Bb smacks one out of the park here.

these videos are great. and it reminded me of the last video. i THINK it may be the same guy, i’ll look into it.


SHEWS. went viral in 2006.

Deti on how to KILL her attraction to you.

for those of you that don’t know deti, i’ll give you a brief run-down: he’s a man that been married for a LONG time. he loves his family and his wife, a VERY large portion of his marriage was “unhappy” and seeped in blue-pill mire. he discovered the blogs and began to employ “red-pill” thought/actions into his marriage now he (and his wife) have a better and more harmonious marriage. in this post deti KILLS it with his list of things NOT to do. he’s been told to start a blog ofter, your’s truly included. we email often and he says he’s more of a commenter and doesn’t want to blog. i’m VERY privileged for him to chose my site to guest post. he’s definitely a blos slut and you’ll see him posting on most of the main sites. anyway, here’s his advice to you.


How to Make Your Wife Lose Her Attraction to You:  Or How I Learned to Surgically Remove Gina Tingles
Does your wife lust for you, burn with fire in her loins for you?   Perhaps she is your personal love slave and you’re a little sick of it because you really, really want to catch that next show on HGTV?     I have just the prescription for you.  What I’m about to tell you will repulse not only your honey, but literally every woman you know.   If you want to live the celibate life, read on, mates.
1.   Be nice to her, and just be yourself.   Gents, if you get nothing else from this little guide on how never to have sex again, this is it.   Be nice.  Nice, nice, nice.   Give her everything she wants.  Don’t ever express opinions or stand up for yourself.   Ask her repeatedly “Are you OK?   Are you all right?   Are you mad at me?”    Her legs will snap shut faster than a rattrap you just set off.  Follow this rule, and you and your dominant hand will get to know each other very well.
2.   Stop caring about your personal appearance and grooming.   Really let yourself go.   Gain 20, no, 40 pounds.   Stop brushing and flossing your teeth, getting good sleep, and exercising.  Let your nose hairs grow out.   Really show her that your appearance is deteriorating.   But more importantly, she needs to get the message loud and clear that you just don’t give a shit about it.
3.   Start getting sexually selfish all the time.     Push her head down there for BJs after you’ve been in your clothes for 16 hours and you smell down there like bleu cheese left out of the fridge for 5 days or so.   Hell, even YOU can smell it.   Always have sex the same way all the time, never ask her what she wants, and always make her do all the work.  Cunnilingus?  What’s that?   And make sure that you always take it intensely personally if she just isn’t up for sex.
4.    Always have “romantic” sex.  This is the opposite of number 3.   Always ask her for sex.  Don’t ever just start initiating.   Always talk it out first, to make sure she’s in the mood.   (Don’t be surprised when it takes an hour and a whole tube of K-Y to get her there.)  Always do it in your bedroom, on the bed, with one of you having your heads on the pillow(s).  Bonus if you always light candles and play Sade or Kenny G on the stereo.   And when you have sex, go slow, like in the soap operas or the romcoms she loves.   Never assert yourself, never do anything you like to do, and never do anything unless you have express written permission from her first.   Above all,  never jackhammer her.   She won’t like it.  The romcoms say so, after all.   Adhere to this rule, friend, and you might just as well stay up late getting to know the porno sites, because very soon, that’s the only poon you’re going to get.
5.     Become a kitchen bitch.  If you go this route it’s really important that you get this right.   Always volunteer to help with vacuuming, or putting away the dishes, or laundry, or cooking.   Doing these chores sometimes will actually get you MORE sex, so that won’t do.  No, what you must do is completely take over all these things, even when your bride didn’t ask you to, even when you never did them before and even when you suck at them.  And you’re doing this specifically because she’s making vague complaints of “I’m tired” and “you never do anything to help me around here”.    Yep, that’s the ticket.   This will show her that you’ll do ANYTHING to please her, even when she doesn’t want you to.  Hear that sound?  That’s the sound of a lovely wife’s legs snapping shut.
6.    Give in to her every request, demand and whim.   Make sure you fail every fitness test.   Never, ever tell her no.  Never, ever stand up for yourself.   In fact, just stop thinking for yourself.  You’ve got her to do all that thinking for you.   Give her everything she wants, when and where she wants it.    You don’t have to lead.  Just let her make all the decisions, even if you think you’ve got a better idea.   Your new favorite sentence is “I don’t care, whatever you want, Honey.”     Dude, you’re doing great!  At this rate BOTH your palms will be furrier than a gorilla’s back in no time.
7.     Give up all the things you were or that you did when you were single.  No more road trips, no more golf trips with your college buddies, no more bowling night..  She’s your everything, ’cause you’re married, dammit.  You don’t need a life plan anymore.    If you really want to turn her off, you’ve got to stop caring about and doing the things that she found attractive about you in the first place.    Hey, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, your wants, your needs, your talents, your desires, they mean nothing now.   Hell, even your individuality as a human being can just go out the window if you really want to stop having sex with your wife.
8.    Put up with all her bitchiness.  This should be easy because hopefully you’ve followed Rule 6 and you’re giving in regularly.  If you have, it’s natural that you’ll tolerate her very worst behaviors.  Even the nicest, sweetest wives can be total bitches sometimes.   All you have to do is indulge that conduct.   Never mind that any man saying or doing these things to you would get punched out in a hurry.  No, if you want to go celibate, you just put up with this shit.
When she acts like a total bitch in public, don’t confront her.   No, just say “haha, you’re so funny, dear.”   Even better, laugh right along with everyone else if she holds you out to public ridicule, and never confront or correct that either.   Don’t say anything when she reveals the most intimate details of your married life to her parents, your parents, or her friends, all in an effort to garner support or sympathy, or exert pressure on you.   When you fight in private, let her call you every name in the book, let her dredge up every rotten thing you ever did or said, let her go completely out of control.   All you have to do is — are you ready for this? —  DON’T RESPOND.  Nope, just sit there and take it, and tell her you’ll do whatever she wants.  Whatever you do, don’t take control of the situation and don’t stand up for yourself.  Be a total wimp.   If you do this she’ll be saying “Tingles?  What tingles?”
9.     Show her you are completely dependent on her.    You have to show her you have no life, no opinions, and no purpose outside of her.   Tell her and show her how deathly afraid you are of losing her.   Demonstrate vividly how fearful you are that she’ll divorce you, because you’ll be alone forever and ever, and how much you NEEEEED her.   You have to be very explicit about this.  Don’t be a man.  Don’t be assertive or sparing with your words.   Be a mawkish seventh grader walking around with a raging hard on because he just got a longer-than-5-second look and smile from the cute little blond girl with the bow in her hair.    Be cloying, and lay it on thick.   You have to say things like:
“You’re my life.  You’re my everything.”
“Do you love me?”
“I’d be lost, LOST, without you.”
“I won’t ever fail you!”
Do all this with the look of total and complete earnestness on your face.  In other words, say it to her like you think a girl would say it to you.
My friends, follow all these rules, and, married or single, you’ll never, ever have sex again.  You’ll be as unattractive as rotting onions and sewer gas.
word. lol. stay up.

