing paying well (i dropped out of the nursing field……so she kept asking me about the health care field). i mention i’m a licensed LPN, and my trauma experience, she wants to talk shop. again….i change the subject.

“where did you get those shorts, i like them.” she replied and i let her prattle on. i need to keep her on her toes.

“i like your nails, where did you get them done.” test time……she holds her hand out in front of her face and studies her nails. REALLY studies her nails, and goes on about going to a salon by her school. she’s chatty, playful, plays with her hair, leans in towards me. i touch her foot with mine under the table…..she smiles.  i know where i stand.

i’d like to point out that while this girl is very pretty and obviously interested in me. i know i need to punch out. i’d like to tell you guys that i’m going to push-pull, neg, and get her into bed. but i can’t. that’s not what i’m looking for. she’s probably a VERY sweet girl. but she’s too young for me and not a suitable partner for a LTR. i will not see her again.

i have an app on my phone that will fake a phone call, i have 2…..one is my sister, the other is work. i clicked the “work” option. when the phone rang, i told mel it was my job and i had to answer (she know’s i’m military). i faked having to conduct a phone muster recall (yes…..we really do these things) and told her i had to leave. she said she understood , i got up, she did as well. i moved to her, took her head and kissed her (just on the lips). i told her i had a good time talking to her, and left.

i deleted her number.

Roasted Shank of lamb

was in the mood for something different so i saw there were lamb shanks on sale at publix. i LOVE lamb. seriously….it’s gamey, it’s wild, it’s exotic. i usually marinate lamb in:

white wine, 4-5 crushed garlic cloves, powdered sage, and herbs provence.

this time i went with red wine, and i think i’ll stick to white after this endeavor. the merlot seemed to be a bit over powering. the white wine is mellow and enhances (not over powers) the meat more. i can smell the lamb as i type, and i usually smell a more garlicy/herb concoction. atm, i smell wine. lesson learned. that’s what i love about cooking, it’s fun. you try something new, if it work’s…GREAT. if not, you learned something. as my dearly departed abuelita Gutierrez once told me, “i’ve made over a 1,000 pots of gumbo, never made the same one twice.”

i cooked the shanks at 350 for 20 mintues, heard the sizzling and turned them over. dropped the heat to 325, cooked them another 20 minutes and took them out. i let them sit for 15 minutes to let the juices redistribute.


after. i just sprinkled some kosher salt over the shanks. nothing else is needed.

the meat was PERFECT. not too red, not too brown, juicy and the merlot didn’t do as much damage as i suspected; but still made it’s presence known….all in all i was quite happy with how it turned out.

notice the pink. that tells you it's cooked properly.

i like pairing grilled/roasted lamb with my world-famous pomegranate glaze.

take 1 cup pom juice and bring it to a boil, add 1/2 cup sugar (i use “sugar in the raw”). once boiling drop heat to med and let reduce for about 15-20 minutes. remove from heat. let it cool for about 10 minutes. drizzle over lamb.


[edit: if you’ve never had lamb shanks, it’s much like eating a turkey drumstick. you CAN be civilized and use a fork and knife, but i prefer to eat it like a drumstick. give me a shank, a pint of ale, and wench to ravage when i’m done. for tomorrow we hunt and celebrate this life.]