I’m off to the city. i have my kilt, sporin, belt, kilt hose, french cuff button down with mother of pearl cufflnks, and……i’m hungry.

if there’s no update tonight, it’s becuase i’m gunning down someones daughter.

stay up.

[edit- it was unusually dead last night at the local places. atrisha shot me down. now, this might seem like a bad thing, and well, it’s not great, BUT……had i framed myself as a cute LJBF guy, she mnight have gotten together with me, i’d have made a move and she’d have turned me down. ih-uh. not danny. i FLIRT, and look for IOI’s and i had a few. i walked up to her, she smiled and greeted me. i asked her when she was getting off and she told me, “soon”.  i asked her what she was doing after work and she said, “i’m going out with friends danny.” she said it in a VERY matter-of-fact manner. this told me she KNEW what i was thinking, and she was cutting to the chase. but what’s important to me is that i now know, that she knows i’m looking gun her down. so at least we’re on the same page. eventually, she just might say she’s available and that’ll give me a chance to work my magic.

so like i said, your frame is VITAL. make sure she knows you see her a sexual being, not a buddy.

i ended up going back to krazy korner to mess with maryana. finally around 12:30ish  i asked her if she was getting off at 2 or 3, and she said, “not tonight danny, i have to wake up early.” oh really…”not tonight”, but i naver made any mention of us doing something, i just asked when she was getting off. i will mention i kissed her 3-4 times that night. nothing major, just a light kiss on the lips. the first was our lips meeting side by side. the last ones were our lips touching. 

exhibit A. the lovely Maryana

now she's just being silly. lol. isn't she adorable? oh, she's 23 btw, lol.

stay up.]

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