I’m in Love with a stripper….

lulz. WHO ME????? uuuh…..no. but i’ll address the title in a second.

i woke up to find i had 2 voice mails. one from my mommy, and one from my sister. come to find out the sister drove up to my neck off woods (literally…WOODS) to see her hubster who had an overnight in my bunakasallheel wonderful city. well, i had to take the bow to the range first and drop some arrows at 30 ft. i’m getting REALLY good btw. then headed down-town to meet up with my sis. had a GREAT time. my brother-in-law OWNS btw. i don’t know why, but i’m willing to bet he and Bb’s Mr Wonderful are a LOT in common. the brudduh in law is a quiet Alpha and an introvert. sis, she’s an extrovert…..BIG SURPRISE huh, no wonder it works. we had a nice dinner at a Chicago pizza joint and had a great time. me and brudduh in law play off each other well, he’s a funny sonuvabitch with KILLER timing. i gotta give it up to him. so we had pizza, watched my Flyers, and we parted ways. i was going to go to my local and watch some MMA. as i took a different route in i drove past a place my neighbor mentioned: “the Blue Angel” a “gentleman’s club”. lol.

now i have not been in a strip club since 2002. it was the night before i went off to Japan for 3 years. me and my boy Drew tore the fuck out of Rick’s Caberet on Bourbon. i didn’t go home 6am. yeah. it was THAT kind of night. i dropped Drew off at the base at 4am, then went back to Rick’s for seconds. so i stopped in to Angel as a “why the fuck not” move. ok. i need to be clear here…..i live in REDNECK central. seriously. i know i claim Jacksonville as my current home, BUT……i don’t live there. lol. where i live there are RICH people and TRAILER PARKS. yeah. i went inside and there weren’t too many people (it was close to 9pm), i took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer. ok, since i have some women reading and most of them seem to be Church types i need to explain to you strip club 101: the girls approach you to talk, they are trying to get you to buy a private dance. THAT’s where they make their money. their sole purpose is TO MAKE $$$$$!!!!!! that’s it. i learned stripper game back in NO. i had a good friend who danced on bourbon and she’s call me to invite me and the gf to come out on slow nights and keep her company. so i know EXACTLY how the strip club works. well, one girl approached me, her name’s “stormy” (real name’s Tammy btw…..the girls typically don’t give their real names) and she’s actually VERY cool. we chatted for a bit and after a while she left me to “get her hustle on”. NOW, i want to be clear here, I AM NOT SHAMING these women. but strippers fall into 2 groups. 1- girls dancing to get from point A to B. usually they’re going to college. they finish school and they never dance again. then you have the group 2- stripping is all they got. you can tell type 2’s because damn near EVERY club has a girl who’s pretty much older than the other’s. a private dance with her is typically cheaper than with one of the girls in their 20’s.

now tonight i wasn’t really there for any other reason than to post about what i saw. that, and it was a “what the fuck” kinda night.   so stormy was really sweet and i told her about my blogging. we talked boy-girl stuff and come to find out she’s a bi-sexual girl who prefers woman…..BUT still like guys (she has a kid…..most strippers do btw). like i said, she was COOL. typical strip club rules are that YOU DO NOT touch the girls. they may place whatever they want on you, but you CANNOT touch them. some girls will place your hands on certain parts, but THEY have to initiate touch. well here, the girls would leave the stage for the guys and grind on them and the guys would drop $$$ on them. some would slap the girls asses and feel them up.

THIS is what got me. THIS was what interested me. the men objectifying the women who had ZERO actual interest in them and the men getting off on the “yeah……i got the money and i’m big and bad BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!” all the while the girl is probably thinking of what she needs to grab from wal-mart tomorrow and how she’s pissed at the fact that her kid…..   you get the picture. the girls chat the guys up to try to get a VIP dance and usually approach the guys that tip them to solicit a dance. tammy came back and chatted with me and we talked strip club dynamics and how 2 guys (she worked one) where chatting up 2 girls (one of whom filled out an application) but the 2 girls were mocking the same guys when they were sitting at the stage. again….ALL this was interesting to me. yet……….the entire male-female dynamic of the strip club is EXACTLY THE SAME as i first learned about it in 2000. i really didn’t give a shit about the girls, there were 1-2 that i thought were attractive. tammy was a 7 (half puerto rican/white) and was cool, NO tattoo’s (which i like).  but by and large i was people watching.

the smoking finally got the best me and i finally left, came home, took a shower, and posted this. but i think i’m going to go back to observe shit. it was VERY interesting to watch the push-pull of the men and the women. to be continued. but in the mean time. turn the volume down if you decide to play this btw.

5 Comments on “I’m in Love with a stripper….”

  1. Ribbon Butterfly says:

    How does the man’s self-knowledge that a he is paying for the experience change the perception of the experience?

    Or, different way of putting it – when those women were bashing the guys they chatted up earlier, is that what everyone (including the guys) expected? Does that cause any grief, or is it more accepted as part of the deal?

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Because the experience is all the matters. They are seeking female attenshinz and they are getting it. Paying for it is irrelevant.

      The guys weren’t aware the girls at the bar were laughing at them. And the guys were too fixated on the methed out dancer (and she approached me….her teeth were all JACKED up) to realize they were being ridiculed.

      Make sense? Sent from my iPhone

      • Ribbon Butterfly says:

        Sure, that seems straightforward. Non-confrontational question: why don’t more (single) men go to strip clubs? For events other than their friends’ birthdays, I mean.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        “Non-confrontational question: why don’t more (single) men go to strip clubs? For events other than their friends’ birthdays, I mean.”

        1- it can be expensive. beers are typically SUPER high. in NO it’s like $8-9 for a domestic. 2- it’s fun at times, but guys finally figure out that the girls typically don’t “date/sleep with” the guys that go in there. it CAN be done. but most guys don’t have enough game to get a dancer to go home with him. getting a stripper takes PUA skills.

        i got with a few strippers by being friends with one, and she invited a few to her apartment (2 floors down from my apt in NO) and they were all at the pool. my girl laura her roomie was brook, a stripper) came up and told me they were having a little “girl day” at the pool and asked me if i’d cook something. she gave me $30. i ended making BBQ chicken and 2 of the girls were all over me. i ended up getting the amazing brunette up to my apartment and we were hooking up for a few months. never a gf though. they have too much drama.

        most strippers have common themes: SINGLE MOTHERHOOD and daddy issues. some have drug problems. the ones that are date-able are typically going to college and once they graduate the never dance again. those are the cool ones. the girl i was talking with was VERY cool.

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