What your favorite position says about you

read this on shine, and thought it was funny. i like doggy, and piledriver, and cowgirl. and apparently….i’m “kind of  intense”. wokka wokka.

Doggy Style: You’re not afraid of your wilder nature. 

Cowgirl: On top — You’re comfortable with yourself. 
On the bottom — You like to see everything for yourself. 

Reverse Cowgirl: On the top — You’re free-spirited. 
On the bottom — You’re a dude.

Spooning: You flourish when you feel secure. 

Seated: On top — Just because you’re open emotionally doesn’t mean you’re needy. 
On the bottom — Just because you think you deserve to be treated like a g—– king doesn’t mean you can’t be vulnerable.

Standing in the Shower: Just because you’re efficient doesn’t mean you’re boring.

“The Piledriver”: You. Get. Sh*t. Done.

Receiving Oral: You have no problem being taken care of. 

Giving Oral: You’re a hero. 

Anal: If you’re the giver — You think you deserve all of the the best that life has to offer. 
If you’re the receiver — you’re kind of intense.

Double Penetration: You don’t really tend to do anything half-assed, do you? 

69: You have a strong sense of justice.

Standing: You’re willing to work hard to get what you want. 

Up Against The Wall: You’re into instant gratification. 

Missionary: You’re a serial monogamist.


i DO hope some of the ladies chime in here. c’mon, don’t be shy.


and guess who else just hit his 100th post?

8 Comments on “What your favorite position says about you”

  1. YOHAMI says:

    Hard to pick one. Double penetration was about using your fingers, right? riiiight? Misionary is my default starting point if this is happening on the bed

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      my go to is doggy, hitting it hard and trying to remove the hair from her head. lol. i’ve NEVER had a complaint.

      when i was buying my sofa (you’ve seen pics), i had 3 different women sit on it and try it out before i bought it. cheryl (my litle phillipina/white darling) sat on it, laid on it, and said, “yeah, i like it it’s soft and comfy.” i shook my head.

      “no baby, would you be comfortable with your face smooshed into the corner, or being pounded from behind whilst leaning over the chaise.”

      she laughed and actually walked over to the chaise, bent over and said, “yeah this is pretty darn comfy,” i walked behind her, put my hands on her hips (god this girl is such a winner winner chicken dinner), and she began immediately laughing and said, “sorry my hair’s not long, but feel free to slap my ass.” i never dated this girl, but we both know each othee VERY well, she’s the girl that set me up with nancy in japan.

      still haven’t painted the wall yet. i need to jump on that.

  2. Lainey says:

    Umm, gross picture. LOL Yes, doggy is very nice, I think I am partial to “The Screw.” It allows deep penetration and intimacy. I can look into my honey’s eyes and touch him. It’s tame, but loving.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thank you for being honest dear.

      have you ever tried the “beach ball”. it’s basically missionary, but you push down on the woman hips so you’re essentially using the matress to bounce her up and down.

      sometimes the ole’ hips need a rest. dude needs to have decent upper body strength to pull it off though.

      *boing boing boing boing* lol
      [edit- i was finally able to check the link you provided, and i LOVE this position.especially if the woman has large breasts. watching her bewbies shake is win-sauce.]

    • Bb says:

      I dunno, Lainey, don’t the bathing suits get in the way? 😉

  3. jamie says:


    Firstly, when the dog mounted, my dog started barking at the computer.

    Second, I love how that guy is just chilling, smoking a blunt, while a couple of pitbulls do it in his lap.


  4. jamie says:

    …strong sense of justice, indeed…


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