New Orleans Insider tip…..WTUL.

there’s only one thing i love more than women and food….it’s MUSIC. seriously, music is an absolute passion for me. the problem is when i’m asked what kind of music i LIKE. there’s really no easy answer there.  i couldn’t name a favorite band, i have TONS. lol. one little known jewel of NO is WTUL 91.5fm. it’s tulane’s college radio station. do yourself a favor, throw “wtul” into google, and check out their site. you can stream the station easily and trust me, the music id tits. WTUL is responsible for my knowing hundreds of bands i’d otherwise be clueless about. most of the progressive show runs from 8am-6pm CST monday-friday. there IS/WAS a GREAT post punk show saturday 4pm-6pm. HOPEFULLY he’s still in that time slot, he play’s such a handsome set.

it’s MUCH easier for me to tell you what i DON’T listen to than what i DO listen to. if it’s on pop/commercial radio, i don’t like it. i’m a self-admitted indie-music loving snob, and i make no apologies for it.  so let your inner Rob Gordon soothe in the crisp breeze of WTUL one afternoon, trust me…she ALWAYS hits the spot. oh……the website also feature a schedule as to who’s playing and the music the specialize in. there are some late goth, punk, metal, rap, electronic, funk, world, jazz…etc. pick your poison.



second Gem. if you’re in the mood for a drink and want to sip a beverage in the coolest spot possibly, and you happen to be in New Orleans, the ONLY bar on bourbon i will ever recommend to a tourist is Jean Laffite’s Blacksmith shop.

it’s one of the oldest still standing bars in the country. i don’t know if it’s THE oldest, but it’s been around since 1772. just stop in, have a drink and soak in the atmosphere. it’s ALWAYS super dim in there, the stone walls soak up ANY light that may be coming in. GREAT date spot; it’s never too loud, it’s dark, and there’s just an incredibly sexy vibe that the place gives off. stop in sometime and see for yourself.

ok, i’m done for now. Deti sent me 2 posts that i’m letting marinate for later. BIG issue with SHC came up recently and i’ll address that once i see how thing’s pan out. so still MUCH to write about over the few days that i’m home. enjoy your weekend and trust me, there will be daily updates for the next few days. enjoy your weekend…..i know i will.

stay up.

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