RIP Patrice O’Neal

i’ve been a fan of Patrice O’Neal since 2001 when i first heard him on the Opie and Anthony. as the official funny guy of the manosphere (at least in my own little world i am) none of the other guys really talk to me, so i’m assuming i’m not in the “cool kids club”, but whatev’s. fuck that noise……i’m the Lone Wolf of the “sphere”. and then i had a reader and i thought to myself, “wait….did my wolf pack go up by one? yes i think….” sorry, i digress, it’s best to cut me off REAL QUICK when i trail off. so anyway…..Patrice. he was VERY adored by the Comedian circle, i know because us “O and A” listeners followed the NY comedians. never saw him live, but i would have if he came close to my area. well, the great thing about Patrice was he did A LOT of material about women. he had a long time GF, but some of his material could be construed as a bit misogynistic. but he’s ALWAYS funny.

now, when Patrice was 16 he banged a white girl and she accused him of rape after a kid found out what she’d done and threatened to tell her brother unless she blew him. she said she was raped. Patrice’s mom put him in the trunk and took him to NY (he’s from boston), and finally turned him into authorities. he spent 2 months (i think) in jail. he had been on O and A for YEARS before he finally told this story. and it was his first time EVER telling it.

tomorrow comedy central will be airing his last ever comedy show “elephant in the room” in honor of his tragic passing.

RIP cuddle bear. you’ll be missed. the following are clips from “the black Phillip show” where he gave relationship advice. GREAT show. again…he might rub some of you ladies the wrong way, but if you’ve taken the red-pill…..this makes sense. i heard these shows back in 2006. it’d be interesting to hear what the other male bloggers think of this. i learned A LOT from Dr. Phil. women’s hatred is just like love is GOLD. and you MUST watch the first one. MUST. it’s PURE approach game.

the rape story. it starts about the 5 minute mark. he had NEVER told this story before, and he’d been on the show for over 5 years. it’s VERY explicit. NSFW btw. the first 2 are about the false rape accusation, and the last 3 deal with his time in jail as a 16/17 year old.

14 Comments on “RIP Patrice O’Neal”

  1. Madbiker says:

    I was shocked to hear this yesterday. Knew he’d had the stroke but strokes aren’t always fatal. I thought maybe he’d have a chance at recovery.

    Like you, I’ve been a fan since I first heard him on O&A. “Black Philip” was one of the best advice shows ever done. He saw male and female interactions perfectly, and pegged women and what they want. A pure pioneer of Game. If he wasn’t already reading some of the game-oriented sites, I think he would have appreciated them.

    RIP Patrice. Your humor and honesty will be missed.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      “He saw male and female interactions perfectly, and pegged women and what they want. A pure pioneer of Game.”


      i’m kind of surprised this hasn’t generated more comments. wonder how many people have actually listened to the clip. wonder what the women think of this.

      • Madbiker says:

        I’m a woman. I think more women would benefit from listening to him. Help figure themselves out a little bit. He’s not lying, and truth hurts, and hurt women are offended women. But you become a more feminine and caring woman when you learn to let your man be a man. He won’t hurt you as much if you don’t sweat every little thing, and learn to trust, and let go of the small stuff. Of course, that much can be said about all the rest of life, too.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          miss, God bless you. we need more women in the world that think like you do. i think the same holds true for men as well. both genders would benefit by simply embracing the differences and nuances of the opposite sex. as TPM has said, “the masculine attracts the feminine” (and vice versa). it’s really sad that he passed. Norton m put out a facebook thanking all his fans for their kind words, and wackbag was running a thread concerning Patrice since the initial incident in October.

          did you get to see “Elephant in the Room?”

  2. Doc says:

    I never had the opportunity to hear him when he was alive and healthy, but in listening to these – he’s so right on. And his analogy to chess is so true. I used to see how far I could push things to still get the desired outcome. Of course, it depended on where we were in the relationship, and after bedding a woman, you can get away with a *lot* more – that’s why getting a woman into bed is so important. Before you’ve bedded her there is no real investment for her – afterwards, she doesn’t want to admit she had sex before you jumped through all of her hoops, so to justify it, she has convinced herself that you are something special – “the one”… Even if she knows you’re not – that doesn’t matter, it’s a little fiction they play with themselves. That is why, you have to know when to cut your losses and move on.

