Female ejaculation: follow up.

alright, i’m speaking with the woman who reads and says she can ejaculate (she had me remove her post). she agreed to a “Q and A”. here’s what she told me. i don’t see her commenting as she’s a bit shy. but she’s been very gracious as to offering up information. she’s probably sick of me calling. lol.

“i know what i’m doing (in regards to pulling this off). that post has received a TON of views (216 total, and 7 views today and it’s going up). the entire purpose of the blog is to teach guys. that’s all i care about. seriously. but i respect your not wanting to share, if that’s your choice. i find posting about my real life validates that an average, ok looking guy can be relatively successful with women. i appreciate you reading. i don’t get a lot of comments because i think most guys are to shy to speak up because they’re embarrassed.

“I might consent to a Q&;A or something. But the answers would all be anecdotal. I’ve discussed it with my close girlfriends (their advice is pretty much the same as yours, btw: “fuck em” – not literally) My bestie has done it a few times, but it’s rare for her.

I was just reading the wikipedia. I’m surprised how much disbelief there is in just the existence of female ejaculation. It’s sorta funny, but I’m not surprised. As far as I know there is only one girl who is doing it where people can see and she’s a porn star. I can’t imagine a woman willing to “squirt for science”, if she even could. I certainly wouldn’t.”

“well, i had a lesbian room-mate go down on her gf to show me how to “read” a womans body. then she showed me how dana could squirt and how she had to manipulate dana with her fingers. i was 25 at the time. i’m very fortunate. i was just hoping you could give a brief “blow by blow” *wokka wokka* on when you start to how you finally climax. i know a woman back home that can, but she prefers being penetrated the standard way. she find’s climax from ejaculation uncomfortable.

before you climax do you feel like you’re going to urinate.

i posted this b/c i found out there aren’t a lot of the other blogs posting about it. and if a guy could learn it, it’ll be just one more skill that will please his woman. it’s not a “dude, high five, guess what i can do?” that would annoy me.”

“It’s not the same as needing to urinate. It is a kind of pressure from your bladder, so it’s similar. In fact, if you hold it in the same way that you hold a full bladder when you’re stuck in traffic after 3 lattes, you can stop it. (not you obviously, pardon my pronouns) It took me a while to learn to tell the difference between wanting to come and needing to pee (fortunately I learned this on my own, so nobody got peed on.) It looks and smells different from pee though, it’s clear and it doesn’t smell like pee, it smells like p***y. [edit-this sentence made me VERY happy. it made my wee move ]

next question?

“how did you teach yourself? did you use a toy or fingers? karen told me most women need/want something inserted in there to clamp down on. this pressure, do you find you just have to “let go” and allow the process to happen?

would you say my description and method was accurate. i.e.-would it work on you?

“Yeah. You need something inside. A man’s fingers are adequate, but mine are too small. I have a cheap $10 vibrator, but the vibration was too much so I took the batteries out. I’d imagine a less sensitive girl could stand using a g-spot vibrator.”

“i use just fingers, but have told women that have inquired about how to do it, i always tell them to use the vibrator “that has the upward curve” and insert up side to the upper portion of her vagina.

so yes, regarding the pressure: you do just have to “let go” and allow it to happen? how long does it take for you to climax, and do you find that once you learn, you can make yourself orgasm relatively quickly?”

“Sorta depends on how aroused I was to begin with. I’m pretty sure most women take a lot longer than I do.

Mine doesn’t have an upward curve, I just angle it. I also like to put it in as far as it will go and use my fingers to slam it against the back. (though guys shouldn’t try that unless they can draw a detailed map of a vagina because it hurts if you hit the cervix).”

“oh i could see how that would be painful. which is why i recommend the method i use. obviously you know your body, so you’re good. most guys are absolutely clueless about everything beyond the clitoris.

how does a clitoral orgasm, feel compared to a vaginal orgasm. and do you have a preference?”