Chipotle flank steak and Cajun Jalepeno Sositch

VERY easy recipe. season flank steak with powdered chipotle, kosher salt (that’s all i use), and fresh crushed black pepper. the sausage is a local grocery back home that makes their own sositch (see the video for lulzrcostrz). i’m a BIG fan of local made food stuff.

mmmmmmm. cooked meats.


just wait for the last 10-15 seconds for the hilarity to ensue.

I told you, I EFF’ING told.

they’re fucking DEAD!!!!! i will find you little bastards. OH YES!!!!!! i shall. this is the flock i was talking about. there are about 15-20 total. ooooooh, how like like to rub my nose in it. lol.

you see. THIS is what i was talking about. YER DEAD!!!!! YAH HEAR ME!!! i screamed this out window as i took this picture. yeah, i'm THAT guy. lol.

Deti on Attending House Parties.

Attending House Parties
1.   Before you go, ask whether this is a singles party or a couples party.   You’ll know mostly by who you know the host to be.   If it’s a couples party you will be expected to attend with a date.  If it will be singles, you don’t have to bring a date but you can if you want.
2.   Unless you just want to get hammered and will take a cab home, DO NOT get drunk.   You’ll just be obnoxious and you’ll ruin your chances to meet anyone..
3.   The women will not be as good looking as those in bars or clubs. But they will be primed to meet men.   There’s not much cockblocking.
4.    You will have automatic social proof and preselection just by virtue of your invitation, so use it to full advantage.   But then, so will all the other men.
5.   There will be at least one man and one woman who get shitfaced drunk.  Don’t be that man.  (See #2 above.)
6.   Start out by conversing with the host, then move to the other men, then break out and talk to some of the women.   Be one of the first men to talk with the women.
7.   When you find one of the women to talk with, don’t force it.  If the conversation naturally ends, excuse yourself.  If you like her, casually run into her again.  Don’t forget to look for IOIs.   This is really crucial.
8.   There might be some opportunity for isolation at the house, if it’s a relatively large group and if she’s comfortable.   The better bet is to bounce her to another venue.  An SNL is unlikely at a house party, but not unheard of.

