Happy Halloween to the lovely Miss Malice

i’ll just leave this…….HERE. enjoy Dear. Happy Halloween.

me rocking Eiwahz. Allen can’t wear the costume anymore, so he’s decided to let ME run Eiwahz this friday. i can’t even begin to tell you  tell you how much of an honor that is. NO ONE gets to wear him. well, this WILL be posted the day after. i’m SOOOOO excited about this. THIS is Eiwahz, and some assorted images from Halloween night at HOS.

and this is JUST the tip. lol.

me and Ross. aka Belial Leader of the Fourth Reich. oh, he's Jewish btw. lol.

Mike and Guido from the Eternal Pain Tribe crew. and locals. DO NOT FUCK WITH NO when it comes to weird. and both guys, sweet as can be. lol.

mike doing his thing. he has 4 hooks in each knee.


Reverend Dangerous. he does all sort of painful shit to himself before the stage show begins.

i don't know who this kid is, but that costume is BOSS.

me and Allen rocking Eiwahz. can't wait for Friday.

ok. every year they punk Ross (Lord Belial). this year Larry comes up on a podium and teams up with the priest and “kills” Belial. then General Abaddon (Larry) kills Priest and “takes over” the HOS. well in this movie, i was filming the show myself and when the podium comes up, Larry put a firetruck in his place. Levi was laughing his ass off, and Ross was just dumbstruck. “it’s all down-hill fomr here.” i was standing with 2 of the actors and all 3 of us were rolling.

so i had a GREAT Halloween. saw a band, watched the pain tribe hurt themselves, had some beers, talked with the crew, chatted up some scantily clad wominz, saw ross get EPICALLY punked, and had an all around great time. too bad you couldn’t be there. then i went home and watched walking dead.

House of Shock…..

the girls i met (they were a 2 set)……

Dana. i liked Dana. she's VERY cute. but i'm pretty sure she wasn't feeling me. but she was still cool.

hit that bitch last night. i left later than i wanted to. got there at just AFTER 9. BIG mistake. i figured there’d be a line and there was. bought my ticket and i could hear the stage show was already playing. for those of you that DON’T know, the HOS does a live show 2-3 times each night. there’s a guy that comes on first and does various fucked up things to himself (go to the website, i don’t feel like writing about it): http://www.houseofshock.com/ after he’s done, the movies come back on (they run clips of REALLY good old horror films on projection screens as you wait in line) and then…suddenly…..POW!!!!!! fireworks go off (scaring the shit out of you…alicia and dana both jumped behind me) and the fire comes on. STAGE SHOW HAS BEGUN.

oh alicia and dana. ok. here goes. i got there late. my plan was to get a ticket and come back monday if the line was too long. it was too long. BUUUUT…..i noticed 2 cute (very cute) girls at the end of the line. i figured…..”ok, what the hell. let’s see what could happen here.” i got in line behind them. i was wearing my typical HOS attire. my misfits T-shirt, jeans, old tennis shoes (it’s pretty bad in the HOS, don’t wanna scuff my true religion kicks.), and skeleton gloves. i was behind them for a good 10 minutes when the topic of the line came up. i chimed in, “we haven’t even gotten to the main queue. we’ve probably got over an hour to wait. both looked at me and the Spanish looking one (Alicia) said, “are you serious?” i nodded and explained how the place worked. we talked for a bit, i found out there were visiting from Connecticut. Alicia’s parent’s lived here (and over an hour away from NO) and they SWORE when they came down they were “going to see how scary this haunt is.” i laughed at both of them. “HAHAHAHAHA!!!! you 2 are sooo cute. you have NO idea what you’re in for.” they both looked serious, “have you been here before?”, Alicia asked. i informed them that i have friends working inside, and my attire is so they recognize me and up the scare tactic (this wasn’t a line btw….i’m serious. lol). what followed was a discussion about NO and a brief chat about each girl and her story (again…..i knew they were together so i made DAMN SURE to keep the convo 50-50 with each girl. now……i was digging dana. but i noticed something…..she kept behind alicia. ok. mental note). we learn there’s a 2 hour wait. i would have bailed but since i had an active set, i stayed. this would be MUCH more entertaining than bailing and sitting at laketown having a beer.

we were finally close t0 entering and the stage show came on. scared the FUCK out of us when it did too. and not just me….EVERYONE in that damn queue JUMPED and cowered. here’s a taste….

