Jambalaya a la LeBlanc

the following is my recipe for Jambalaya. Passed down from my Mother, from her Mother (RIP), and so forth. i like andouille and ham, BUT you can go with chicken, shrimp (just add it for the last 6 minutes of cooking time so you don’t rubberize the shrimp). the pic below is ham, andouille and tasso.

jambalaya is basically a play on paella. the Spaniard’s took control of La. for a brief period. the French retook the area and…..whatever, google “new orleans” if you want a history lesson. my city is one of the oldest in the country. and for us…..FOOD is everything.


saute 1 cup trinity in olive oil or butter (i uses butter) till translucent, add chopped meat (whatever you choose is up to you) and cook for about 5 minutes. add 1 can tomato sauce(14oz),  2-3 TBS thyme and 2 1/2 cups water, and 1-2 TBS cayenne (more/less to taste). bring to a boil. once boiling throw in rice, cover and drop heat to low. let cook for 12-15 minutes, stir once or twice. after cooking time, let the pot sit covered for out 10-15 minutes. enjoy. c’est bon.

OH.....don't forget to remove the bay leaves after it's done cooking. it''ll get bitter.

Momma’s Boy

I got to work and had this little exchange on FB IM. 

"Are you close with your mom."

"Why??? :/



I read the article. Firstly....it's written by 2 WOMEN. Smh. Secondly, 
a few of the explanations were insulting. To me, this sums up EVERYTHING I need to
know from the first slide:

"Ah, men and their mothers. It's a bond we may not fully understand until we
birth sons ourselves. In the meantime, we'll keep busy by examining how the
men in our lives interact with their mothers, in order to glean more info on
their overall character. Here's a guide to help your guy analysis."

So....these 2 Dummies don't even HAVE sons, yet they want to spout out
mother-son relationship analysis. Die in a Fire. I wonder how many women
reading MSN are going to take this advice as Dogma.

"To answer your question: YES. I'm close with ALL of my immediate family
with the exception of my father. Secondly this article is mostly bullshit.
Some is down-right insulting. Yes at some point I do believe you need to let
go of momma's skirt."

"How often do you call your mom."

"Are you serious? Please tell me you aren't going to try to Psychoanalyze
ME. You're not smart enough, I'll lead you in the total wrong direction. Look,
as a woman, it's best to leave the mom-son dynamic alone and respect it
(unless it's an unhealthy and caustic one...even then, you're treading
dangerous ground). All that should matter is: A-are they close? B-Does he
respect her."

"If he's a momma's boy (which is what I think you're leading to), recognize
it and decide if you can deal with a man like that in your life. Because you
AREN'T going to change that dynamic."

Her- (10 minute pause, but I KNEW she was at her computer).
"Thanks Danny"

"Anytime sweetie. That's what I'm here for."

For the record, I call the Mom about 3-4 times a month. She relays family
news I need to know about. The Grandmother died (Rest in Peace Mamma-Cat) in
June, my Paw-Paw will be passing before the year ends. Don't ask how I know,
I just do. I figured since I'm bored at work I'll just comment on each slide
and offer a SON'S take.

Slide 2- 
"He Calls Her Daily.
If your man and his mom are always chatting, then he likely tells her
everything. including intimate details of your relationship. Not only will
she be privy to your private moments with her son, but she probably also
weighs in on every argument the two of you have. And guess whose side she'll
be taking."

Me, talk to my mom about my sex life. Ew. I was on the phone telling my mom
last year how I had hotel reservations over the weekend when I got into the
city. My step-father over heard this and asked her, "why is he staying in a
hotel, that's stupid? Just stay here." I started giggling. My mom answered,
"because he HAS to stay in a hotel for the weekend." Good 'ol carson
clueless asked, "why the hell not?" my mom (God bless her) answered him
dead-pan, "Because he's not allowed to have sex in this house." Lol. 

