New Orleans women

it’s late. i’m bored and i have 7.5 hours left on my shift, might as well write about something. since the posts most people (according to my stat boards) seem to read the most are the posts about “game” and my various hook-up with ladies, i’ll keep you reader’s happy. last halloween i went to new orleans on leave. i usually ALWAYS go back home for halloween. well, i met a girl (amber) via a mutual friend, angie. amber was easily: 8 looks, 7 body, 7 personality. when i met her i talked about about her incessantly to our mutual friend angie. now, i see beautiful women all the time, but i rarely feel the urge to talk to them much less pursue them. i made up my mind that i was going to get amber. PERIOD. sat, october 30 was the big party night in the quarter (saints game sunday). i was dressed as a box of wine. i went to the bar angie managed on bourbon to find out if amber was working (she was).  i honestly can’t remember what i said to amber when i first met her, i know i made her laugh though. i went to amber’s bar, she saw me, smiled, jumped on the bar on her knees and leaned in to kiss me. i didn’t go for her cheek, i kissed her (lightly) on the lips. i think i held the kiss for 2 seconds and put very delicate pressure to her mouth. she jumped down, and she said she was making me a shot,  i told her i didn’t like shots and she said she’d make me an easy one.

angie warned me when i told her i was going to bed her down, “she’s wild danny. but i’m sure you could handle her.” she looked me dead in the eyes when she said this. angie doesn’t dick around with you.  i’ve known her since high school and she’s always been direct.

ok, back to amber. she made 2 lemondrops and downed hers. i sat there. “aren’t you going to finish that?” i shook my head no and told her i wanted to do a body shot. she laughed and motioned for me to go to the end of the bar where she could come out. i placed the shot between her boobs and i dived in. i got the glass in the mouth then pressed my face into her breasts, she gave her chest a little shake. then i thought “what the hell” and squeezed her ass. when i was done with the shot i thanked her, and pulled her in for a hug. after i hugged her we kissed (just on the lips…..she’s a work) again, i got her number and she told me to come back at one when she got off. dinner was about to be served. it was 8:30-9pm’ish.

i ended up meeting some friends at the R bar in the marigny (just outside the quarter….no tourists). there were a bunch of ladies (and gay men) asking to take a picture with me b/c of my costume. the spigot for the wine was where my mule is located (ain’t i clever) and i had drawn the franzia logo on the front. this one girl, maria, was dressed as ariel from “the little mermaid” and asked if she could get a pic with me. i told her only if she sang “part of your world” and she immediately went into the song. i let her sing for 20-30 seconds and told her to please stop. she took a pic with me and we started chatting (most locals are VERY friendly people so this wasn’t unusual). once she finally got it out of me that i was in the navy (i don’t use being in the military as a crutch to pick up girls like most guys seem to do) she went, “OOOOH, A NAVY BOOOOOY.” i knew this was gonna be cake. i ended up having to meet my friend candi to bring her over to the place where were hanging at (which was a great excuse to leave maria, and make her miss me). “ok, well, we’re probably going to molly’s later if you come back and i’m gone i wanna fuck .” she said. i just winked at her. molly’s is another place popular with locals. i met up with candi and we went to a gay club to see her boyfriend (he’s a dancer there) and i got a text from adam (my boy since i was 5) “at molly’s. packed.” candi couldn’t get in, time to go.

maria and her epic rack


jen, and the photo-wrecker. she was the mad hatter from "alice in wonderland"

we got to molly’s and i introduced candi to adam and jen (adam’s gf….very sweet girl).  then went to get me and candi’s drink. while waiting at the bar i was scanning molly’s for maria (it’s not a big place) but didn’t see her. ah well. went outside and was talking with adam, jen, and candi for about 10-15 minutes, then i got happy. “hola sailor” i heard in a sweet voice behind me. i turned around and she bit her lower lip, tilted her chin downward,  and smiled at me. i looked down and dick was winking and giving me a thumbs up. we talked for a little bit and at around 1:30 (i didn’t forget about amber….gimme a sec. patience grasshopper) she mentioned her feet being sore and she was thinking of heading in. i told her i was going to kick back with my friends and maybe i could call her later on. then she casually says, “well, you know, it is late. might be a good idea if i had someone walk with me back home. you know, keep a girl safe.”