2011’s stage show, i didn’t have room on my phone to record the whole thing. the pyrotechnics CANNOT be described. you HAVE to be there to understand it. the 3 of us were in the third queue line. i had WARNED them to get behind me before the final pyro. when the last flames lit after ONE SECOND, both girls grabbed me and hid their faces against my back. i was shielding my face from the heat. YES, it’s THAT fucking hot.

look, i go to this bitch every year that i can. this trip makes 2 consecutive visits. the girls (they were with me by this point) were BOTH apprehensive about going in. but….they wanted to tough it out. i told them, “just stand behind me. you HAVE TO KEEP WALKING. DO NOT, let the actors see they are scaring you. that just feeds them on. laugh when they scare you, and keep moving.” i might as well have told a baby bot to cry. they both said they wanted to go with me behind them as per we were in the queue. well….after the stage show, they opened the line back up. this year they kept the gates open and let a steady stream into the HOS. usually they let groups of 20 in, shut the gates, wait 10 minutes, let 20 more….rinse repeat. as we made our way to the gate. the girls jumped behind me. *giggle* “you go first Danny.” i told them to relax and stay RIGHT behind me. Dana stood behind Alicia, and Alicia kept a hand on me (this was the running theme for the ENTIRE walk-through….Alicia ALWAYS held on to me and Dana held onto Alicia). as we made our way in. i was calm cool and ready for a GREAT show. the girls were fucking pissing themselves. i’m not gonna lie to you. HOS is a fucking SERIOUS and SCARY AS ALL HELL attraction. it ROUTINELY ranks in the top 5 haunts in the country. you WILL be grabbed and corened if you go in. ESPECIALLY if you’re a cute girl. of course, i didn’t tell them that. lol. every time i hit a corner and saw an actor, i pointed behind me and said, “tourist’s, first time here” and the actors hit Alicia and Dana HARD. i was fucking dying in laughter. once, an actor cornered alicia and she froze. i walked over, put my arm over the actor’s shoulsder and said, “it’s ok Alicia, you’re fine. take my hand.” she did and the actor stepped aside. he looked at me, my t-shirt, nodded, and moved on to a new victim. as we got back into the line Alicia WRAPPED HERSELF around me. lol.

the next 20 minutes went the same way. they’d get a step behind me, someone would hit them, and Alicia would be wrapped around me. Alicia got so scared that she stepped on Dana’s foot and Dana was limping for a good few minutes. she assured me she was fine so we kept on. we made it out. and the girls were so cute. i asked them what they thought and they both agreed that it was a VERY intense haunt, and WELL worth the $25 cover. as we made our way out, the pain tribe had a display going on. they were hoisting a woman who had 6 hooks inserted into her belly. she was raised a good 4 feet off the ground. i’d have posted a pic but my camera has AIDS and pics in low light are impossible to see. i chatted with girls for a bit more, they were heading home after walking all day and i was going to see if Laura was working or not. i bid the ladies good night and told them to call me tomorrow (yeah i know and fuck you…..i didn’t ask for the number b/c my gut told me it’s best to let these 2 come to me and if i got aggressive i’d push them away. besides they fucking live connecticut. i MIGHT have asked for an email, but i honestly could have cared less. we had our moment, it was fun….move on). i DO kind of regret not walking them to their car. the parking lots were deserted, and as i made my way to my car, i immediately thought, “damn, i should have stayed with the girls.” call it a whiteknight move if you want, but that’s just how i was raised. i didn’t care about gaining any favor with them, i just wanted to make sure they didn’t get accosted. this ends my mentioning the girls. if they call i’ll post more.

your last look at Alicia and Dana. Dana is the one on the left. i'm pretty sure Alicia was digging me.