These women OBVIOUSLY have insecurity issues. Now I think a guy calling his
mom EVERYDAY is odd, but I think these girls are sending the wrong message and
are over-reacting.

Slide 3-
"He Needs Her Input.
There's something emasculating about a grown man who can't make a decision
without his mother's guidance. Sure, we'd like him to respect her opinions,
but when he uses his mom as a crutch, it's a sign that he's too insecure to
stand on his own two feet. If he doesn't trust himself to make a decision,
then how are you supposed to trust him to?"

Somewhat agree, but maybe there's a reason he "needs her input." I translate
this as these ladies thinking, "he doesn't need ME." I ask my mom's input on
things, but not EVERYTHING. I didn't ASK my mother if she approved of my
volunteering to deploy to Kuwait. But, I DID ask her what she thought about
it (she didn't want me to go......sorry mom, but Danny's was heading to the
desert). And.....maybe mom gives some pretty damn good advice and he's makes
BAD decisions. Yet, I agree......a man needs to be able to stand on his own
2 feet.

Slide 4-
"He's Not Appreciative
A guy who takes his mother - the woman who gave him life - for granted
probably doesn't give props to any of the peeps in his life, including his
girlfriend. This type of man typically has an inflated sense of self and
feels entitled: He doesn't thank people, because he thinks they're just
doing their required duty, whether it's as a lover, a mother or a friend."

Ok. I'll go with this one. 

Slide 5-
"They're Just Not Close
While there are legitimate reasons for a man to become estranged from his
mother, some guys just don't have the patience, time or heart to stay close
to their moms. If he doesn't value his relationship with the first woman to
love him, then chances are that he won't make his relationship with his
lover a priority. and the same goes for his eventual family."

Nope. Too presumptuous. There may be a DAMN good reason he's not close to
his mother.

Slide 6-
"He Bad-Mouths Her
While not all mothers deserve a Mom of the Year award, regardless of how
terrible a guy's mom was or even still is, his propensity to diss the woman
who birthed him is a poor reflection of his personality. A jab once in a
while is understandable; constant bad-mouthing (or worse, whining) shows a
lack of respect for women and a serious need to grow up."

Agree. I ended a date after a girl told her mom over the phone to, "shut the
fuck up already." We had lunch (she said it while we were driving to the
place). I ate as quickly as i could didn't talk all that much and (made her pay
for her meal btw) and took her home. The look on her face when I told her
good-bye and didn't lean in to kiss her was priceless. Never called her again. She was:
face-9, body-8, personality- -4.

Slide 7-
"He's Not Respectful
Even if she was pretty awful in the past, if your guy is nasty to his mother
in front of you or other people, then he's tactless and insolent. And if
he's capable of treating his mom with such blatant callousness, then chances
are that he won't hesitate to berate you in public, either."

See slide 6

Slide 7-
"He Thinks She's His Maid
If he still expects his mom to clean up after him, then this over-coddled
dude likely relies on other people to handle all his adult responsibilities,
like filling out job applications and scheduling appointments. The fact that
he hasn't taken ownership of these tasks shows that he's immature and lazy."

I think we're over doing it here. What makes you think he thinks his mom is
his maid? Does he LIVE with mom? I think this more points to these ladies
not wanting to pick up after him since drinking the feminist kool-aid. 
I bet these 2 will be cleaning up some after their sons. Is being domestic THAT
awful? I ALWAYS share house-hold chores with the lady. That's just fair.

Slide 8-
"He Still Adheres to Her Rules
Men who live by their mother's edicts long after they've left the house
don't have the cojones to establish their own set of values and standards.
If every sentence out of his mouth is "my mom says," then it's not only
annoying, but also a signal that he's afraid to live his own life."

Agree but I think the big picture here is that these 2 are implying, "He won't
adhere to MY rules."

