Throwing myself under the bus

i appreciate everyone’s compliments, i do. i don’t consider myself anything special, i’m a normal guy….seriously. i’ve said before i don’t run game, and the confidence i’ve gained i attune more to maturity than anything else. the danny blogging now has only existed for the past 3-4 years. i’ve posted before (and there has been talk on other blogs recently about approaching women) how guys can be pretty clueless. this personally is VERY true of me if i have a STRONG attraction to a woman. i get nervous, i can’t think straight. it still happens every once in a while. i have many examples of this from my past, i’m sure a lot of guys do. this example is by far the funniest. it happened while i was in japan.

i was on the ship, i had to run to the quaterdeck to deliver an ace wrap to a pier sentry who was patrolling the pier. i get to sponson, and i see her. VERY cute, reddish-brown hair. i stop, stare, and she smiles. i come to my senses and head down to the pier. i went back to medical. i thought about this girl ALL THE TIME. she was just checking on to the ship when i saw her. well all new check-in’s have to come to medical eventually, so when she showed up (everyone i worked with was well aware that i wanted this woman to have at least 5,000 of my babies), everyone assumed i was going to do her check in interview. nope, i don’t pull that chicken shit move. i found out her name was emily and she was from austin, and i learned where she’d be working.

emily. told you she was a honey limbed lovely. soon after....well, keep reading.

i’d pass her in the p-way and she’d drop her head slightly, make eye contact, break eye contact, then look at me again, and smile. once we were in line for chow and she started up a conversation with me, now……the current danny definitely would have escalated. old danny didn’t. i just talked, then went to a table (without her in tow) and ate with some guys i knew. [edit-FAG]

OH, trust me….it gets WAY WORSE. i should point out that this “passing her and her smiling at me” went on steadily for a few weeks (our ship was at sea at the time).

i was taking a college class on the ship. i was leaving the class and we ran into each other in a p-way. she sees me and smiles, i walk past her. then something inside me screamed, “FUCKING TALK TO HER YOU ASSHOLE!!!!” i turn around, and called her. she turned and had a HUGE smile on her face. she says, “yeah, what’s up?” i respond, “you got a minute?” she smiled and nodded and i asked her what she planned on doing when we got back to yokosuka. she shrugged her shoulders and said, “i don’t really know, i’ve only been off base twice.” (we had gotten under way 2-3 days after she reported on board). then she nails me, “why you asking?” and grins. she immediately followed with, “you have a house out in town, right?” i told her i did and she asked where i lived, and asked what my house was like (japanese homes are VERY different from american homes, btw). after i gave her a little info on my house, i froze.

[edit- i need to point out that this conversation isn’t verbatim, i don’t recall EXACTLY what i said, but this i more or less how it went down.]

my thought process completely abandoned me while i had this beautiful little creature crying out, “ASK ME OUT DAMMIT!!!!!” standing in front of me. but i froze, i stared at her for a few awkward seconds, then blurted out, “ok, well, i guess i’ll see you around.” and i turned around and walked away. i heard her say, “i guess so.” and i could hear the ‘w.t.f?” in her tone. as i walked away, i could see the hindenburg careening to the ground in my mind, but something had the sense to say, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, GO BACK AND ASK FOR HER NUMBER, WTF….DUDE…..SERIOUSLY. STOP. STOP AND GO BACK!!!!!” but i didn’t. i went back to medical. i was COMPLETELY humiliated and disappointed with myself. i KNEW what i had done wrong but i still botched it up. [edit- UBER FAG]

i went back to medical and told the four girls i worked with the story (2 were total hotties btw). i have never had women laugh at me that hard in my life. my best friend of the 4, cheryl, just covered her mouth and shook her head and told me, “baby what the hell?” she was TOTALLY into you.” i replied, “yeah stupid, i know. i can’t explain why i did that. GOD am i an asshole.” this was particularly crushing because i had finally decided to try dating someone else again. i had broken up with beth 2 years ago, and the girls were pushing me to get back out there and i had told them i was going to try.

i was 30 or 31 at the time. i wasn’t lacking in confidence per se. but i was REALLY attracted to emily. she was fucking beautiful: face-9.5, body- 9, personality from what i had gathered, she seemed very sweet. but i froze up when i need to sack up. i have no clue why i did what i did. but i REEEEEEALLY felt like a faggoty douche for doing it. i mean, i already had small IOI’s from her, but the conversation show’d: she was giving me a oppurtunity to ask her out, and she was asking me about my HOUSE, which makes me thinks she was sending me an indirect clue that she’d like to go there. i feel obligated to let you readers know that the dweeb in this story has been choked out, beaten senseless, and sent packing. danny 2.0 currently writes this blog. lol.

i’d LOVE to hear what my female readers think of this. and everyone feel free to point and snicker, i deserve it. lol.

manning the 25. i wasn't firing it, i was actually providing safety coverage during an UNREP.

