Missed Opportunities……

i’ve long told of my adoration for all things Mexicana, well…….i just discovered a new one in my midst. wait….this needs an explanation.

back when i was stationed in New Orleans, i discovered a GREAT Mexican restaurant. i ended up eating there once a week. shit was BOMB. my first time there, i grabbed a table (in uniform) and had a waitress approach. “‘ello Sir….whu i ken gee for yoo?” i smiled and replied, ” qieuro un vaso de aqua y un menu favor.” the waitress stared wide eyed. yeah baby…this honkey knows the lingo. my waitress disappeared into the kitchen, i looked at the menu she gave me. i heard a voice and peered into the direction of the kitchen and…..HOLY CRAP ON TOAST….

the most amazingly beautiful creature appeared. i was dumb-struck. she was about 5’7″, black hair, brown eyes, EPIC RACK, about 120lbs. i was in love….SERIOUSLY. she approached my table and asked me what i wanted to order, but she began with, “habla espanol?” i nodded, she replied, “mi amiga me explica que puede, no hablo ingles.” what she said was that she was told i speak spanish. but she  doesn’t speak english, so her friend waited on me. she was wearing a HUGE gold wedding band on a necklace. she’s married…of course. now….interestingly, i’ve learned that Mexican lasses fall into 2 camps: first are the ones that ONLY mess with other Mexicans and the second are the ones that prefer White-boys. 95% of my Spanish speaking gf’s have been the latter. the second group REALLY likes White-boys that can speak Spanish. SERIOUSLY.

what follows is my going there once a week and light flirting with the girl (Maria). finally i had orders to Japan, i was leaving the US in 2 months. i went to the eatery with a female friend that wanted some good mexican food. maria was there (as always) and we ordered our tacos. for some reason i decided to escalate Maria, i asked her about her husband. she responded, “esposo….YO? no…..no, no no tengo.” (HUSBAND….ME? no, no no i don’t have one.) the world stopped. i said, “pues….el arco”  (but…the ring). and pointed to her neck. she smiled, “my father”. i was dumb-struck. she walked away. i explained to my friend what happened. Maria came back and asked if we were done. i asked her if she even had a BF and she said she only has a job and a daughter (an 8 month old daughter btw). i asked for her number. she said she neer has any free time and she can’t afford a baby sitter. i asked her if she had even visited the city…..she hadn’t. i told her i wanted to show her the Quarter. when she explained not being able to hire someone to watch her girl, i told her she should bring her with us. she stared at me. “y tu Novia.” (and your girlfriend….she stared at my friend Laura). i laughed, “no es mi Novia.” (she’s not my girlfriend), i turned and explained to my friend what Maria was thinking. Laura laughed and said to her (while pointing at me), “NO. friend.”

i got Maria number and took her and her daughter to the Quarter. it’s been a long time since i’ve seen a woman look that alive. she hadn’t done anything but work for the past year. she got knocked up on her way here and BF split when he found out she was pregnant. she secured an apartment and a job. once the baby was born all she did was work. she explained all this to me over beingets and cafe au lait at cafe du monde. i showed her the Quarter and explained some of it’s more relevant areas. she seemed to be enjoying herself. we kissed on St Ann heading towards Decatur. she held me tightly as we kissed, it was all i could do to keep from felling her up…..but i kept it together.

i ended up bringing her back home and she invited me in. “OH HELL YES I WANNA COME IN!!!!!!!!”. i declined but told her, “possible despues un otro salir” (maybe next time.) we kissed at her doorway and i said, “y…..no qiuero mirar univision ahora.” (besides, i don’t feel like watching univision.”) she laughed and told me she watches american television to learn English. now….i was FUCKING PISSED, that i was going to Japan. seriously……i would have married this woman, SERIOUSLY. i didn’t realize it after this date. but…..the second date.

picked her and the kid up, and we headed uptown. we walked along Magazine and ate at Juan’s Flying Burrito s she could experience “American” Mexican food. she liked it. we spent the next few hours in and out of various stores (magazine in a 9 mile series of places to get lost into). we kissed frequently and with each kiss she pressed herself into me tighter and tighter. i felt her tiny fingers clinging to my t-shirt and side of my jeans. i knew EXACTLY what she was telling me. as we got back to her place, she told me i HAD to come in. as she fumbled with the keys i waited…once the door was open, i pushed passed her and ran into the living room, i found the television and turned it on. UNIVISION. i screamed,”YA TE DIJE!!!!!” (i told you) she laughed and turned the TV off. “dame un momentito Danny”. (give me a moment Danny”). she left with the baby (Claudia BTW), and came back topless and was staring RIGHT into my eyes. “toca me Danny, que to qiuero.” (touch me Danny, oh how i want you”). i felt drunk. what ensued was quite possibly one of the most epic bangs in my life. Maria was SOOOO uninhibited, and sexy, and feminine that  words don’t do her justice. i’m not kidding you…….had i NOT had orders to Japan, i think i would have proposed to her. i was THAT taken by her. we only got together one more time after that sadly. she was ALWAYS working and we lived pretty far apart. we talked on the phone quite a bit and she knew i was leaving for Japan. i’m assuming this was why she couldn’t find any free time. fml.

i’m telling you this because i ASSUMED she was taken and saw her at work for almost a year before asking her out. point being…..had i acted soon, my life MIGHT be different now. i don’t regret anything, but….still remember her fondly.   after Japan, i went back to the restaurant, but it was closed down. ah well……

i’m telling you this story because……….

there’s a new Mexicana on my radar. BUUUUUUT…….thing is, she has a wedding band on her left index finger. ??????. i spoke with her and she was SOMEWHAT flirty, but i never asked about the ring. i was going togo back up to her and ask but thought that it would seem a bit too needy/clingy (clinginess KILLS your chances with Mexicana’s. srslee). so i just figured i’d “juega la fria (play it cool) and come back at a later time.

to be continued…….

10 Comments on “Missed Opportunities……”

  1. bigmark says:

    Great Post, It is a mantra for my life “You miss all the shots you dont take” . In busiess I went for it all, lost everything but was one deal away from making it huge. I left the hottest Brazilian for another woman who is making me even happier. Be Nike just do it…

  2. just visiting says:

    Probably a ring from a relative that has passed on. I know of three women who wear their grandmothers ring but on a different finger.

  3. Bb says:

    Danny, did it give you any pause at all that Maria was willing to sleep with you so early? IOW, how did she avoid coming across to you as a slut?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Sis- No, she liked me. I know that.

      She never brought up sex. But at the same time she didn’t dangle it in front of me. It was a natural connection, and I wish to this day that I had her here. After we hung out she got bolder.

      She wasn’t slutty, she was seductive. And she won me over by complimenting me. i attribute her sleeping with me so soon as 1- cultural. i find Spanish speaking women being a bit more lax towards sex. 2- she knew i was going to Japan and slept me me because of it. i call this vacation sex MO. i believe had i NOT been about to leave the country she’d have held out a bit longer.

      but lastly……she’s not American. so she wasn’t playing by our rules. she liked me, she went for it. she wasn’t living up to anyone else’s standards. and you forget to factor in…….i can be a charming lil’ bastard when i need to be.

  4. ann says:

    LOL, you really are believing this woman’s bullshit? What do you know about her family and the child’s father? What will happen if he chooses to return? You are only going by what she states. All men and women have a certain amount of games they like to play.
    On the other hand, she could be geniune. Walk lightly my friend. Military men are a good insurance to a decent life for most immigrate women.

  5. dannyfrom504 says:

    the first woman was from 2002. what are talking about?

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