anyway. i hit the merch stand. bought a t-shirt and one of allen jaeger’s posters of Eiwahz (a GREAT costume Allan made…..see below). after i bought the shirt a working the merch guy working the stand says to me, “don’t i know you…?” i looked at him. “Allen?”, i replied. he responded, “Yeah. how do we…?” i jumped in, “we’re on FB dickhead.” we were both in the Metairie skate scene. he acknowledged and we caught. i mentioned seeing him in character and he told me he costumed up because Social Distortion (FUCKING SOCIAL DISTORTION) came through and VIP visited. they asked him to costume up so he obliged. ok….you don’t understand. Allen has done Album covers, for skinny puppy, misfits, mortis, and other various bands. he provided artwork to “Thrasher” magazine for a while. wanna see his work……visit: http://www.allenjaeger.com/ his work is TIT’S. well, i mention seeing him in costume (i was told last year he no longer worked HOS) and he dispelled said input. “i’m always here brah, every year.” i mention seeing him with VIP’s and a he told me i should have gotten his attention so i could have gotten the pic i wanted. i replied, “dude, you were in character, i didn’t want to want to out your identity.” he told me to come by tonight so i could get my pic. “Brah, i keep the costume here, i’ll get you a pic, i don’t give a fuck (yeah, we locals are a colorful lot). i’m going to ask him tonight if i can wear the costume (he can’t wear it for extended periods any longer, it’s 30 lbs.) if he does let me wear it, this will be the greatest Halloween of my life. and i WILL have pics of it.

how fucking sick is this costume? Allen HAND-MADE this thing from scratch. amazing.

the hell with Dana and Alicia. lol

Winning the Prize Redux

i haven’t been doing much blog surfing as of late. been too busy running around and updating here. i TRY and post on Badger, BB’s, and Privateman’s site when i can. but i recently pinged one of Kane’s posts about winning a player http://kaneadvice.wordpress.com/2011/10/17/how-to-win-a-player/  well, i’ll offer a little story. my best friend out here is VERY well known throughout the city. you might say he’s a bit of a legend. his name is Adam and Adam is GREAT with women. i honestly don’t think Adam’s approached many women, they typically approach him. he’s VERY alpha and his social dominance is second to none. if i’m considered a Natural, Adam is a 5000 times more natural than i am. i’ve known him since we were 5. i know his entire family and he mine. well….Adam has certain “issues” with women. ALL OF US (his close friends know a certain name to NOT say in his presence, she’s had oneitis with this girl, and in some senses he’s VERY like me when it comes to women) know his history and track record.

Well, Adam has been dating Jennifer for a while. i LOVE Jennifer, as a matter of fact, EVERYONE loves Jennifer. here’s the thing, Jennifer is the first gf his MOM and SISTER (and me tbh) have actually liked. how did Jennifer do it? i’ll tell you.

1. she respects him.

2. she accepts him.

3. she takes care of him.

4. she is VERY patient with him and NEVER nagged/put pressure on him.

5.  her natural personality took care of the rest.

last time i was here, i was under the impression they were living together. i was talking with Jen and the conversation went something like this.

D- “well when are you going to be getting home.”

J- “i need to……then i’ll stop by Adam’s for a little while, then i’ll go home.”

D- “:-/, WHAT. i thought you 2 lived together?” (they had been dating WELL over a year).

J- “no, Adam’s a bit apprehensive about living with someone.”

D- “how do you feel about that?”

J- “well, i dunno, i understand he’s apprehensive, so i respect how he feels and try not to pressure him about it.”

now, Adam has a thing about a woman living with him. he just DOES NOT want a woman living in his house. being a guy, i never asked him why. i just took it at face value (that’s what us dudes do). when i came home i got a call from Adam. He and Jennifer had just moved into their new house. Yup. i was stunned. i was at Adam’s today and he mentioned the “M” word. Jenn has MAD understanding of game. so much so that i want her to guest post on here advice for women. because guess what…..no point in wasting a good resource for you lady readers. she’s read damn near EVERY book on relationships she’s stumbled upon. i’m letting Adam borrow my copy of Athol’s book, but i KNOW she’ll read it first.

i’m REALLY happy for Jen and Adam. it’s good to see 2 people who are right for each other make that connection.

stay up.

i don’t really like rap that much, but i DO like some of the local rappers. this song is GREAT with covering oneitis. listen well, and take note’s fellah’s. listen to mannie fresh talking in the background…it’s PERFECT. he’s the one with game. kid rapping is lost. lol.

ok, now i need to get back to cooking BBQ pulled pork with coleslaw for Momsies and the step-dad.


