My computer at work has AIDS

and it deleted my “texting mellissa” post. i’ll try and repost it. thankfully it was still on my phone. in summation: i got mellissa’s number friday afternoon and texted her early sunday afternoon to set up a date sunday evening. she’s 20. i knew i was going to have to run major game to pull this off. here’s the text string.

me- hey you. starbucks at target. tonight at 8.

her (10 minutes later)- can’t i have planz

me- cool, i guess i need to delete this number.

her (2 minutes later)- HEY!!!!! i already made planz. we can meet up some other time.

me- nope, we can’t. i work bad hours and next weekend i’m going down to visit my sister.  are your plans THAT important?

her(5 miutes later)- no, but it would be rude to cancel

me- maybe, but tonight  is the only free time i have. it’s up to you.  [ed-had she said no, i’d have deleted her number. i already know she’s not LTR material, so i’m qualifiying her. i WILL NOT work for this girl.]

her– (47 seconds later) – starbucks, the one at ******* plaza.

me- yup. 8 o’clock.  [ed- ok, i kind of feel like a dick becuase i already know that the only thing i’m going to do (IF i do anything) is fuck this girl. period. i want a relationship, and this girl doesn’t qaulify. and “starbukz”,  WTF man? i need some married people,  “game master”, and married ladies types to give me some feed back on this girl. i feel like a wolf about to slaughter a calf.

we already know how this ended. i just reposted it so you can see how i landed the date. she was either going to meet me, or i’d have told her it was nice knowing her, then lett her know i was going to quit contacting her. thank you private man, badger, and OTC for commenting.

4 Comments on “My computer at work has AIDS”

  1. resrieg says:

    Haha I’m relieved to see that it’s the same girl who inserted z’s inappropriately in her words, I was about to be very concerned if I found out that TWO girls were around giving 20 year olds a bad name. I mean, we’re college girlz, not total airheadz.

  2. Dannyfrom504 says:

    Baby, I knew exactly what you were doing. Lol.

    i was half asleep as i typed that. *sigh*

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