La Tortuga

i will say, this post meant MUCH more to me than what occured on my date. i swear this on my eternal soul.

i’ve been reading the SAS guide to tracking as to help me when i hunt in sept, and finding your way without map or compass as well. i got home from my local around midnight, it was VERY dark out. i was taking the trash out to the street and i saw it. something “different” at first i thought it was a frog, then i realized it wasn’t (no prominent hind legs). i also noted some odd tracks in the sediment that was close to my mail box. i squated and studied them. i’m becoming much more aware of shit like this now since reading the SAS book. things that are out of place are starting to get my attention. the book is amazing. back to the frog, i squated down, it was a baby turtle. not a pet turtle either (it had a cylindrical, pointy nose), it’s been raining alot here and this thing managed to wander off from the pond 100 yards away.

i placed it in my hand, and it…..opened. i shit you not. it didn’t stand, but it unshelled it’s legs and head. i was AMAZED. turtles are usually VERY easily spooked. i talked to it, i did. seriously. i asked it how the hell it managed to put itself in such a dangerous position. i walked over to the pond……placed it on the bank. it shelled. i stood up. it made NO move to the water (less than an inch away). i laughed, and gently nudged the rear of it’s shell. the second it felt water it EXPLODED into the pond. again……i laughed.

“glad you’re home little brother.” i walked back home feeling like gold.

2 Comments on “La Tortuga”

  1. Badger says:

    Turtle game. Gold.

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