Slide 9-
"He Puts Her On A Pedestal
When Mom is god's gift to the world, whatever she says, does or thinks will
always be superior to what you say, do or think. Even if you're brighter,
prettier and kinder than his mother, you'll never quite measure up in his

LOVE this one. Holy shit. These 2 are saying, "THEN I WON'T BE ON THE
PEDESTAL!!!!!!" guess what, my mother is on a pedestal. Deservedly so, if
the missus doesn't like it....the hell with her. However I am NOT at
mommy's beck-and-call. But she's a PHENOMENAL woman.

Slide 10-
"He's Close With Her
A guy who's close with his mommy isn't necessarily a momma's boy. Actually,
a man who has a good relationship with mom is generally more sensitive,
communicative and understanding toward women's emotions than one who barely
speaks to his mother."

Wow they got another right.

me and the mom. tell me i'm a momma's boy and i'll respond, "totally".


Female ejaculation: follow up.

alright, i’m speaking with the woman who reads and says she can ejaculate (she had me remove her post). she agreed to a “Q and A”. here’s what she told me. i don’t see her commenting as she’s a bit shy. but she’s been very gracious as to offering up information. she’s probably sick of me calling. lol.

“i know what i’m doing (in regards to pulling this off). that post has received a TON of views (216 total, and 7 views today and it’s going up). the entire purpose of the blog is to teach guys. that’s all i care about. seriously. but i respect your not wanting to share, if that’s your choice. i find posting about my real life validates that an average, ok looking guy can be relatively successful with women. i appreciate you reading. i don’t get a lot of comments because i think most guys are to shy to speak up because they’re embarrassed.

“I might consent to a Q&;A or something. But the answers would all be anecdotal. I’ve discussed it with my close girlfriends (their advice is pretty much the same as yours, btw: “fuck em” – not literally) My bestie has done it a few times, but it’s rare for her.

I was just reading the wikipedia. I’m surprised how much disbelief there is in just the existence of female ejaculation. It’s sorta funny, but I’m not surprised. As far as I know there is only one girl who is doing it where people can see and she’s a porn star. I can’t imagine a woman willing to “squirt for science”, if she even could. I certainly wouldn’t.”

“well, i had a lesbian room-mate go down on her gf to show me how to “read” a womans body. then she showed me how dana could squirt and how she had to manipulate dana with her fingers. i was 25 at the time. i’m very fortunate. i was just hoping you could give a brief “blow by blow” *wokka wokka* on when you start to how you finally climax. i know a woman back home that can, but she prefers being penetrated the standard way. she find’s climax from ejaculation uncomfortable.

before you climax do you feel like you’re going to urinate.

i posted this b/c i found out there aren’t a lot of the other blogs posting about it. and if a guy could learn it, it’ll be just one more skill that will please his woman. it’s not a “dude, high five, guess what i can do?” that would annoy me.”

“It’s not the same as needing to urinate. It is a kind of pressure from your bladder, so it’s similar. In fact, if you hold it in the same way that you hold a full bladder when you’re stuck in traffic after 3 lattes, you can stop it. (not you obviously, pardon my pronouns) It took me a while to learn to tell the difference between wanting to come and needing to pee (fortunately I learned this on my own, so nobody got peed on.) It looks and smells different from pee though, it’s clear and it doesn’t smell like pee, it smells like p***y. [edit-this sentence made me VERY happy. it made my wee move ]

next question?

“how did you teach yourself? did you use a toy or fingers? karen told me most women need/want something inserted in there to clamp down on. this pressure, do you find you just have to “let go” and allow the process to happen?

would you say my description and method was accurate. i.e.-would it work on you?

“Yeah. You need something inside. A man’s fingers are adequate, but mine are too small. I have a cheap $10 vibrator, but the vibration was too much so I took the batteries out. I’d imagine a less sensitive girl could stand using a g-spot vibrator.”