Field Report: At the Skrip Klub

i’m absolutely addicted to the strip club not far from my house, it’s great for people watching. but…..i can only usually stay for about an hour or so before i bail. i went last night and talked to one of the girls who was really cool. we talked about her bi-sexuality, her bf, her gf and three-ways. well, one of her friends showed up and she went over to talk to her. her “gf” also dances in the club (a very leggy brunette with beautiful eye’s, solid 7 even with the tattoos). after some time the leggy brunette came to my table and we talked for about 5 minutes. i made her laugh, i dropped light sexual innuendo and did general DVH stuff. again she was VERY cool. of course she laughed a lot and i got some minor IOI’s. i mention how i’m FINALLY leaving here in 2 years and she asked me where i was from. well, come to find out she LOVES NO and is a Saint’s fan. i checked the phone for the time and when she saw my screen saver her eye’s got wide. my screen saver is the pic from “natural game”. she asked about the pic and i told her it was a girl i’m “friend’s” with back in NO. she gushed over how hot the picture is. i left about 15 minutes later.

i went back tonight and she enthusiastically greeted me, “i LOVE that shirt.” i was wearing my camo Saint’s t-shirt (i had ZERO clue she was working again). it has “Saint’s” across the….SHIT. i’ll just post a pic of it.

c'mon, this shirt is tit's. admit it.

she sits at my table and is absolutely coo’ing over the shirt. “if you let me wear that, i’ll wear it anyway you like it.” oh, goody, this just fun, i don’t think i’ve ever been given this big an open in a LOOOONG time. lol. i ask, “well, what are you willing to do for this shirt.” she responded immediately with, “anything you want.” well well well…..gentlemen we have liftoff. lol. i told her what she could do would end up with me making cumsies and a nine month gestation period. she’s said, “what….did you say cumsies.” i nodded. she made a “wtf” face, laughed and said, “i’ve never heard that one before.” i laughed and said, “well i’m definitely an original.” she laughed we continued to talk. ok. since i’m going home in february and i’m a total sucker for a girl in Saints gear, add +7 if it’s MY shirt i decided to let her wear it. i went to my car, put on a white t and my FCUK track jacket and went inside. i went back to the table and we flirted about what she’d be willing to do to wear the shirt i got a TON of IOI’s and she was resting her leg on mine and kept flipping her hair. i pushed my phone out and told her to punch her # in. she gave me her # and i let her put on the shirt. she asked me if i wanted her to wear it in what she was wearing or if i wanted her to put on a “special thong” just for the shirt. GEE i dunno. i told her special thong sounded yummy and off she went. now…..yeah, i gave her my shirt, but trust me i’m pretty sure it’ll end up on my bedroom floor at some point. she came back and she looked great. look, she’s TALL, especially in heels. she tied the shirt at the waist to show some of her belly. we flirted some more and i told her about the blog. then i showed her the screen saver pic again (she’s bi-sexual btw) and we kept flirting and on at least 2 occasions she made mention of my confidence. she also mentioned liking my glasses. i gave her praise for having good taste and recognizing a great guy. we talked about the blog stuff and female ejaculation and she seemed pretty interested in it since it’s something she’d never done. she then sent me a VERY nice pic (hubba hubba). we made loose plans to see each other at a later date and she went to the stage to dance. she gave me a VERY nice dance and she came back to my table after she was done.

at this point the talk became more personal. out of respect for her privacy i’ll not go into her personal details but i’ll say this: she’s doing something with her life and she has 3 jobs. she doesn’t smoke, she’s 21 and she’s VERY cool. and well…she’s a saint’s fan; you had me at hello. lol. she has a VERY beta room-mate that was attracted too but whose self-esteem is so bad he killed all her tingles. i told her to send him to my blog and that i’d sort him out. i told her i was going to post about the interaction and she told me she’d want to read it. i asked her if she’d comment on it and she said she would. now, let’s just see what she has to say about all this.

to be continued……..

on a side note, today was the first day i’ve ever been viewed over 10,000 times in a month. i really appreciate everyone taking the time to read and comment. seriously, thanks guys.

stay up.