I’m off to the city. i have my kilt, sporin, belt, kilt hose, french cuff button down with mother of pearl cufflnks, and……i’m hungry.

if there’s no update tonight, it’s becuase i’m gunning down someones daughter.

stay up.

[edit- it was unusually dead last night at the local places. atrisha shot me down. now, this might seem like a bad thing, and well, it’s not great, BUT……had i framed myself as a cute LJBF guy, she mnight have gotten together with me, i’d have made a move and she’d have turned me down. ih-uh. not danny. i FLIRT, and look for IOI’s and i had a few. i walked up to her, she smiled and greeted me. i asked her when she was getting off and she told me, “soon”.  i asked her what she was doing after work and she said, “i’m going out with friends danny.” she said it in a VERY matter-of-fact manner. this told me she KNEW what i was thinking, and she was cutting to the chase. but what’s important to me is that i now know, that she knows i’m looking gun her down. so at least we’re on the same page. eventually, she just might say she’s available and that’ll give me a chance to work my magic.

so like i said, your frame is VITAL. make sure she knows you see her a sexual being, not a buddy.

i ended up going back to krazy korner to mess with maryana. finally around 12:30ish  i asked her if she was getting off at 2 or 3, and she said, “not tonight danny, i have to wake up early.” oh really…”not tonight”, but i naver made any mention of us doing something, i just asked when she was getting off. i will mention i kissed her 3-4 times that night. nothing major, just a light kiss on the lips. the first was our lips meeting side by side. the last ones were our lips touching. 

exhibit A. the lovely Maryana

now she's just being silly. lol. isn't she adorable? oh, she's 23 btw, lol.

stay up.]

Speaking too soon……Mea Culpa

Integrity is a big deal to me, thats why i blog openly. i go to great pains to be as accurate and descriptive in my posts and comments. i feel i owe it to those of you taking the time to read this be given a fair look into the inner working of myself. i have successes AND failures. well, i was recently posting about myself and SHC’s possible romance. while i respect her privacy, i will touch on her personal crap just enough to convey how it relates to ME. i will answer no questions about her here or in private. so here goes.

i met SHC WAAAAAY back in 8th grade. had a huge crush on her. used to go to her house nearly everyday.  never made a move. she also had a crush on me…..but she’s a girl, i need to make the first move. needless to say nothing ever occured between us outside of pent-up teen age attraction. she ended up crushing on a friend of mine. well one of my best female friends dated him all throughout high school (i moved to texas after sophmore year….this girl is the only person who knew i moved), and spent her ENTIRE senior year  trying to break up with guy. after a year of stalking and harassing, he FINALLY quit bothering her. he turned his sights to SHC. she’s been married to him for over 15 years. he’s still the same guy he was then and she’s MISERABLE in her marriage, even claims she’s no longer in love with him. well i really don’t know how we starting talking but we’ve been FB friends forever, RARELY spoke. something happened (and i really can’t recall what…..i think she mentioned something about her mother remembering me) and she and i started talking, and talking, and talking. feelings developed. she talked about leaving the hubby and needing to start over. WE were never discussed although we admitted feeling for each other. then, suddenly she announced plans that she was in fact leaving him and we talked about “us” to which i simply said, “there’s IS no us if you’re married. move on with you life and we’ll see what’s happens. but you need to concentrate on yourself first.” this was when i started to develop stronger  feeling for her.

ok look. go ahead and get the cliche’ slinging out of your system. i can wait.

you good? great.

well, she DIDN’T leave him (surprise surprise) and she went in super hamster mode. on my end it was simple: i deleted her from FB and quit talking to her all together. even her mother sided with me and my decision (not that it REALLY mattered). well….about 3-4 months ago. she tried talking to me. i really can’t recall how we started talking again, but we did. again…she’s SO UNHAPPY in her marriage (she claims, and i believe her. i KNOW she is), and now she realizes she really does have to leave him (and not to be with me, but to be happy again…for HERSELF) and she says she’s planning on moving in with her mother until she can get on her feet, she’s trying to find an apartment, and she “feeling like she’s living with a friend, not a partner). her marriage is…..well….i won’t go into it, but it’s not good (although she’s not battered…..don’t worry). so again things move to the topic of the possibility of “us”. and she says she’s can’t imagine a life that doesn’t have me in it, and she didn’t realize i was hurt by the first encounter (because i acted so “calm” and “brushed her off so easily”) but now she realizes REALLY wants t be with me.