“i use just fingers, but have told women that have inquired about how to do it, i always tell them to use the vibrator “that has the upward curve” and insert up side to the upper portion of her vagina.

so yes, regarding the pressure: you do just have to “let go” and allow it to happen? how long does it take for you to climax, and do you find that once you learn, you can make yourself orgasm relatively quickly?”

“Sorta depends on how aroused I was to begin with. I’m pretty sure most women take a lot longer than I do.

Mine doesn’t have an upward curve, I just angle it. I also like to put it in as far as it will go and use my fingers to slam it against the back. (though guys shouldn’t try that unless they can draw a detailed map of a vagina because it hurts if you hit the cervix).”

“oh i could see how that would be painful. which is why i recommend the method i use. obviously you know your body, so you’re good. most guys are absolutely clueless about everything beyond the clitoris.

how does a clitoral orgasm, feel compared to a vaginal orgasm. and do you have a preference?”

“A clitoral orgasm without penetration reaches a crescendo and then fizzles out. A clitoral orgasm with penetration is better. I can usually ejaculate from that no problem. Though it’s not the same as a g-spot orgasm, which, if properly executed is a bit like losing my mind for a minute while it takes a trip through the Halls of Asgard. Meanwhile my entire body gets this dizzy feeling. It’s hard to describe, you know when you get dizzy and you have a sort of tingling sensation in your head? Imagine that in your legs, arms, torso, etc. and it’s all radiating from your crotch, which you can no longer feel the components of, it all just feels like a mass of vibrating jello. Squirting is like opening a pressure valve on all of that. It’s not necessarily the end.

Add to that:

Except when it is the end. There will be no doubt when she’s had enough. That’s the part when somebody gets kicked.”

“i see. so, you don’t have to squirt to have a g-spot orgasm? you obviously know your body. what’s alarming to me is how many WOMEN don’t understand how their orgasm works outside of clitoral stimulation. the ex was that way. in your experience from yourself or friends can you string them in succession (multiple orgasm) when you have a g-spot orgasm?

after climax…..how long is your typical recovery time?”

“Multiples are a whole different animal. You can have multiples from the clit, but it tends to get really sensitive which makes further stimulation painful. It’s a bit like a teeny-tiny penis (side tangent, my bestie and I like to say disgusting things in crowded restrooms just to see who laughs. My favorite is to go into a stall and say, “What CAN you do with a one-inch clit?”) G-spot stimulation creates multiples quite nicely, though personally I think it takes too long to get going, I like a little clit-love to get it going. Multiples and squirting are not mutually exclusive. Also squirting is not necessarily an indicator of intensity. Sometimes I’ll have several ejaculations before the big orgasm that causes me to twitch and shake and climb off of whatever is stimulating me (or kick the guy-lol) and the last big one won’t produce any fluid at all.

Typically recovery time: about a minute before I can snuggle, about 20-30 minutes before I can go again….if I’m not busy getting a snack.”

“i see. as far as i’m know, i haven’t had a girl go multile Miggs on me. so this is a huge help for a future girlfriend. i was kicked yes, and it was about 2-3 minutes before she’d let me touch her again. then she started laughing a giggling (though this was just an idiosyncrasy of her when she climaxed).

i can’t think of any other questions at the moment. but i really appreciate your talking to me about this.

any advice you’d offer to guys who want to give their gf/wife a g-spot, ejaculating or vaginal orgasm?”

I don’t know. All women are different and I’ve never given a girl an orgasm. What works on me probably won’t work on other women, because I’m clearly a freak of nature with way too many vaginal nerve endings.

I’m interested in this boob orgasm business. How does that work?”

i’ll ask OTC to elaborate. but i knew a woman what said shee can climax just by a guy playing with her breasts. i dated a woman in san diego who could orgasm by simply going down on a me. it was kind freaky becuse she’d be servicing me, then she’s just suddenly shudder, stop for a second, sigh, then go back to work.

again….again, as you stated: all women are different”

i hope this gives you guys some insight. i ALWAYS talk openly with the gf about what “pushed her buttons”. actually, i experiment with her as much as i can to see what works for her as many women have a hard time being open about about what they like don’t like. but i ALWAYS ask first. if she doesn’t offer much insight. then i have to “learn the local terrain.”

