Happy Halloween to the lovely Miss Malice

i’ll just leave this…….HERE. enjoy Dear. Happy Halloween.

me rocking Eiwahz. Allen can’t wear the costume anymore, so he’s decided to let ME run Eiwahz this friday. i can’t even begin to tell you  tell you how much of an honor that is. NO ONE gets to wear him. well, this WILL be posted the day after. i’m SOOOOO excited about this. THIS is Eiwahz, and some assorted images from Halloween night at HOS.

and this is JUST the tip. lol.

me and Ross. aka Belial Leader of the Fourth Reich. oh, he's Jewish btw. lol.

Mike and Guido from the Eternal Pain Tribe crew. and locals. DO NOT FUCK WITH NO when it comes to weird. and both guys, sweet as can be. lol.

mike doing his thing. he has 4 hooks in each knee.


Reverend Dangerous. he does all sort of painful shit to himself before the stage show begins.

i don't know who this kid is, but that costume is BOSS.

me and Allen rocking Eiwahz. can't wait for Friday.

ok. every year they punk Ross (Lord Belial). this year Larry comes up on a podium and teams up with the priest and “kills” Belial. then General Abaddon (Larry) kills Priest and “takes over” the HOS. well in this movie, i was filming the show myself and when the podium comes up, Larry put a firetruck in his place. Levi was laughing his ass off, and Ross was just dumbstruck. “it’s all down-hill fomr here.” i was standing with 2 of the actors and all 3 of us were rolling.

so i had a GREAT Halloween. saw a band, watched the pain tribe hurt themselves, had some beers, talked with the crew, chatted up some scantily clad wominz, saw ross get EPICALLY punked, and had an all around great time. too bad you couldn’t be there. then i went home and watched walking dead.

2 Comments on “Happy Halloween to the lovely Miss Malice”

  1. HAHAHA! Awww, that’s adorable. Thanks, Danny. Happy Halloween to you, too!

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