Accidental Game…

i was at my local supermarket getting the stuff i needed to make the pork tenderloin. one of the girls there (a cute 22 year old blonde) was my cashier. she asked me what i was cooking and when i explained to her what i had in store she mentioned me bringing her a sample. TBH, i don’s remember what i told her, but i know it was along the lines “thinking about it”. i cooked, had my share and brought the rest to the guys at my local (you don’t wanna reheat puff-pastry). when i left the store, i made a mental note of her being a bit “more flirty” than most girls there and possibly having to escalate to see what could happen.

well sunday, i go to the store and i walk down the aisle for the item i needed. out of no where, i feel an arm around me and see a blur of blonde hair. “you didn’t bring me my food.” she said enthusiastically. shit, she caught me off gaurd…..hmmmmm. i regained composure and answered with, “no i didn’t. i gave the leftovers to the guys at G****** (my local)” she responded, “you said you were gonna bring me some.” i smiled and told her, “i think i remember saying i’d think about it.”

she asked me about my purchase (body spray) and she said she’d help me pick out a good scent. [ok…..i need to clue you in here, she was supposed to be manning a table to set up gift sets, she left it to come talk to me] we checked out a few scents (i already knew which one i wanted) and i walked away for the section and she followed, i put my arm around her, and we flirted as we walked. at the end of the aisle i headed back to where we came from and held out my hand. she took it.

i made some inquires as to her situation and i’ll just say she’s cute, TOO YOUNG for me, but she’s got a very sunny and feminine disposition. and she’s very cool.

now….i will say this. when it come to my cooking, i regard it the same way a woman regards her sexuality. i don’t just cook for anybody. if you’re a woman, and i’m cooking for you; you’re either A- a dear friend, B- a woman i see naked on a frequent basis. this girl’s cool, but we ain’t fucking. the guys at my local give extra wings and the occasional free beer. and i’ve known most of them for over a year.

but here’s the thing….i totally forgot about mentioning even TALKING about her getting a sample of the Wellington. when she brought it up…..i had to find and download that file ASAP. lol. once i got my bearing, the rest just came naturally. to be continued………

stay up.



8 Comments on “Accidental Game…”

  1. Rivelino says:

    you are money without even trying

  2. ASF says:

    What does that mean “too young”? Are you really only after women who are potentially marriageable? She wanted danny’s hot tamale, and you deprived her. Where’s your holiday spirit?

  3. socialkenny says:

    Lol this is true accidental game.

    Any guy would’ve done what you did(not actually bringing her the food).

    But I was so surprised that she confronted you on it playfully.

    I would’ve been caught off guard like you were too.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      well, i don’t know about the NOT bringing her food deal, but i will say given her disposition i wasn’t TOO surprised by her overt flirtation. she DID catch me off guard though which doesn’t happen often.

      i mentioned us “getting together to do something” and she excitedly agreed, then work crap kept me from number closing.

      but i do enjoy the hunt and the chase.

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