For further input, check out the following post on School of squirt. You can’t go wrong with female input.

Stay up

The art of female ejaculation

i’ve thought for a while on posting about this, and as far as i know, it hasn’t been covered (i asked Badger). for the purpose of this post, you will NOT be talking to the charming Sailor that usually posts. you will be speaking to HM1(SW)Danny. i will be using Medical terminology, and clinic speak.

first things first. before you even ATTEMPT this endeavor, the girl has to be VERY comfortable with you (and herself). this is not something to try and “wing”. you must explain to the woman that as the orgasm approaches she’s going to feel like she has to urinate. this is where most women have difficulties. the “squirting” DOES come from the womans urethra, but the fluid is secreted from the Skene’s gland. it’s alkaline in nature (like urine) but is NOT urine. this is what freaks women out. they get self-conscious, feel it building, have the sensation of urinating building up, and they…..hold back. this is what messed the ex up. it took 4 runs; each time lasting about 15-20 minutes of yours truly wearing his arm out before she finally “popped”. she was nervous and self conscious that she was going to “pee on me”.  i had to constantly coax her to “just let go”.

the climax produced from this is a “vaginal orgasm”. most women experience “clitoral orgasms”.  clitoral orgasm are great (ask any woman), but vaginal orgasm’s are a WHOLE other monster. the french call it “le petite morte” or “the little death”. this orgasm involves the g-spot. now, not all women have one (so don’t blame her). to find hers, curve your index finer  and middle finger (like the picture below) and gently feel the upper portion of her vagina, you should feel a slightly spongy textured section (about the size of a quarter) about an inch or so from the entrance of her vagina. trust me, that area feels MUCH different from the other sections of the vaginal walls.


insert these 2 fingers inside after you’ve “warmed her up”. if “warming her up” needs explaining….please quit reading. you’re not ready for this.

insert your fingers like this. or use your middle and ring fingers, but curve the fingers upward.

place the heel of the palm of your free hand just above her pubic bone and push down slightly. now, this is where most guys have a hard time. you have to move your hand in a up-and-down circular motion inside her….HARD. i know you think it looks uncomfortable, but remember….she can push an 8 pound child through there, you ain’t hurting her. start out relatively gently and slowly and go harder and use more pressure based on her reaction. seriously, i’ve NEVER had a girl go, “OOOW, WHAT THE HELL!!!”. and make sure your nails are trimmed, you don’t want to cut her. with your fingers curved in said manner you will be stimulating her G-spot. you can also go in an up-and-down motion to get to said result. every woman is different, you’re going to have to experiment (but that’s the fun part). feedback from her is crucial. she should feel an intense stimulation leading to a feeling for having to urinate. if she feel’s like she’s going to urinate, YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT. encourage her, encourage her, encourage her. if/when she finally squirts immediately compliment her with a hearty, “good girrrrl.” i know this may sound patronizing, but this is what karen taught me: girls have a hard-wired trigger to the “good girl” phrase. she said it’s a VERY strong/positive phrase linked to most women’s girlhood. again, i’ve used often and never had a woman get upset at my saying it.

your success with this is going to be based mostly on how comfortable she is sexually. if she’s somewhat of a repressed girl, she’s going to have a hard time ejaculating. and…..some girls simply won’t be able to achieve it. go through the motions i just explained and if she feels a climax building stay with whatever pressure you’re applying. if it get’s more intense…..you’re on the right track. it may take a few attempts to get her there. but if you do, it’s WELL worth it. as the lady who taught me this pointed out, “guy screw up by changing rhythm/pressure when a girl says she’s getting close, DON’T DO THAT. if she says she’s getting close, DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. use the exact pace and pressure you’re using.” every women i’ve mentioned this to laughed and nodded in agreement when i brought this up.

