Lady X

everyone, i’d like to introduce you to Lady X. she’s from new orleans. i’ve known her for a long time. for the sake of maintaining her privacy; i will only tell you 2 things about her. she’s a very cool woman btw.

1- she’s absolutely beautiful

2- she’s attracted to me.

now, i couldn’t tell you exactly WHY she’s attracted to me. so i talked her into giving a better description as to my behavior and mannerism towards her. note, i have NEVER gamed her. EVER. maybe i should have titled this “narcissistic horse-shit.” and for the record, we’ve NEVER taken things to the physical level (none of your beeswax). she knows i blog (she’s been here before), and for the sake of maintaining some “blog integrity” (is that even fucking real?), i thought it be better to hear straight from the lady what i do that spins her wheel.

feel free to chime in Darling.

13 Comments on “Lady X”

  1. Lady X says:

    Well thank you, love.
    As far as WHY I find Danny so appealing….well let me start by saying that ALL (yes, ALL) women are attracted to a dominant man…whether they’ll admit to it or not. It is what it is. I adore Danny’s take charge attitude. This doesn’t make him an ass like one would think. He simply oozes with confidence and there is nothing sexier than a confident man who knows what he wants, when he wants it & how. ***shiver***
    Anyway… of course his flirtatious sense of humor is by far the most unique there is out there. His blunt, nasty humor just brings out that sailor charm no girl could resist.
    The fact that a man can be so self sufficient is an utter relief. No woman wants to mother their man…at least not this gal!
    There’s much more I could add but I feel safer stopping here. Wouldn’t want to swell his head…although this is a man that already knows. 😉

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thank you punkin. i appreciate it. and yeah, i know. lol.

      and i’d like some you out there (*ahem* Bb) to know, this woman is TEAMING with feminimity and sweetness. and she’s blushing and smiling as she reads that last sentence, and after reading that previous sentence…her smile got bigger and she thought to herself “asshole.” and shook her head lol.

  2. Lady X says:

    Yw…only for you, dear. 🙂

  3. First rule of Manosphere, Red Pill dating and relationship wisdom:

    The masculine attracts the feminine.

    The tender dialog ‘twixt our two protagonists shows exactly this.

    Get a room.

    Oh, the famous Roosh commented on my most recent blog post. That’s a big ol’ win in my book.

  4. Lainey says:

    Hi, Lady X. Danny seems like a nice, if not naughty guy. You guys are cute.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’m VERY naughty. Lady X is just giving a PG rating/description of me, she could very easily go into….more “adult” descriptions, but she’s got more class than that. which is another reason i adore her.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        this is a girl who if i’m in a really foul mood, she’s totally able to calm me down. she’d uber nurturing. she’s well aware of my temper (which i rarely lose), and she’s superb at cheering me up.

    • Lady X says:

      Hi Lainey…yes Danny has a good blend of naughty & nice. Makes for a delicious combination!

  5. Looking Glass says:

    Having your Lady post on your semi-Game blog. If that ain’t confidence, I’m not sure what else there is, relationship wise. 🙂

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