Date night

7:54, she texts me. i had been awake for about 10 minutes.

“starbukz iz clozed”

i’m immediately annoyed with her. my 15 year old nieces text my with this type of spelling, i can accept it from them, from a “college student” it pisses me off. i take it as a sign of unintelligence. BAD sign for me.

me- no worries, meet me at ************ next to *******. [ed- it’s in the general area of the starbuck’s] order a banana and strawberry smoothie for me when you get there. i’ll pay you back. [ed- i was giving her a reason to be there and not just stand around]  i’ll be there in 10 minutes.

her- kk

i get there, she’s at a table, smoothie sitting across from her. she’s stands up to hug me when i approach, i kiss her cheek. she’s wearing: SHORT denim shorts, a grey tank top, flip-flops, she has her hair back in a casual, yet very attractive manner. i sit, thank her for the smoothie and ask her what she did today. she went on about school for a few minutes then she asked about the steak and lamb i cooked. i change the subject……

“why did you decide on nursing?” i ask her. she went on about wanting to help people and nursing paying well (i dropped out of the nursing field……so she kept asking me about the health care field). i mention i’m a licensed LPN, and my trauma experience, she wants to talk shop. again….i change the subject.

“where did you get those shorts, i like them.” she replied and i let her prattle on. i need to keep her on her toes.

“i like your nails, where did you get them done.” test time……she holds her hand out in front of her face and studies her nails. REALLY studies her nails, and goes on about going to a salon by her school. she’s chatty, playful, plays with her hair, leans in towards me. i touch her foot with mine under the table…..she smiles.  i know where i stand.

i’d like to point out that while this girl is very pretty and obviously interested in me. i know i need to punch out. i’d like to tell you guys that i’m going to push-pull, neg, and get her into bed. but i can’t. that’s not what i’m looking for. she’s probably a VERY sweet girl. but she’s too young for me and not a suitable partner for a LTR. i will not see her again.

i have an app on my phone that will fake a phone call, i have 2… is my sister, the other is work. i clicked the “work” option. when the phone rang, i told mel it was my job and i had to answer (she know’s i’m military). i faked having to conduct a phone muster recall (yes…..we really do these things) and told her i had to leave. she said she understood , i got up, she did as well. i moved to her, took her head and kissed her (just on the lips). i told her i had a good time talking to her, and left.

i deleted her number.

18 Comments on “Date night”

  1. Badger says:

    This is like an alternate universe where bizarro-Rivelino actually has considerable dating success.

    [ed- i feel obligated to inform the readers that this was the first date yours truly has gone on in almost a year.]

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    lol. does this mean i get a link on the blog roll?

    she was cool, she was, but she’s BLISTERINGLY young. Riv is trying to become alpha again. i’m already alpha, i’m looking for a partner, not a fuck. i’ve done my “man slut” time. shit’s old to me. but i know i need game to stay frosty and keep the “girl getting skills” up to snuff.

  3. Badger says:

    You’re not on my blogroll?!?

  4. a very well told story. damn.

  5. Mary says:

    I started giggling right about the time I got to the “starbukz iz clozed” part. I judge men (and women) the exact same way regarding spelling. I mean, I get it if they’re dyslexic, and texting can be a tedious thing to do, but chatspeak and LOLspeak in casual conversation (aside from the occasional “lol” or so) makes me assume things about their intelligence. Bad, bad things.

    And I definitely cackled at the “She stared really hard at her nails” bit because it made me wonder if she was trying to remember where she got them done. I’ve forgotten my last name, my address, my mother’s birthday, my birthday, the location of every possession at one point or another, and things people have told me 20 seconds before–but I don’t think I’d forget going somewhere to get my nails done, especially if it was a regular occurrence.
    I mean damn.

  6. detinennui32 says:

    Thanks Danny. Love posts like these. Being a married man I’ll have to live vicariously through you.

  7. […] post I’ll read all week. Click on the link to read the whole thing. (Then, if you like, read Date Night for the […]

  8. Danny, I didn’t realize you were blogging! I found this via Bellita. I really liked this post, and the turtle one as well. A belated welcome to the blogosphere.

  9. Susan Walsh says:

    I grabbed the RSS feed and read 10 posts or so. You do a great job with a very eclectic approach – the lamb shanks, the turtle, some Game. It’s a charming diary, really, and that’s not easy to pull off. I look forward to going back through the archives.

  10. dannyfrom504 says:


    thank you very much Dear. i will admit, my best entires aren’t my own: deti penned 2 posts (advice to my son/daughter) that are gold. i think my most read article is the “natural game” write up. might have to put that on it’s own page.

    again, thanks for stopping by Susan. i’m flattered.

  11. OH.. This may be my new favorite post of yours. I know too many men that put such an emphasis on age… Like some 20 yr old girl is a PRIZE. Then as they venture in to the involvement, they wonder why they aren’t happy. People often under-estimate the value of life experience.

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