if you get her there, expect a stream of fluid to squirt from her urethra (every woman is different, some squirt a forceful stream, others have a light trickle), she will likely convulse and NOT want to be touched immediately afer. i got kicked pretty hard the first time the ex squirted, and was knocked off the bed. the orgasm produced from this method is VERY intense so after she climaxes let her be until she lets you know she wants to be touched again. it very well could take up to 5 minutes for her to recover. again praise her if she get’s there, it can be a pretty big achievement for her to ejaculate, it’s VERY difficult for some girls so ALWAYS encourage and praise her.

again, realize this takes practice and you may have to try it a few times to get results. i KNOW what i’m doing with this and it took the ex 4 times before she was finally able to “let go”. but the results are worth it. the good news is that once she’s experienced it, she can produce said results herself. as karen explained, “danny, you could know everything there is to know about a woman’s body, but if she doesn’t know her body…..you’re aiming at a target in the dark.” so guys, don’t go too hard on yourself is she doesn’t get there. this should be a fun experience for the both of you, not a science project, so keep it intamate. a woman can tell when you’re doing something simply for your ego, so you HAVE to make the experience 100% ABOUT HER OWN PLEASURE.

best of luck, and i’d love to hear about success stories with this. and tell your gf/wife i said “you’re welcome.” lol.

Text fun

Privateman and I were talking and I mention my posting in the open and how I’ll tell women I blog, and talk with them about game. He wondered if it would mess up a man’s chances. I told it hasn’t screwed up MY chances.

I present to you: exhibit A.


This is a text string with a VERY lovely lady who happens to blog. She’s a facebook pal so I can tell you this girl is VERY attractive. 


 me: get yer cute ass out of the house and go have some fun.

 Sent at 12:32 AM on Friday

 Her:  haha I’m making myself finish an application first

 me:  what are you going to wear out tonight. i want details corazon.

 Sent at 12:33 AM on Friday

 her:  Nothing too exciting is happening tonight, so it’s not fancy

Just a flowy orangish spaghetti strap with a bandage skirt

 me:  i thought thursday night is the obligatory “ladies night”

her:  For some reason not too many parties are going on

And I still can’t go to bars, so that’s ruled out :/

 Sent at 12:35 AM on Friday

 me:  what’s a “bandage skirt”? kinda proud i don’t know what that mean.

yup. DEFINATELY proud.

i thought you were 21.

 Her:  Nope, I still have a month

Haha and a bandage skirt is one of those tight spandex skirts that’s just a

straight line

 me:  my boy parts just moved.

 her:  Haha they tend to have that effect

 me:  i double checked. yeah. we have movement. lol.

damn you ladies and your weaponry.

 her:  Sometimes you just have to pull out all of the stops :]

 me:  which is why i shove a roll of socks in the front of my jeans.

 Sent at 12:40 AM on Friday

 her:  Haha nice, the equivalent to the push up bra

 me:  lol. pretty much. i really get angry when i remove a bra and think,


 Leslie:  Understandable

I’m not a fan of padded bras for that very reason

 me:  how tall are you?

 her:  5’3″

 me:  may i ask your measurements?

 her:  34C

 me:  WOW. very nice. you must be proud. oops, more movement. lol.

 Sent at 12:44 AM on Friday

 her:  Lol must be rough to have all of this happen involuntarily

 me:  you have NO idea. and i’m in my late 30’s when i was 17-27/28. i might

as well have had my dick on my forehead.

the male libido (especially mine) is a raging tempest of lust.

 her:  Oh, I believe that :]

 Sent at 12:47 AM on Friday

 me:  the ex (who had a similar libido) couldn’t keep up.

