Winning the Prize Redux

i haven’t been doing much blog surfing as of late. been too busy running around and updating here. i TRY and post on Badger, BB’s, and Privateman’s site when i can. but i recently pinged one of Kane’s posts about winning a player  well, i’ll offer a little story. my best friend out here is VERY well known throughout the city. you might say he’s a bit of a legend. his name is Adam and Adam is GREAT with women. i honestly don’t think Adam’s approached many women, they typically approach him. he’s VERY alpha and his social dominance is second to none. if i’m considered a Natural, Adam is a 5000 times more natural than i am. i’ve known him since we were 5. i know his entire family and he mine. well….Adam has certain “issues” with women. ALL OF US (his close friends know a certain name to NOT say in his presence, she’s had oneitis with this girl, and in some senses he’s VERY like me when it comes to women) know his history and track record.

Well, Adam has been dating Jennifer for a while. i LOVE Jennifer, as a matter of fact, EVERYONE loves Jennifer. here’s the thing, Jennifer is the first gf his MOM and SISTER (and me tbh) have actually liked. how did Jennifer do it? i’ll tell you.

1. she respects him.

2. she accepts him.

3. she takes care of him.

4. she is VERY patient with him and NEVER nagged/put pressure on him.

5.  her natural personality took care of the rest.

last time i was here, i was under the impression they were living together. i was talking with Jen and the conversation went something like this.

D- “well when are you going to be getting home.”

J- “i need to……then i’ll stop by Adam’s for a little while, then i’ll go home.”

D- “:-/, WHAT. i thought you 2 lived together?” (they had been dating WELL over a year).

J- “no, Adam’s a bit apprehensive about living with someone.”

D- “how do you feel about that?”

J- “well, i dunno, i understand he’s apprehensive, so i respect how he feels and try not to pressure him about it.”

now, Adam has a thing about a woman living with him. he just DOES NOT want a woman living in his house. being a guy, i never asked him why. i just took it at face value (that’s what us dudes do). when i came home i got a call from Adam. He and Jennifer had just moved into their new house. Yup. i was stunned. i was at Adam’s today and he mentioned the “M” word. Jenn has MAD understanding of game. so much so that i want her to guest post on here advice for women. because guess what… point in wasting a good resource for you lady readers. she’s read damn near EVERY book on relationships she’s stumbled upon. i’m letting Adam borrow my copy of Athol’s book, but i KNOW she’ll read it first.

i’m REALLY happy for Jen and Adam. it’s good to see 2 people who are right for each other make that connection.

stay up.

i don’t really like rap that much, but i DO like some of the local rappers. this song is GREAT with covering oneitis. listen well, and take note’s fellah’s. listen to mannie fresh talking in the background…it’s PERFECT. he’s the one with game. kid rapping is lost. lol.

ok, now i need to get back to cooking BBQ pulled pork with coleslaw for Momsies and the step-dad.

4 Comments on “Winning the Prize Redux”

  1. Badger says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen!

  2. Looking Glass says:

    Only problem with coming to this blog: I always leave hungry. ahah

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