Fight Club

it’s really taken by surprise that this whole “male social dynamics” is such a thing of interest to you guys. but since you all seem so interested in reading about it, i’ll do my best oblige.

for as long as i can rememeber, i’ve kind of been a loner. as a kid, i’d go to grandparents and run straight into the woods. i’d stay out all day with my dog. finally i built a small lean to that served as the woodland “honey-comb hide out” (it’s a boy thing ladies, just accept it). as a kid, i was ALWAYS outside playing with the other boys. football, bikes, fighting, you name it. girls didn’t come into play until my junior high years but even as a relatively nerdy, small child i ALWAYS fit in and played well with other boys. and of course it was always one-up one of the other boys. trust me, if you have a boy i’m sure you know “dumb and dangerous” is RIGHT up our alley. i didn’t fight much, but i existed in a world where i was always a potential “easy target” and i took my lump as often as i dished them out. among a group there is a definite hierarchy BUT, there’s more of a “building up” of the weaker boy/s”. i think it’s kind of a shaping tool, whatever weakness’ you might have you hopefully work through to the point where it’s no longer an issue in adolescence. i was small, and i was FAST and nimble. during football i was the go to “deep route burn my defender” guy. NO ONE could keep up with me. and i NEVER got tired (damn you kool-aid). but…..i was timid. you got in my face, i backed down. i was beaten VERY badly until my mother left my father (in fourth grade) so that may attribute to a lot of it. the guys always put me up against bigger guys to build my confidence. eventually, i got over being so timid. if you push me now, i REFUSE to back down. WHAT ARE YOU GETTING AT DANNY!!!!!

well this morning i saw a VERY interesting program on a group out of california. they run an actual fight club. what made this so great was it actually put ordinary men, with minimal fight experience, in the ring for actual rattan (bamboo fighting stick) hand to hand fighting. here, ordinary men that felt like slaves behind cubicles needed a release. fighting was that release. it didn’t matter who won or lost. they were SCARED out of their fucking minds before the fight. it hurt, and primal. but the men all stated that trough the fighting they felt a sense of worth again. when the raiders show up to kill, rape, and pillage…..what the fuck are you gonna Bro? will you cower like a dog, or will go out swinging. i don’t know about you, but i’m not a dog. regardless of what education and socioeconomic status for 1000’s of years, we fought. and we fought because we had to. we don’t fight anymore and a real sense of our “purpose” has been stripped away with it. call me barbaric, call me whatever, i don’t care. i know who and what i am and great deal of comes from me embracing my need to be a “warrior” if needed. i might never need to, but if i ever do…..God help you if i’m pitted against you.

look, it’s all well and good to see brad pitt hashing out tyler durden wisdom and all, but to actually see real men, cowed into submission by modern societal norms, feeling the absolute thrill of really being alive. well, it was pretty amazing. this might be lost on you ladies, but this is more for the guys. unplug. i’m not suggesting you go out and start a fight, but if it’s at all possible, find an outlet that will actually allow you spar. personally i recommend “krav maga” it’s practical and pretty easy to learn. seriously, if you can catch this show, watch it. every man was scared out of his mind before the fight. and when it was over, they were brothers. there’s now a bond. oh….and this place was TEAMING with women to watch the boys act like dumb, brutish boys.

simple repoire among men sometimes isn’t enough. my place in the pack is usually the role of comic relief (that will be another post on this subject) and keeping everyone laughing. but……if there’s a threat, everyone is on equal terms as far as defending the pack. if you can’t help defend…’re useless.

when i was about 10-11 i got into a spat with this kid david. david was the local bruiser of the group. we ended in a one on one grudge match football game with out buddy anthony as all time quarterback. i ended up kicking off to him and out the gate it brutal. on the opening kick-off we ran full speed into each other. neither of us got up right away. from that moment on, it was a normal football game. that one play, that simple act of aggression on both are parts ended the spat. we never fought again.

when i was in third grade i was getting bullied by some kids at my bus-stop. my abuelita noticed some cuts and bruises and asked me what happened. after trying to lie she finally drug it out of me as to my dilemma. “how many boys we talking about?” she asked. i meekly replied, “three.” she nodded and asked, “there one that’s clearly in charge?” i nodded. “good, here’s what you do: get to the bus-stop about 10-15 minutes early and hide. find a big stick and soon as they they show up, run up on the the one that’s in charge and start beating him. but don’t hit him in the head, just the below the neck.” i was confused and asked, “what about the other 2?” the abuelita giggled, “oh don’t worry about them, they’ll be loooong gone once you start on.” i did what she told me, and she was right. and they never bothered me again.

lesson learned: david wasn’t as indestructible as i had made him out to be. and in the second story- take the fight to a bully and use unrelenting force. as the cliche saying goes: “it doesn’t matter the size of the dog in the fight, just the size of fight in the dog.” woof woof.

here’s the video from the show i was talking about.

sorry, this just seemed appropriate: