15 minutes of flirting

i had to be at work in 20 minutes. but i needed to pick up some things at the commissary. as i headed through the NEX (basically a dept store), i saw heather working at the sunglasses display. heather is a very cute married woman from san diego. she’s very sweet. she has a slightly high pitched, girly voice. i LOVE this type of voice on a woman btw. drives me crazy. there’s a nerdy guy in his late 30 looking at the glasses and talking to her. let’s face it; this guy wasn’t buying shit. he just wanted to talk to heather (don’t blame the fellah). as i pass the counter (her back is to me), i say loudly (in a somewhat high-pitched voice), “HEATHER HEATHER….I LOOOOOOOVE YOOOOU!!!!! she turns, see’s me, smiles, and playfully shakes her head.  then i notice stacy is in personalized services. hadn’t talked to her in a while, so i walk over, she sees me and smiles. she mentions not having seen me in a “forever” so i reply, “well why do you think i came over, i know you’ve missed me.” she has a bf btw. stacy just smiled and slapped me lightly on my arm; i was leaning on the counter towards her trying not to stare at her amazing cleavage. i mentioned i hadn’t seen her ass (she has a PHENOMENAL ass) in a while and i need a fresh dose. i tell her to turn around for me, she complies. i respond, “GOD have i missed you.”  she giggles and shakes her head. “ok sweetie, i need to run. it was good seeing you.” i remark as i start walking away and i hear “byyyyyye”. behind me. i might have spent maybe 2 minutes chatting with her. i walk out the NEX and into the commissary. i bought my crap to make So-so’s special dessert (when she asks for it, i cannot refuse). i’ll post the desert recipe tomorrow. and you fellah’s owe me BIG TIME for this recipe. every women i know is POWERLESS against it.

i walk back into the NEX to get to the mini-mart, heather and dude are still there (almost 10 minutes had passed). “HEATHER HEATHER….YER SO PUUUUUUURTY!!!!!!!” i say loudly (in the same high pitched voice) as i’m walking by. her head darts toward me, she smiles and replies playfully, “SHU’ UHP!!!!!” and laughs. i made my way into the mini-mart, grabbed my fabric softener, and found myself in rachelle’s line (i didn’t know she was working).  i ALWAYS tease rachelle. she’s pretty cute, but after she got her entire right upper arm tattooed she’s just not as pretty to me. she asks for my ID (you have to show military ID before they can cash you out) ands she smiles, she knows what’s coming.  “no, i’m not showing you my ID today, matter of fact, show me YOURS.” i say. she’s VISIBLY HOLDING BACK a smile. and her eyes are darting left to right. i smile. she blurts out, “FINE, then you can’t have your stuff.” i reply, “quit acting like you don’t love this little game we play girl. i’m smarter than that.” i’m stating this while punching in my card info, i’m not even looking at her. when i finish, i look at her and she says, “you’re just impossible, have a nice day Danny, goodbye.” i laughed, she hands me my stuff i look in her eye and purse my lips together imitating a  kiss, and i wink at her. i walk away.

all of these interactions occurred within 15 minutes. i got to work JUST in time.

i must note that NOTHING will transpire with any of these women, i’ve known all three for a while. heather is married, and i’d NEVER escalate with her like i do with stacy. stacy is your typical 24 year “i’m too pretty for you” young women. i’m always telling her how her bf is gonna fuck it up, and when he does, i’m swoopinging in and getting her pregnant. she just laughs and replies, “oh really? thanks for telling me.” she’s the kind of girl that has +300 cellphone pics of herself on facebook (that SHE took btw). you know the type. rachelle is 19, and teasing/neg flirting works like a charm on her. but i do this with EVERY woman i come in contact with. NO WOMAN is safe from my flirtation. i’ve never had any complaints about it either, so i assume they like it.

i was going to post this as its own post, but since you’re already here………

facebook is the greatest thing in the world to watch guys fuck up with women. i have 2 examples.

julie- julie lives in san diego, she models for playboy (i’m not kidding), no nude work, mostly their sports catalouges. she ALWAYS has a bf. she posted a pic of herself in an adidas track suit, zipped up above her amazing breasts. there were easily 3-4 replies where the guys were showering her with adoration. the 4-5 girls that were doing it were fine. there were about 8-9 comments when i dropped my BOMB on her. i comment “not bad, but a track suit…..yer better than that girl.” she hadn’t repled to a single comment, 2 minutes after my comment, she replies, “HEY!!!! it’s adidas, and it’s SOFT.” i had her. i respond, “baby, you don’t have to convince me. i was just commenting.” she didn’t reply back. BUT, she didn’t respond to ANYONE elses comments. hmmmmmmmm.

maryana- maryana bartends on bourbon, angie introduced us. she posted a pic on face book (2 nights ago btw), and i commented on it. “you smell funny.”  then a guy replies, “well that’s your opinion.” then the guy compliments how pretty she looks in the pic. she asks when we’re coming back to NO, and we need to stop in and say hello. i don’t know dude, she was just killing 2 birds with one stone. i tell her i’m coming in for halloween and that she needs to hit up “house of shock” with me. she replies that sounds fun. i respond, “pm me your number, i’ll call you when i get in.” 5 minutes later, i had her number. now maryana is married (just to get her greencard), so i doubt anyhting physical will happen. but she’s cool to chill with. she’s a very pleasant girl. who i’m after is her co-worker Atricia. Atricia’s mexican, and smolderingly beautiful. she will be mine. oh yes……she shall.

maryana and a man that's as photogenic as a bucket of stillborns. oh, she's ukranian btw.

point being, kissing a girls ass and feeding her ego won’t get you nearly as far as playful teasing and flirting. make her EARN your adoration. don’t offer it up like it’s nothing.  most women are more than willing to work for it. at least…..the one’s worth flirting with are.

i’d be interested in hearing from you ladies as to what you think of being flirted with. when was it done well, and when was it done poorly? would what i was doing with these ladies have worked on you? never mind, don’t answer that. i know it would. lol.

13 Comments on “15 minutes of flirting”

  1. resrieg says:

    Impressive, I must say. You ask if these tactics would work. Would they intrigue me, and lead me to feel undeniable attraction to you? Most likely. But would they actually entice me enough to hook up with you? Definitely not. Letting the sexual tension increase would be far more satisfying than winding up as just another girl who fell for your witty banter and straight into your bed.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Thank you for commenting. I’m assuming you’re new to my blog, i’m not about hook-ups. Read “natural game” for proof.

      My flirting is just having fun with the ladies. I even go so far as to mention on the post that none of these interactions will ever go to anything physical.

      It’s just fun, that’s all.

      and Darling, what makes you think I’d want you to just “fall into my bed”? No fun in that. I LOVE the seduction dance. I’m smart enough to know that I need to make you feel like the conquerer. That you ultimately selected me (which is how it happens anyhow).

      Again……thanks for stopping by angel.

  2. resrieg says:

    Nice, I checked out Natural Game to get a better understanding of what you’re all about. Refreshing to know that the art of flirtation just for the hell of it isn’t dead.

  3. Well, if Danny weren’t so ugly…

    But at least he’s not like Johnny Milfquest. That guy is a tosser.

  4. dannyfrom504 says:

    i likes to make you ladies smile. is that SOOO wrong? flirtation is simply a tool for me to gauge a woman’s interest and persona. if she’s cool, i’ll usually shoot for a number.

    thanks for stopping by and commenting corazon.

    he’s definatetely NOT the dog’s bollocks. lol.

  5. Looking Glass says:

    Danny, you’re short! 🙂

  6. detinennui32 says:

    anyone who can get photos with these ladies earns my respect. Danny is a man among men.

    And flirting is fun. For the hell of it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well thank you. but i’m no “man among men”. lol. the girls back home are just super chill. and there are so many beautiful women in the city that most of them can’t really rely solely on their looks.

      and i’ve employed your “there will always be another woman” philosophy long, long ago.

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