well, strap yourselves in kids, she told him about her plans to leave and somehow my name was mentioned. i got 2 threatening messages from him (relax…he’s a paper tiger) and she’s removed from my FB (probably for the best but i know SHE didn’t do it). we haven’t spoken for about 3 days and i suspect we won’t. now, i will say, that whatever happens i truly hope she musters the strength she’ll need to leave him. i mean….seriously, she fucking miserable. but….that’s all on her.

however, the whole situation has left me a bit deflated and sullen; however…..it’s my own damn fault and i fully acknowledge that. i accept my responsibility for my actions and decisions. but at the end of the day, i need to take care of ME first. i decided to post this out of fairness. to show that whatever know-how i have of women and whatever success i may have with said know-how. i still fuck up time to time. it’d be pretty pompous of me to post all the good shit and not address the mistakes. thus, the mea culpa.

no need to worry, the sunny fellow that usually posts will not doubt return shortly. just give me a moment to wallow in my Ducky moment for a little bit. i’ll soon gain the perspective that i need (hell….it’s actually staring me in the face)  and will be back on my feet. but fpr the moment, i’m licking some minor wounds.

New Orleans Insider tip…..WTUL.

there’s only one thing i love more than women and food….it’s MUSIC. seriously, music is an absolute passion for me. the problem is when i’m asked what kind of music i LIKE. there’s really no easy answer there.  i couldn’t name a favorite band, i have TONS. lol. one little known jewel of NO is WTUL 91.5fm. it’s tulane’s college radio station. do yourself a favor, throw “wtul” into google, and check out their site. you can stream the station easily and trust me, the music id tits. WTUL is responsible for my knowing hundreds of bands i’d otherwise be clueless about. most of the progressive show runs from 8am-6pm CST monday-friday. there IS/WAS a GREAT post punk show saturday 4pm-6pm. HOPEFULLY he’s still in that time slot, he play’s such a handsome set.

it’s MUCH easier for me to tell you what i DON’T listen to than what i DO listen to. if it’s on pop/commercial radio, i don’t like it. i’m a self-admitted indie-music loving snob, and i make no apologies for it.  so let your inner Rob Gordon soothe in the crisp breeze of WTUL one afternoon, trust me…she ALWAYS hits the spot. oh……the website also feature a schedule as to who’s playing and the music the specialize in. there are some late goth, punk, metal, rap, electronic, funk, world, jazz…etc. pick your poison.



second Gem. if you’re in the mood for a drink and want to sip a beverage in the coolest spot possibly, and you happen to be in New Orleans, the ONLY bar on bourbon i will ever recommend to a tourist is Jean Laffite’s Blacksmith shop.


it’s one of the oldest still standing bars in the country. i don’t know if it’s THE oldest, but it’s been around since 1772. just stop in, have a drink and soak in the atmosphere. it’s ALWAYS super dim in there, the stone walls soak up ANY light that may be coming in. GREAT date spot; it’s never too loud, it’s dark, and there’s just an incredibly sexy vibe that the place gives off. stop in sometime and see for yourself.

ok, i’m done for now. Deti sent me 2 posts that i’m letting marinate for later. BIG issue with SHC came up recently and i’ll address that once i see how thing’s pan out. so still MUCH to write about over the few days that i’m home. enjoy your weekend and trust me, there will be daily updates for the next few days. enjoy your weekend…..i know i will.

stay up.

All the single ladies…Dalrock’s version.

Dalrock is ALWAYS on point and i’m not on his site nearly as often as i should be. he recently posted a great piece about how feminism has yet again fucked over women in relationships.


i’ve posted more than once about feminism and the ill effect’s it’s had. so much so that i won’t even talk about it any more, it’s moot. i really wanted to keep all my recent posts about New Orleans and all my exploits here, but sorry…….Dalrock’s post was too good. if you’re a woman and read this blog (and i KNOW i have a few of you reading), do yourself a favor and nose around his site, he’s a veritable treasure trove of relationship advice.

stay up.