The art of female ejaculation

i’ve thought for a while on posting about this, and as far as i know, it hasn’t been covered (i asked Badger). for the purpose of this post, you will NOT be talking to the charming Sailor that usually posts. you will be speaking to HM1(SW)Danny. i will be using Medical terminology, and clinic speak.

first things first. before you even ATTEMPT this endeavor, the girl has to be VERY comfortable with you (and herself). this is not something to try and “wing”. you must explain to the woman that as the orgasm approaches she’s going to feel like she has to urinate. this is where most women have difficulties. the “squirting” DOES come from the womans urethra, but the fluid is secreted from the Skene’s gland. it’s alkaline in nature (like urine) but is NOT urine. this is what freaks women out. they get self-conscious, feel it building, have the sensation of urinating building up, and they…..hold back. this is what messed the ex up. it took 4 runs; each time lasting about 15-20 minutes of yours truly wearing his arm out before she finally “popped”. she was nervous and self conscious that she was going to “pee on me”.  i had to constantly coax her to “just let go”.

the climax produced from this is a “vaginal orgasm”. most women experience “clitoral orgasms”.  clitoral orgasm are great (ask any woman), but vaginal orgasm’s are a WHOLE other monster. the french call it “le petite morte” or “the little death”. this orgasm involves the g-spot. now, not all women have one (so don’t blame her). to find hers, curve your index finer  and middle finger (like the picture below) and gently feel the upper portion of her vagina, you should feel a slightly spongy textured section (about the size of a quarter) about an inch or so from the entrance of her vagina. trust me, that area feels MUCH different from the other sections of the vaginal walls.


insert these 2 fingers inside after you’ve “warmed her up”. if “warming her up” needs explaining….please quit reading. you’re not ready for this.

insert your fingers like this. or use your middle and ring fingers, but curve the fingers upward.

place the heel of the palm of your free hand just above her pubic bone and push down slightly. now, this is where most guys have a hard time. you have to move your hand in a up-and-down circular motion inside her….HARD. i know you think it looks uncomfortable, but remember….she can push an 8 pound child through there, you ain’t hurting her. start out relatively gently and slowly and go harder and use more pressure based on her reaction. seriously, i’ve NEVER had a girl go, “OOOW, WHAT THE HELL!!!”. and make sure your nails are trimmed, you don’t want to cut her. with your fingers curved in said manner you will be stimulating her G-spot. you can also go in an up-and-down motion to get to said result. every woman is different, you’re going to have to experiment (but that’s the fun part). feedback from her is crucial. she should feel an intense stimulation leading to a feeling for having to urinate. if she feel’s like she’s going to urinate, YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT. encourage her, encourage her, encourage her. if/when she finally squirts immediately compliment her with a hearty, “good girrrrl.” i know this may sound patronizing, but this is what karen taught me: girls have a hard-wired trigger to the “good girl” phrase. she said it’s a VERY strong/positive phrase linked to most women’s girlhood. again, i’ve used often and never had a woman get upset at my saying it.

your success with this is going to be based mostly on how comfortable she is sexually. if she’s somewhat of a repressed girl, she’s going to have a hard time ejaculating. and…..some girls simply won’t be able to achieve it. go through the motions i just explained and if she feels a climax building stay with whatever pressure you’re applying. if it get’s more intense…’re on the right track. it may take a few attempts to get her there. but if you do, it’s WELL worth it. as the lady who taught me this pointed out, “guy screw up by changing rhythm/pressure when a girl says she’s getting close, DON’T DO THAT. if she says she’s getting close, DON’T CHANGE ANYTHING. use the exact pace and pressure you’re using.” every women i’ve mentioned this to laughed and nodded in agreement when i brought this up.

if you get her there, expect a stream of fluid to squirt from her urethra (every woman is different, some squirt a forceful stream, others have a light trickle), she will likely convulse and NOT want to be touched immediately afer. i got kicked pretty hard the first time the ex squirted, and was knocked off the bed. the orgasm produced from this method is VERY intense so after she climaxes let her be until she lets you know she wants to be touched again. it very well could take up to 5 minutes for her to recover. again praise her if she get’s there, it can be a pretty big achievement for her to ejaculate, it’s VERY difficult for some girls so ALWAYS encourage and praise her.

again, realize this takes practice and you may have to try it a few times to get results. i KNOW what i’m doing with this and it took the ex 4 times before she was finally able to “let go”. but the results are worth it. the good news is that once she’s experienced it, she can produce said results herself. as karen explained, “danny, you could know everything there is to know about a woman’s body, but if she doesn’t know her body…’re aiming at a target in the dark.” so guys, don’t go too hard on yourself is she doesn’t get there. this should be a fun experience for the both of you, not a science project, so keep it intamate. a woman can tell when you’re doing something simply for your ego, so you HAVE to make the experience 100% ABOUT HER OWN PLEASURE.

best of luck, and i’d love to hear about success stories with this. and tell your gf/wife i said “you’re welcome.” lol.

21 Comments on “The art of female ejaculation”

  1. ASF says:

    Ok, I more or less knew about this, although I have not tried it. What do you mean by an up-and-down circular motion? I have read that it has to be a come-here motion back and forth. Ah well, just need to experiment.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i mean move in and out in a circular motion. and it can also be back and forth. once you get her to pop, it get’s easier and easier for her to squirt. it usually takes a few times for her to be comfortable enough to get past the “i’m gonna pee on him” feeling.

      just keep encouraging her.