    If you keep those two facts in mind, everything else flows from it. Women always try to obfuscate things, but you have to cut through the non-sense.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks for commenting. after talking with anthony about his GF, they just decided to let him have his own hour long show. i didn’t even post all the youtube clips they have from Black Phillip. check him out.

      stay up.

  3. Madbiker says:

    “Elephant in the Room” had been DVR’d. I’ll watch it when time allows. Patrice was one of a kind and a much needed voice of reason. He cut the bullshit and drove straight into the heart of matters we’d rather not recognize: about race, about gender, and about relationships.

    I liked your post about hunting. I’m working on a project about “Becoming Trad” to chronicle my efforts to hunt deer, et. al. with a longbow. Perhaps we can share some experiences. My better half is helping me attune myself to the bow and the woods. It might be years before I have success in the field (kids being a priority) but I am looking forward to the hours of sweet breathing and twittering birds and the crackle of hooves on dry grass.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      yeah the first time OandA had him on, i was hooked. he SMASHED vos. lol. he told vos (commenting on his being on a black comedy special with his coked out teeth and gheri curl) that the jews weren’t that dirty even when they were slaves. i lost it. i’ll see if i can find the whole “Black Phillip” series. i KNOW i have one of them. i think you can buy them on

      you don’t happen to live in florida do you? lol. my neighbor has a buddy that leases 2 tree stand and is looking for someone to take with him. he gave him my name. never been deer hunting before. right now i’m mostly wanting to bag a turkey. took the bow to the range today and learned ihad to adjust my grip (it was too tight…..i BARELY grip it now) and i removed the quiver so it’s more stable. i’m consistently patterning 3 out of 4 in the yellow. i’ll go shoot again saturday. i just put a deposit on a lever action 30-30 winchester.

  4. Madbiker says:

    I’m in the northeast. My state doesn’t have a rifle season, but occasionally we make it down to WV or up to parts of New England for some rifle hunting. I have a beautiful .308 with a ported bully barrel and a 7mm-STW for long range shots.

    Shotgun or bow only in my state, unless you count the muzzy season which is limited to a few days here and there. I like the muzzy but the season is so limited I never get to hunt it. The bow offers a much longer season, from September to the end of March, so I concentrate on being proficient with that. I have a Hoyt Athena that shoots like a dream, and I’m working my way into proficiency with a Black Widow longbow at #45 draw weight. I’d love to get a turkey with the bow one day, but I’m not willing to wound a bird just for the chance I might kill one. Shotgun is far more reliable for that.

    Good luck with your hunting efforts. I’m not the natural predator my husband is, but hunting does draw something visceral and primal out of me. My killer instincts are not super-honed but I derive great pleasure from a long sit or stalk, watching the birds and the fox and coyote, smelling the dried grass and leaves and the crisp bite of winter in the twilight.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I mean this with the utmost respect:

      I think I love you. Lol.

      Hubby’s a lucky fellah. I was going to post asking if any of my female reader’s hunt or if they’d be willing to.

      Sent from my iPhone

  5. zorro says:

    15 years ago I worked at a famous hospital in Boston with a girl named Patricia Harris. She was dating O’Neal at the time, and pressed me to try my hand at standup, saying “If a black man can get a start doing comedy in Boston (a very racist town), then any man who can tell a joke can do it.” I visited a comedy club to see live standup, but never thought to do it. Even though the money can be epic. Patricia was a very nice woman.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thanks for commenting.

      yeah i’d heard Patrice and other comedian’s on OandA mention Boston’s racism. Patrice was phenomenal. he really was. if i may ask, was Patricia white or “ethnic looking”? and Patrice LOVED women, he did.

  6. UrbanCounselor says:

    I know this is an old post, but I just found it. I’m not sure why there aren’t more comments here either. I became a HUGE fan of Patrice’s about 3 or 4 months before he died. I had just found his Black Phillip Show stuff on youtube. The guy was a genius and it extended beyond his expertise on the comedy stage. Simply put there’s no replacement for this guy. His insight, quick wit, and delivery are unmatched. Gone too soon…

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