now…..this was definitely a line, BUT it was also VERY true. a marine was stabbed and died that very night in the quarter. now, i had all the IOI’s i needed to know maria was into me. but i REALLY wanted to fuck amber. when maria escalated, i err’d on the side of a sure thing over not knowing what was going on with amber. and i already got a feeling amber was down. i walked her home, we made out at her door. soon we were inside her apartment. soon after, i was inside her. WIN-SAUCE!!!

here’s the spin. the next morning i was leaving, i had to meet my family for lunch, i asked for her number so we could meet up again. she told me no. she wouldn’t give me her number. i felt SO USED *giggle, rolls eyes*. she told me that i knew a few of the places she hangs out at, if we run into each other again, we’ll see what happens. i found out later amber had gotten completely wasted the night before. i didn’t see amber again after that. i called her one day and she was in mississippi and wasn’t going to come back until after i had left. C’est la vie. in hindsight, i’m glad i didn’t sleep with her. the next time i went to NO (this past may), i found out angie didn’t talk to her anymore and that it wouldn’t be a good idea to sleep with her. i didn’t ask angie to explain. i took her word for it. sad, she’s fucking gorgeous (see below).

the night before i left new orleans, i stopped at one of the locals by my mom’s place to see if this bartender girl i had hooked up with was working, she was, and she let me know she wasn’t down. ah well. as i sat nursing my beer, the off-going bartender motioned my way and said something. long story short, she’s lyssia’s (my ex gf) friend. lyssia texted me one morning b/c she was in the ER with a friend (this same girl) and i diagnosed what was wrong with her. as we talked i tried to figure out the angle to take to get her to let me see her nakie. finally it hit me, “so….what did lyssia say about me.” i KNOW girls talk about how their man is in bed with their friends. this girls name was amber (i swear) and she replied that lyssia was quite happy with me. “no amber,” i said, “what did lyssia say about sleeping with me.” amber grinned and was clearly embarrassed and told me that lyssia “had no complaints.” we talked for a about 15 minutes and she went over to talk with some friends. i finished my beer and texted her (i got her number right away) that i was about to leave and she looked over at me, held up her hand and mouthed “5 minutes”. i waited a minute or so, walked over to her and told her i was going. i hugged her and told her to meet me at the door in 2 minutes. i walked outside and amber showed up shortly after, i told her i was leaving the city the next morning and asked her if she wanted to go for a ride. “where?” she asked. i looked at her for a second, grinned, and said, “i  dunno, how about the boat-launch?” amber grinned and looked upward and shook her head while responding, “, danny….seriously.” i should point out that EVERY girl in kenner has made out with a dude at the boat launch at some point in their lives. i grabbed her by the front of her jeans, pulled her into me slowly while looking right into her eyes, and kissed her. we kissed for about a minute, i took her hand and said, “c’mon let’s go.” she walked to my car with me and put up some, but not much resistance, and she was smiling. we kissed more at my car, i opened the door, and she got in. about an hour later i dropped her off at her car. haven’t seen or talked to her since. this is more or less how it happened, i have the exact details fresh from my memory in the short story i wrote about the trip. but i can’t access the story until i get home. as yohami posted in response to my having the whole short story as one of my early posts, “it’s amazing how easy it is to get a girl into bed when you’ve slept with one of her friends.” yuppers. that’s EXACTLY why i escalated and went in for the kill.
my leave for october has been approved.
for the sake of maintaining my integrity i need to point out that these details are to the best of my recollection. when i can accesss the short stort story when i get home, i’ll make the necassary corrections. but the above details are more or less how it went down. i took the story down because it’s 13 pages long, and i go into the details about the sex. it’s VERY sexually graphic when i describe what i had done with maria and amber.
i need to try and come up with more stories to write.

9 Comments on “New Orleans women”

  1. Badger says:

    To judge solely from blog content, danny leads one of the most interesting lives in the Manosphere.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      come to new orleans, i’ll show you ropes. ASF had a good time there. i gave him a list a places to visit.

      my life certainly does have it’s less than stellar moments and yawn fests though. and before anyone starts high fiving me, i should point out that this was the last time i got laid. when i went home in june for the abuelita’s funeral, i made zero attempt to go out. i didn’t even make it to the french quarter.

  2. Johnny says:

    One day when I’m taking leave and traveling to NO, I’ll have to have some beers with you. Your EAOS will probably have come by then.

  3. Hmmmm, it’s a long ride on the motorcycle to New Orleans… but it just might be worth it.

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