  2. (R)-Evolutionary says:

    There is no doubt this technique is like heroin for chicks. I did something like this for a charming ladies, and it was as if I had milked a bull; they followed me around and generally acted stalkerish after that; I had made a friend for life. Yes, there was copious female lubricant that tasted wonderful, and had a sexy olfactory presence as well, however I would stop short of calling it ‘ejaculate.’ It was, awesome, don’t get me wrong.

    The one girl whom I did get to ‘ejaculate’ had warned me about it, even to the point of braggadocio, and I was excited for it. However, when she came, the liquid was so copious in volume, so thin in consistency, and oh yeah, smelled an awful lot like piss… I just think she had a weak bladder and squirted some pee out when she came. I’m glad I had a beach towel handy. My .02, adjusted for inflation.

  3. removed....... says:

    -post removed at poster’s request.

    see Angel, i keep my word.

    [edit- i emailed her asking her to describe the sensation the comes with her ability. if she replies, i told her i wanted to post if her, but i’ll keep her identity private. stay tuned.]

  4. OTC says:

    I use my ring and middle finger since it’s longer. Mrs. C is a 100% reliable vaginal orgasmer, just from the good old-fashioned PV sex. Good summary here.

    One thing i’d add is that squirting requires a vaginal orgasm but not the other way around

  5. OffTheCuff says:

    I’ll see if I can the the Mrs. on board with the topic. Would be more complete if she can describe it from her end. Or ends.

    You know, a while back, Athol was dicussing vaginal orgasms on MMSL, and more than a few female commenters were stating that it’s “impossible” and “doesn’t exist”. Not that they have trouble doing so, but that it DOESN’T EXIST.

    How very sad.

  6. dogsquat says:

    Danny, very nice email you sent me.

    WRT the present post, there are a couple good sex toys out there that facilitate this sort of thing. I’m more in favor of men dealing with sore wrists and tired fingers, but I think the benefits of being the first dude to do this for a girl outweigh the possible negatives of using a toy to get there.

  7. dannyfrom504 says:

    well, as lady X told me, she can do it. but she prefers standard, penetration sex. that it can be “too intense” for her.

    once i got the ex in Japan to pop, she was always wanting to do it. i just had to put a towel underneath her. lol. never used a toy.

  8. deti says:

    Holy cow.

    I gotta try this with Mrs. deti.

    Should be fun.

  9. OffTheCuff says:

    Part one.

    First, a little reading on how nipple stimulation works and why –

    Well, well, well… nipple stimulation causes vaginal contractions! The astute reader can probably figure out the rest based on this little article alone.

    So, psychology first. As Dogsquat said, the woman must be totally comfortable with having her nipples sucked. She has to like her own breasts, and not see them as something inadequate, or some horrible burden that is nothing but trouble. Additionally, if she has breastfed in the past, she may have built up some negative associations or guilt about pleasurable sexual feelings from it. Many women try to suppress that feeling, so she doesn’t feel like she’s abusing the baby. That suppression can carry on for for months or even years after breastfeeding ends.

    I can’t say I’m an expert at solving this problem, just that you better use your brain to determine if she is totally against it, or just needs some coaxing.

    If she doesn’t like them being sucked, then you will probably need to spend lots of time massaging them with your hands, in order to rebuild the positive associations with it. Copious amounts of massage oil helps increase sensitivity here. Women’s breasts are almost criminally neglected during sex, to the point where women don’t seem to even know what they are capable of.

    Stay tuned…

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “Women’s breasts are almost criminally neglected during sex, to the point where women don’t seem to even know what they are capable of.”


      i’ve heard this from a LOT of women. i for one, ❤ the bewbies. i NEVER neglect "the girls".

  10. Marquis says:

    Along this thread: I am reminded that men simp to women far too often. This is good material here, and it’s good to know, but look at what’s basically going on: men writing articles to men (and not intended for women’s own benefit) on how to take women to new heights of pleasure. ..Have you seen anywhere an article by women for women suggesting that they should hand hold and coax and persuade a man to do something the man HIMSELF will ultimately enjoy and find special (especially something epicurean, as opposed to say persuaded him to become more focused on his career or something)? Let alone a situation like this- where sex is really considered something that women do for men (men interest women, pull women, then finally she ‘rewards/awards’ him with the milk). Here men are even simping to women on something that WOMEN DO FOR MEN!!

    What’s so nasty is that subject matter in this article flowed so well. It doesn’t even feel like you’re simping (to even be studying on how to please women: and again, in an area which is typically where the spotlight is moreso on women to please the men), as guys are so used to simping to women it hardly even registers. Sure there are sex articles for women with different moves they should try that would help the woman be a better sex partner. But as far as guides that envoke women to actually undertake like what seems here to be a mission that you’re going to really going to enlighten this man and do for him what no other woman has done, even if it takes weeks of dilligence on her part… This sort of simping does not happen with women. Women are pointed to guides titled “Are all guys assholes?” “How to train your man” “Think like a lady act like a man” – all while you’re over here trying to dig yourselfs further into the simp.

    • Marquis says:

      …coach her and encourage her with “good girl”. …Haha, c’mon now.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        what’s the point you’re trying to make? i don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this is a site that try to teach men how to attract women. i also cover some MRA/MGTOW material. if you disagree with the context and subject matter here, fine.

        but by all means, keep reading and boosting my site stats.

        also, i’m curious…….

        have you ever deliberately made a woman ejacualte?

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