Approaching redux

since my “approach” post has had a decent amount of traffic and there’s been some comment on other blogs about said topic, i will offer my little “trick” to let you know if you have the green light to approach her.

let’s say you see a girl you’re interested in, we already know my “eye contact” rule. well IF she makes eye contact with you and doesn’t immediately avert her gaze….stick your tounge out at her like you were in grade school, then smile. i kid you not, this has worked for me 90% of the time. if she laughs or smiles……get your ass over there and ask her her name, if she doesn’t… me, this is a girl who takes herself WAY too seriously and you’d do best to steer clear of her.

Johnny made a comment about approaching not being what most guys find difficult, but the sexual escalation is. to me, escalation is very different from “approaching”; which is where i feel a lot of men get nervous. i’ve said before and i’ll say it again…..i don’t pontificate game well. but how i escalate is to wait for a moment in the conversation where i can make a sexual/romantic innuendo or joke, i’ll gauge her response and determine if she’s into it or not.

but trust me, sticking your tounge out at her works.

[edit- i just remembered my go to escalation: making a mention about getting her pregnant. it’s too over the top to be taken seriously, and most of the times i do this, the woman laughs.]

2 Comments on “Approaching redux”

  1. Bb says:

    I could see how this works. It’s disarming, and shows you don’t take yourself too seriously either. Plus if she laughs or smiles, it means she probably has a good sense of humor.

    I need to make a rule not to come here past midnight. Your food photos always make me hungry.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    “Plus if she laughs or smiles, it means she probably has a good sense of humor.”

    exactly. which is VERY important to me.

    met a girl last night at the local, i’m considering posting about it. but we ended up talking about the manospere (long story) and she know’s i blog. lol. she was VERY interested in reading the blogs out there. she seems to agree with the thought process behind most of the bloggers. i was going to email you, badg, yohami, johnny, romeo, and lily about it before posting.

    she’s VERY cool. but it’s a pretty interesting tale.

    HAHAHAHA!!! the chorizo and egg OWNED. i think the habenero cheese would have been too much for you though. you should get some for Bbman, it’s quite divine.

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