 Sent at 12:49 AM on Friday

 me:  lost my virginity at 14. that was it….i was on a mission. and girls

back home are goers. first time i went to san diego 1994, i cleaned up. i

fell in love every 10 minutes. lol.

 her:  Haha it’s rough for sd girls, there are too many pretty ones and guys

like you just can’t choose

 Sent at 12:51 AM on Friday

 me:  oh no….i had NO PROBLEM choosing. lol. you could throw a dead cat in

the air at SDSU and it would land within 10 feet of at least 7 9’s.

 Sent at 12:53 AM on Friday

 her:  Haha every guy’s dream

How long were you in sd?

 me:  want to know a secret.

 her:  Definitely

 me:  i know it’s not like that in california, but eventually. wanting to

fuck every cute face you pass…..

goes away.

 Sent at 12:55 AM on Friday

 me:  i’ve done damn near everything in the SMP i’ve ever wanted to do. my

next post is how to get a woman to ejaculate.

 Sent at 12:56 AM on Friday

 her:  NICE, that’ll definitely be a useful one

I look forward to reading it

 Sent at 12:58 AM on Friday

 me:  it’s not that difficult if you can get the woman to relax and get over

the fact that she’s going to feel like she’s gonna pee. took the ex in japan

4 times to finally squirt.

 her:  Wow, very impressive

 me:  but the orgasm you’ll get from it…..it will change your world.

 her:  I can imagine…unfortunately that’s all I can do at this point

 me:  nancy kicked me and i fell off the bed when she finally had one.

 Leslie:  Hahaha nice

 me:  you can ONLY squirt.

or you can only have clitoral orgasms?

 her:  The latter

 me:  that’s true for 90% of all women. you’d have to have a couple before

you could make yourself have one.

 Sent at 1:03 AM on Friday

 her:  Sad that I don’t even know what I’m missing out on

 Sent at 1:06 AM on Friday

 me:  whenever a girl tells me “i can only cum via oral” i roll my eyes.

hell a co-worker had me teach her bf how to do it. it’s not really hard.

 Sent at 1:07 AM on Friday

 her:  More people need to pass this information on to guys

 Sent at 1:10 AM on Friday

 me:  and this is why i blog. i just want to help guys do better with


i was talking with privateman about this. i don’t get NEAR the traffic he

gets . but athol kay commented on my blog. That’s a HUGE compliment.

 Sent at 1:11 AM on Friday

 her:  I’d say your blog is pretty popular

It always seems to get a good number of comments

And they’re not just from the same users

 me:  nah, i don’t get as many comments as most other blogs. but i prefer to

stay under the radar. i average about 200 +/- 50 views a day.

but i noticed i get more traffic when i talk about my run ins with women.

but thank you saying angel.

 her:  Of course

And I think anecdotes make things interesting

 Sent at 1:15 AM on Friday

 me:  well, i post examples since i don’t articulate or theorize well. i do

best with telling stories. i teach a lot of medical courses, and i think the

examples are easier for average guys to relate to.

 Sent at 1:17 AM on Friday

 her:  Ya, that’s a good way to explain

Learning from experience, in a way

 Sent at 1:21 AM on Friday

 me:  i was considering quitting the blog. but a few of the more popular

bloggers told me to keep at it.

privateman told me i’m a lot more well known than i realize. orly? :/

 her:  I’m sure you’re underestimating your notoriety

 me:  enough about me. let’s talk about the lovely ******. lol.

i don’t know why, but 34c just popped into my head.