“A clitoral orgasm without penetration reaches a crescendo and then fizzles out. A clitoral orgasm with penetration is better. I can usually ejaculate from that no problem. Though it’s not the same as a g-spot orgasm, which, if properly executed is a bit like losing my mind for a minute while it takes a trip through the Halls of Asgard. Meanwhile my entire body gets this dizzy feeling. It’s hard to describe, you know when you get dizzy and you have a sort of tingling sensation in your head? Imagine that in your legs, arms, torso, etc. and it’s all radiating from your crotch, which you can no longer feel the components of, it all just feels like a mass of vibrating jello. Squirting is like opening a pressure valve on all of that. It’s not necessarily the end.

Add to that:

Except when it is the end. There will be no doubt when she’s had enough. That’s the part when somebody gets kicked.”

“i see. so, you don’t have to squirt to have a g-spot orgasm? you obviously know your body. what’s alarming to me is how many WOMEN don’t understand how their orgasm works outside of clitoral stimulation. the ex was that way. in your experience from yourself or friends can you string them in succession (multiple orgasm) when you have a g-spot orgasm?

after climax…..how long is your typical recovery time?”

“Multiples are a whole different animal. You can have multiples from the clit, but it tends to get really sensitive which makes further stimulation painful. It’s a bit like a teeny-tiny penis (side tangent, my bestie and I like to say disgusting things in crowded restrooms just to see who laughs. My favorite is to go into a stall and say, “What CAN you do with a one-inch clit?”) G-spot stimulation creates multiples quite nicely, though personally I think it takes too long to get going, I like a little clit-love to get it going. Multiples and squirting are not mutually exclusive. Also squirting is not necessarily an indicator of intensity. Sometimes I’ll have several ejaculations before the big orgasm that causes me to twitch and shake and climb off of whatever is stimulating me (or kick the guy-lol) and the last big one won’t produce any fluid at all.

Typically recovery time: about a minute before I can snuggle, about 20-30 minutes before I can go again….if I’m not busy getting a snack.”

“i see. as far as i’m know, i haven’t had a girl go multile Miggs on me. so this is a huge help for a future girlfriend. i was kicked yes, and it was about 2-3 minutes before she’d let me touch her again. then she started laughing a giggling (though this was just an idiosyncrasy of her when she climaxed).

i can’t think of any other questions at the moment. but i really appreciate your talking to me about this.

any advice you’d offer to guys who want to give their gf/wife a g-spot, ejaculating or vaginal orgasm?”

I don’t know. All women are different and I’ve never given a girl an orgasm. What works on me probably won’t work on other women, because I’m clearly a freak of nature with way too many vaginal nerve endings.

I’m interested in this boob orgasm business. How does that work?”

i’ll ask OTC to elaborate. but i knew a woman what said shee can climax just by a guy playing with her breasts. i dated a woman in san diego who could orgasm by simply going down on a me. it was kind freaky becuse she’d be servicing me, then she’s just suddenly shudder, stop for a second, sigh, then go back to work.

again….again, as you stated: all women are different”

i hope this gives you guys some insight. i ALWAYS talk openly with the gf about what “pushed her buttons”. actually, i experiment with her as much as i can to see what works for her as many women have a hard time being open about about what they like don’t like. but i ALWAYS ask first. if she doesn’t offer much insight. then i have to “learn the local terrain.”

For further input, check out the following post on School of squirt. You can’t go wrong with female input.

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17 Comments on “Female ejaculation: follow up.”

  1. Mary says:

    Heh. I was reading this (and the other one, yes) and going, “Hmm. Well, that goes on my Try List.”
    And I wholeheartedly agree with sitting down and discussing with the other person what’s going on with them, their body, whatever.

    • dannyfrom504 says:


      if this is a “solo endeavor” it could take a minute (varies with how well you know your own body). i’ll leave it at that. i was hoping you’d comment.

      the ex was just SUPER self conscious about “peeing on me”. so it took a few tries. a few years after we had split up she thank’d me for teaching her “her gift” and said her current bf was too self conscious to do it for her. she she ended up “taking matters into her own hands”. lol. what also helps…put a small pillow at the top part of your butt to raise your “place” slightly. the angle helps you reach the spot easier. i’d be interested in hearing if you find success, but knowing you….i seriously doubt that’s gonna happen. lol.

      good luck.

  2. OffTheCuff says:

    I’m doing a little research on the net to see if there’s anything I actually can contribute. Surprisingly, Google comes up dry.

    Women can have orgasms from no direct stimulation at all… it’s just moving their muscles in a certain way, coupled with being very mentally excited. A woman who has an orgasm when blowing a guy, being kissed, or having her tits rubbed indirectly is most probably is doing this.

    With focused attention on the breast (and it takes quite a while at first) you can do two things – you can cause a vaginal orgasm due to the connection between the nips and uterus (key insight: breastfeeding causes the uterus to contract), but, given more pointed attention can cause an orgasm radiating from the breast itself.

    This is why I just laugh when women say “Why do guys like boobs so much? They’re just lumps of fat!” Poor dear, if you only knew, you wouldn’t ask that question…

    More to come later…

  3. dogsquat says:

    I actually thought everybody did the boob thing with their ladies.

    There are probably many ways, but the way I’ve had the most luck/fun is this:

    First, the girl has to be very comfortable, relaxed, and uninhibited with you. Then, like OTC said, she has to be really turned on. Like moaning and grinding for several minutes turned on. I’ve had more luck when they’re like this without me going down on them or otherwise stimulating the ladybits, too.

    Then, put your fingers together and center the nipple at about the proximal interphalangeal joints of your 3rd and 4th finger. Press posteriorly gently, kind of smooshing the boob against her chest. Apply even pressure across the whole boob. Without allowing the skin to slide, move your hand in a circle. Key word here is gentle, to start. As she gets more turned on, you can go a little harder and a little faster. You’re massaging the boobs between your hand and her chest wall,

    Incidentally, this is one of the areas in which women seem to respond very well to increasing speed and pressure. Usually you find the magic rhythm/pressure and stay with it, but I haven’t found that to be as true here. Most times when I’ve made a girl orgasm this way, I’m really going at those thangs by the time she starts yelling for Jesus. If I started out that hard, she’d have kicked me right out of bed.

    Some girls also respond well if you allow her erect nipple to push between your 3rd and 4th fingers and squeeze it a bit, kind of like a reverse Vulcan “live long and prosper” motion. It also works best if you’re doing this to both boobs at the same time, and firmly pushing her into the bed (she’s usually on her back by now, anyway).

    I’d say roughly 2/3 of the women I’ve gotten Biblical with have orgasmed this way. It sometimes takes awhile though, and there are often long plateaus. If she’s digging it, just keep on truckin’.

    Good times.

    Dang, Danny – it sure is easy to slip into medicalese when giving directions, isn’t it? It’s nice dating someone who knows that when I fuck up and say,”No, the cumin is superior to the onion powder,” she looks on the spice rack above the onion powder for the cumin.

    Most people would argue about the relative value of various spices instead of handing me what I need.

  4. OffTheCuff says:

    You got it, Dog. That’s one of a few ways, though I prefer to use my mouth. You have way more experience than me, so perhaps you’re better qualified to write this. I only have a sample size of 1.

  5. dogsquat says:

    What’s the mouth way, OTC?

    Am I gonna have to spit out my Copenhagen? ‘Cause that’s a non-starter.

  6. OffTheCuff says:

    Ain’t gonna hold out on you. It will take me a bit to write up a detailed thing like Dogsquat, have the Mrs. review, and add her take.

  7. OffTheCuff says:

    The Mrs isn’t so sure she wants boobgasm secrets getting out to the world.

    -Stargate Girl

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Mrs Stargate-

      but it’s for the benefit of the entire female species.

      • Stargate Girl says:

        ROFLMAO! Benefit of female species my arse. If Mr.Cuff gives away secrets it’s just another tool in the arsenal for men looking for random hookup fun! No, no. Boobgasms need to enjoyed by a couple who know each other well, and can read nuance of body, voice, breathing,movements. Besides, what rocks my world may not work for another….. and I’m a bit selfish. Fear not though, I’m sure Mr.Cuff will do lots of research and share his results with the ladies and gents here. I’ll be a gasping puddle of mush and won’t be able to stop him 😀

        Stargate Girl

  8. dannyfrom504 says:

    ” I’ll be a gasping puddle of mush and won’t be able to stop him.”

    8-/ wow. i’m speechless. and this isn’t a hook up site. i’m all about relationships.

  9. Stargate Girl says:

    “I DO NOT advocate “pick up game”, never will Dear.”

    Good to know.

    So hear are from thoughts from me. no particular order….

    I always had rather sensitive breasts. Have ALWAYS loved when OTC gave em some love. That dropped off after our 3rd child when I was breastfeeding. She was a very frequent nurser and I had a very hard time mentally separating “sexy Breasts” from ‘Baby’s food source”. Poor guy was not allowed to touch for at least a year I’d say, maybe more. As she was weaning I was able to view them as a part of my sexuality again, and the fun began. I was still lactating when we rediscovered breast fun. And that was actually incorporated into our fun. Milky breasts aren’t for everyone, but didn’t faze him and felt really good so…. anyway. OTC can give you more technical details.

    I enjoyed a lot of full mouth contact on my breasts, especially around the nipple. He has this fast flick over nipple that drives me insane. And as my response deepens he gets a bit firmer and rougher. I really like long, strong sucks. Makes me arch off the bed.

    Some people like to do a massage technique to breasts. OTC tried that before and got gently shooed away. Too much like a breast exam to me. I enjoy nipple pinches and twirls(not so hard I yelp in pain).

    For me, breast/nipple stimulation causes definite reactions int he lower genitals. Can feel my labia swell and my uterus contract. Generally makes me start to flex muscles in the area to add to the feeling. I have on many occasions cum just from breast action and no penetration. When that happens my whole body explodes. The sensations radiate from the breast and genitals. My breasts feel like they’re contracting, which is probably very possible since I did nurse and there are lots of little ducts and stuff that had to contract/relax when I nursed. I still get leakage from breast stimulation and boobgasmsI

    Boobgasms during intercourse send me just as far, if not more so into high earth orbit. Now when I have the boob/genital orgasm without intercourse, I lose ability to continue giving myself any stimulation so things will settle moderately quickly. That doesn’t happen for me with intercourse in the picture. Hubby can continue thrusting and any other stimulation he wants, sorta causing a feedback loop where the orgasm barely subsides and then builds and crashes over me again. Like waves. It’s very, very intense. I have been known to burst into tears from these orgasms. It’s not just a physical intensity either. There is a very strong emotional component, because, honestly, If i wasn’t bonded to my hubby so, this kind of action wouldn’t be happening.

    I usually need a few minutes to breathe and come back from outer space after these. Sometimes I can’t physically deal with anymore intercourse as I’m so sensitive and body tingling so. Fortunately, we have many other pleasurable activities we can do.

    Now, about the original topic: Female ejaculation. We know of a few ladies who can do this. OTC has been reading, and we’ve been trying since I’m generally game to try new and different things. Recently we had a bit of a row, and the make-up sex was amazing, intense, mind blowing(for me anyway), and in the midst of this, I did have a “squirt”. I’m still not convinced that this isn’t pee, and i clamped down pretty much as soon as a I felt the pop/squirt happen so there wasn’t very much, but it happened. Locating the landing zone and investigating, we can say it did not smell like pee, nothing had any pee color, and it wasn’t typical semen/vaginal drippings that come along with sex, so….. perhaps there is something to female ejaculation. Don’t know. It’s a continuing experiment.

    Phew! Long winded. Time to catch my breath and start plotting tonights attack on OTC…. 😀

  10. dannyfrom504 says:

    thank you Mrs. LG. i appreciate the explanation. i’d honestly NEVER heard of “boobgasm’s until LG brought them up. so….thank you for sharing.

    i appreciate your honesty. the fluid is secreted from the Skene’s gland which is in the urethra. and as you noted does NOT smell like urine. the girl i interviewed can explain the sensations you will feel better than i ever could so re-read what she stated about said phenomena. but again…..

    it’s NOT urine. and as she’s told me, “sometimes there’s a lot, sometime’s there a piddle.”

    i hope to get frequent updates on your experience with this. and good luck with you and Mr. LG as you 2 experiment and have fun.

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