14 Comments on “Throwing myself under the bus”

  1. ASF says:

    I bet every guy has done something just like this, I know I have. Girls get angry if you do things like this.

    BTW, about danny. Having spoken to him on the phone, I could tell within 1-2 mins that he had lady skills…guy can talk. 🙂

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    well my “gift of gab” ran for the hills with emily sadly. i REALLY wanted that girl too. *sigh* fml.

  3. Bb says:

    Aw, it seems like a missed opportunity! But it happens, right? I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe you weren’t as ready to get out there as you thought you were, after Beth. Maybe you didn’t approach because you knew it had the potential to get real, fast, and it was too much for you at the time.

    That’s the girly perspective. Have no idea how a guy would see it.

    • Dannyfrom504 says:

      Oh, I don’t sweat it. But I think it’s a funny story.

      And darling, I was VERY ready to get back out there. I think I was too outcome dependent. And I really liked her, so maybe I was bit intimidated.

      I was more curious what you ladies thought as to the signs she was giving me. I can’t say for sure she liked me, but I’m pretty sure she did.

      What do you think?g

  4. dogsquat says:

    Hey, is that a fluted barrel or are you just happy to see me?

    That M242 has a one-horsepower electric motor.

    One of the turret mechanics in the LAR unit I was with put a 5 horse motor he scrounged from somewhere in an LAV-25 one time. That thing was fucking awesome when it worked, but when it jammed, it jammed BAD. It bent the links on the ammo if the belt was too long, and it didn’t quite fit on the back of the gun.

    It’d cut down a house in about 30 seconds, though.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Fuck the story, the Marine see’s the gun. Lol. Don’t blame you brother, i LOVE guns.

      I got fire that thing once and holy fuck……your whole body vibrates. I used to laugh when they’d fire the CIWS. Got to go into the rear FC room on my ship and press the “fire” switch. I had an erection like I took 2 cialis.

      Get some.

  5. detinennui32 says:

    Love this story. Lots of lessons for us men. We need to be like Danny 2.0.

  6. Bellita says:

    Hello, Danny! I’m coming out of my shell now . . .

    This story sounds familiar to me because I’ve been in Emily’s place in relation to a guy I really liked and who seemed to be warming up to me but ultimately never asked me out. Yes, she definitely liked you.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Well thank you for your perspective. I found her on fb and she accepted my friend request. I’m going to tell her about my blog and will inquire about the chit-chat we had.

      Hopefully she’ll chime in and give her thoughts. Again…..this happened on 2005. Lol.

  7. spade says:

    well danny after talking with you last night and having read a few of your blogs in the last 15 min, i am pulled to comment on this post in particular for a few reasons. first being how i am right now i would probably have done that still. second what if they dont ask about the house but instead ask about what to do out on the town… is that a lead in the same direction ro is that more of they want to go do something with someone else? third im still the old me and will work towards my 2.0 until then you will start to see me around here.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      it was good talking to you last night.

      first and foremost, welcome to my little corner of the interwebz. secondly, realize you have taken the most important step there is, you’ve taken the red pill.

      her fielding questions to you is a definate IOI, she’s allowing you time to escalate, either ask for her nuimber or make a date. it’s that simple. ALWAYS err on the side of being bold. don’t be too hard on yourself. you’re a young dude, and there’s still a lot you’re going to need to learn. hell, i screw up quite often, it is what it is. consider yourself lucky that you got a free pass with the divorce. you dodged a bullet bro.

      i look forward to your future comments. and thanks for the beer.

      • spade says:

        i have taken the red pill and im ready to begin the 2.0

        so its better to be more bold rather than keep chatting, escalate, and it could end up some where better. so it escalates lets say i get a date and number set up, then what shit thats where i fail out. i either stick around too long, or leave to soon, or contact her too soon, where do you go from there?

        and i really did dodge a huge bullet with the ex wife, and no problem im always up for a cold one.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      this is where practice saves you. read my “my experience with shit tests”. i’d have to talk to you in person about what the “tests were.” i’ll be at the local around 10:30-11 tomorrow night.

      never underestimate a girls (especially in your age-range) proclivity to be fickle. if she does. move on. shit tests are usually best handled by ignoring them, or reframing them. a common one is the girl calling you a player. if you insist you aren’t, you failed. if she accuses you of playerism use what they call “agree and amplify” so you respond with something like, “absolutely, i have 6999 girlfriends. wanna be lucky number 7000?” then smile at her. the point is not to let her make you back down. she KNOWS her behavior is unacceptable, so you have to hold her accountable. don’t be a dick, but ket her know you aren’t DYING to get her attention.

      when a woman know’s you’ll righteously leave, she’ll righteously STAY.

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