 Sent at 1:24 AM on Friday

 her:  Hahaha

What would you like to know?

 me:  what type of men do you tend to gravitate to?

what do you like to do when not studying?

 her:  I’ll answer the second first, since it has a more straightforward


I like to do a lot of outdoor activities, like play tennis, run (kind of)

And I really enjoy reading new books, and writing

And I love to cook

 me:  i like to cook, and kiss girls. lol.

 her:  Haha kissing is a great hobby

 me:  lol. you should post more. it can be liberating.

her:  Ya, I always feel really good after I publish a blog

But I feel like it will be hard to increase my frequency of posts since

school’s started

 me:  well, according to my blog, people are going to your blog from my


now you owe me a kiss. lol.

 her:  Haha do I?

 me:  lol.

maybe i’ll end up cooking for you if you do.

 her:  Or maybe I will if you end up cooking for me


 me:  if i cooked for you, i think i might end up with more than a kiss. my

cooking is THAT good.

but never underestimate my propensity to completely screw things up. lol.

 her:  Lol I admire your confidence

 Sent at 1:37 AM on Friday

 me:  well thank you love. as long as you’re smiling as you’re reading and

typing…….danny is happy.

 Leslie:  Well you can take my word that I am smiling

 me:  ******** +3

uh-oh. more movement. lol.

 her:  Lol common theme for the night

 me:  oh you know you love it. lol.

 her:  Haha it is pretty entertaining


-then I told her I purposely went against some “text game” rules just to see

what happens.


 me: would you mind if i post about our texting? reason i ask is that i’ve

broken a lot rules associated with “text game”.

i’d delete your name of course.

 her:  Of course not

 me:  good.

 her:  I’d be extra interested to read your take on this.

 me:  in summation: you’re an attractive woman, all i did was light

flirting, added some light sexual innuendo, and then would change back to a

more personal chat.

and i responded very quickly. most “game guys” tell you to wait in between

posts. NONSENSE. i escalated when i felt like it. and i posted multiple

comments back to back (thats not supposed to be bueno).

i favored on the side of being bold rather than just being a nice guy to

you. i was polite, and respectful. but i also let you know i see you as a

sexual creature.

what do you think?

 her:  Sounds pretty accurate to me



-And NOW for the money shot.


 me: so i ask, did i manage to build any attraction on your end?

 her:  Yeah, I can honestly say you did build some attraction

 me:  well thank you. you (and yer amazing 34c’s….my favorite size)

flatter me. *kisses your hand*

 her:  It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten a kiss on the hand, so the

flattery is mutual

I really should go though

My friends are waiting for me to start getting ready

 me:  have fun angel. talk to you later.

i’ll post our chat later.

 her:  I look forward to it



I’d LOVE Badger and Privateman, and Yohami to desconstruct this little exchange. and i’de LOVE to hear what you ladies think of this.      

[edit- the beautiful lady featured in this text emailed me regarding this post……click the comments to see what she said.] 

What your favorite position says about you

read this on shine, and thought it was funny. i like doggy, and piledriver, and cowgirl. and apparently….i’m “kind of  intense”. wokka wokka.

Doggy Style: You’re not afraid of your wilder nature. 

Cowgirl: On top — You’re comfortable with yourself. 
On the bottom — You like to see everything for yourself. 

Reverse Cowgirl: On the top — You’re free-spirited. 
On the bottom — You’re a dude.

Spooning: You flourish when you feel secure. 

Seated: On top — Just because you’re open emotionally doesn’t mean you’re needy. 
On the bottom — Just because you think you deserve to be treated like a g—– king doesn’t mean you can’t be vulnerable.

Standing in the Shower: Just because you’re efficient doesn’t mean you’re boring.

“The Piledriver”: You. Get. Sh*t. Done.

Receiving Oral: You have no problem being taken care of. 

Giving Oral: You’re a hero. 

Anal: If you’re the giver — You think you deserve all of the the best that life has to offer. 
If you’re the receiver — you’re kind of intense.

Double Penetration: You don’t really tend to do anything half-assed, do you? 

69: You have a strong sense of justice.

Standing: You’re willing to work hard to get what you want. 

Up Against The Wall: You’re into instant gratification. 

Missionary: You’re a serial monogamist.


i DO hope some of the ladies chime in here. c’mon, don’t be shy.


and guess who else just hit his 100th post?

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