Well, well, well…..

i was going to wait a few days before posting, but something happened tonight. as i was 1/2 done with pint 2 and enjoying some buffalo chicken flat-bread goodness, a lovely DHB sat next to me. she wants to make a to-go order. she’s asking Ginger something about the menu, and i inject myself into the conversation, “you really should try the grilled wings, they’re REALLY good.” she looks at me, “really?” you can see she’s mulling it over. Ginger agrees with me, and she decides to go with my suggestion. after Ginger leaves, i look at her, “i’ll make you a deal, if you don’t like my recommendation you can come to my house and punch me right in the nose.” she laughed and replies, “i’m going to hold you to that.” i followed  with, “no seriously, i’ll lean forward and let you have at it.” again she laughs.

i was in. we start talking and she tells me she’s seen me before, “you complimented my hair.” [edit-I DID??? i don’t remember that, told you flirt with every girl i come across, i REALLY don’t recall seeing this girl before.] i inform her that, “don’t take offense, but i flirt with pretty much everything with a cute face and girly bits.” again, she laughs and says that that’s not a bad thing. i ask her about her plans for the evening, “hanging out with a friend and eating my wings.” i ask if the friend is a potential boyfriend, “i wouldn’t mind it, but he’s taking too long.” [edit- i knew it, this was going too well. lol.] i talk a bit about my blog, the SMP, and she’s looking VERY curious, and listening to me intently. i tell her i’m good with women, i understand them well, and have one of the very cute waitress’ confirm it. DHB nods in acceptance that i’m not full of shit.

ok guys, here’s the scoop. she’s 21, he’s 31, and he’s not escalating. she’s latina [edit-FUCK YEAH!!!!!] and i tell her that more than likely SHE’LL have to make that first move, but alas…..she’s going to eventually end up uninterested him since he’s obviously not dominant enough. anyone that understand’s anything about game knows this. i didn’t ask if she planned on making the first move, but i’m pretty sure she want’s him to escalate. i tell her, “you’re gonna be sitting there, watching a movie you could care less about, eating a wing, playing with your hair, laughing with him, meanwhile your brain will be screaming, ‘FORTHELOVEOFGODPLEASEKISSME!!!!!’ “, and she laughs very hard at this while nodding.

i ask for her number, and i can tell she wants to give it, but she doesn’t give me her number. good move on her part, i respect that. she follows with, “but now you know where i work, stop by and i’ll tell you what happened.” i’m going to tell her i blogged about this little exchange and will ONLY give her the url if she agrees to comment. i haven’t given a description of her since i’ve put it out there that i’m interested in her, and if dude wasn’t in the picture…..she’d give me a shot, i know she would.

stay tuned for tomorrow’s update. i’d love to hear what you guys think of this.

and for the record guys, GET OFF YOUR FUCKING ASS AND MAKE A MOVE!!!!! *sigh*

[edit- went by her work, she was on break. i left her my email, ball’s in her court. but…i ended up getting rachelle’s number, so….keep them toes tapping.]

18 Comments on “Well, well, well…..”

  1. Looking Glass says:

    He’s 31 and I’m guessing not married previously? That’s probably the main sign, haha. Sadly. 😦

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      No, he’s not married. Lol.

    • johnnymilfquest says:

      31 and never married?

      Yeah, he’s not a sucker!

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        well, i can’t say he’s NEVER been married (did i say he’s never been married, i don’t know shit about this cat.)

        but he’s clearly out of his league (unless he made a move last night). and she’s clearly frustrated by his lack of sackage. i have no doubt she’s given him 100’s of IOI.s, and he’s still just “watching movies with her and being a “nice” guy. *sigh* smh. i even went so far as to mention, “if it were me, the wings would be kicked to the floor in the process of making out with you.” and she laughed with the comment….this girl WANTS action.

        she’s DYING for him to kiss her and make a move. GOD i can’t wait for her to read this. of course if she does and he DID make a move…….

        fml. lol.

  2. ASF says:

    Speaking of making a move, I need to call someone I guess.

  3. johnnymilfquest says:

    And this is the same Danny who says “I don’t run Game on women”. SMH.

    Dude, you were totally spitting Game at that Latina.

    As for her boyfriend, he’s probably doing it wrong but its easy to understand *why* he’s doing it wrong.

    1. He actually likes her and he can’t believe his luck.
    2. Popular culture tells him not to push for sex too early (how early is that….?)

  4. dannyfrom504 says:


    i didn’t game her, i got in where i could fit in. oh trust me, she’s gonna reply here. lol.

    i was attracted, found my in, and opened her. hell i got shot down so to speak. but……she left the possibility for a future rendezvous up in the air. i’m NOT out of the picture entirely. i’ll have to play detective and talk to her today before i head in to work.

    don’t worry, i still totally have it in me to screw this up. lol.

  5. Bb says:

    Where’s the update? What happened next on Danny’s Life to Live?!

  6. Marellus says:

    Can you write a post IOI’s Danny ?

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      Quick answer: preening, smIling at you, averting her gaze, then holding eye-contact, lightly touching your arm or leg, laughing at your jokes, playing with her hair, suggesting spending more time together.

      This list can go on, but these are pretty common.

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