The 21 year-old Sailor and asshole Game

i was talking to a co-worker she notice me typing a lot and finally said, “what are you doing?” i answered, responding to a reader’s comment.” long story short i told her about the blog and after 5 minutes she said, “can i show it to my boyfriend?” so we started talking about my sexual history. she was mostly interested in “asshole days” when i first joined the Navy. here’s what i told her:

[edit: this is not something i’m posting about as an “i’m the man” post. rather, to show the 180 i made towards women as i got older and thusly, more mature]

when i was living in texas, i noticed the girls i cared about and tried to be cool to eventually broke up with me or cheated on me. i thought maybe it was me. back in new orleans i didn’t really have GF’s, i just fucked whatever girl  could. now i wanted to have a GF. then i realized something: all the women that i KNEW were totally into me, i didn’t really what they thought. i just did my thing. there was this girl jennifer. best friend of my best friends gf. we were all in the little alt-click in that tiny town. well they were trying to get jen and me together. but she ended up with chris (another good friend in the click). cool. well, chris move and she came on to me. 2 weeks later she was dating a guy i knew named mike. mike dumped her after 2 months. by this point i wanted NOTHING to do with. well, mike crushed her confidence. jen was 4’11”, mexican, and VERY chesty. very very very cute girl. i REFUSED to talk to her. told my boy gf, tell her don’t even say my name. can ANYONE guess what happened? lol. well one sat night me about 6 guys were at my having beers at my house wheile my dad was at work. my boy dared me, “just go to so-and-so’s house and tell her to come over.” damn, i was challenged, MUST.NOT.BACK.DOWN. sorry ladies, this is a dick thing. i couldn’t say no, ridicule would have ensued monday at school. long story short, she came over and we had sex. no conversation, i led her to my room, we made out, i undressed her, then told her to go back to so-and-so’s house. i ONLY did it because A- i didn’t want ANYTHING to do with her (oh, she was a Sr. in HS, i was in comm. college). B- i wanted to get back to my friends who when they say me, they were STUNNED. it went around like wildfire at school monday. from that point on FOR OVER 7 MONTHS that’s EXACTLY how it went down. i call, she comes over, we fuck, i send her home. sometimes i’d tell her to bring me plate of whatever her mom made. i know i know. it gets WORSE.

this BANGING little mexican girl Maria caught my eye. she started come over. again guess what ethnicity she was? after i got her to put out i found out she had this curiosity about wimminz. ORLY NOW!!!! so one day, while i was making out with maria and i had her down to her panties, i called jen to come over. i went back and keep dolores running and when the door bell rang, i ran right to it, pulled jen in and started kissing her and IMMEDIATELY taking off her clothes. i had her shirt and bra off then while kissing her i pushed her into my room. maria looked STUNNED. she told me she always thought jen was “kinda cute” i motioned for maria to come by then i let jen see maria and she looked shocked. i i kissed maria, then kissed jen. i kept getting maria and jen closer and closer till i finally gently pushed jan to maria and maria kissed her. i whispered to jen that i thought this was VERY sexy and after getting over the initial shock she went with it. my first 3-way was off the check-list. one day after i finished with jen, she asked if i wanted to go again, i told her, “i don’t waste another condom.” NOW LOOK, i KNOW that sounds fucked up, but here’s the thing: i only had one condom left and wanted to fuck her the next day. i didn’t have enough $$$ for more condoms right then. so i didn’t realize how it came across. i did YEARS later though. god am i an asshole.

ok. i’m not going into the blow-by-blow details but let me say this. DAMMIT WAS I PROUD OF MYSELF!!! ok, here’s how i pulled it off. 1- i KNEW jen would do whatever i said. she’d been doing it for 6 months. i’d said some pretty dick things to her and she NEVER called me on it. so i knew whatever i wanted her to do, she’d do. 2- i talked with maria for about a week planting the “girl-on-girl” thing in her head, and she always went on about how cute jen was. i figured “why not?”

then, i got to charleston i had gotten a rep after bringing back this SLAMMING hot indian girl from CollOfChar, a pharmacy major. i took her virginity i went to cuba and when i came back the lovely girl i had started dating had dumped to get back on the carousel. i went into “man, fuck a bitch” mode. i hooked up with a few girls from my second job (remember…..i stay away from military women)  so as i’m sure you can guess the girls in the barracks wanted to know how i got these (again i was bringing 8-9’s back to the barracks, one guy brought a tape to me that he recorded at the door of room with a girl screaming loudly, “SI PAPI!!! SI, SI, SI, NO PARATE!!!! AY, MAS DURO PAPI!!” the tape was about 5 minutes long) lovely ladies and what was so special about me. and EVERYONE knew about the loud yells coming from my room. one girl pissed me off, so i opened the curtain JUST ENOUGH so guys could see her naked. i had her get on top of me facing the window and i pulled her hair back so she wouldn’t the guys watching. yeah. i know. then margarite showed up. she came by my room one night and asked for a ride to get chinese. i had been flirting with her for about a week and she always asked about “all these girls she hears about”. she ate in my room and we soon we were making out. 10 minutes later i was fucking her while my room-mate “slept”. my room-mate was a alabama kid named chris (pretty alpha dude as well). i motioned for him to come over. he did and i told him to lower his pants. now i had margarite positioned on her back facing his bed so i could keep an eye on him. once i knew he was awake, i told him to come get some. i turned her head so she could see him and she IMMEDIATELY started blowing him. about 2-3 minutes into it, i told him. oh God you girls are gonna HATE me. i told him…

“hey, flip a coin and if you lose you get to fuck her.”

she stopped looked at me, and my roomie started ROLLING. i looked at her and said, “the fuck are you looking at, finish him.” and YES, she did. i have a few more stories like this one, but i’d rather not make the ladies hate me anymore than they do now. the girl i work with was agasp. “i don’t know how/why you guys do it. it’s just soooo wrong.” i had to tell her, “they ALLOWED it to happen. you think i ever let a woman disrespect me?” in my experience asshole game is rooted in: confidence, dominance, outcome independence, and most importantly- employing the psychological tactic of letting her know she’s VERY replaceable and you simply don’t care if she she leaves. might have to get Kane over here again. lol.

THANKFULLY, i haven’t been that guy for a LOOOOONG time. by the time i left charleston to go to Sicily doing that shit was getting old. soon after i got to sicily i met my first local gf. and i’m happy to say i treated her quite well. the asshole had left the building.

21 Comments on “The 21 year-old Sailor and asshole Game”

  1. Kane says:

    Asshole game works. Each girl has a different tolerance for it though. If her tolerance is too high, drop her; she’ll cheat on you with the next biggest asshole she finds.

    Girls with very high asshole tolerance tend to have low commitment value, just a trend I’ve noticed. Girls with very low asshole tolerance tend to have high commitment value for their level of attractiveness. Very attractive girls tend to have higher asshole tolerance. Multiple factors at play here. I’m sure an astute reader can couch the explanation in terms of evolutionary psychology.

    jen was 4’11″

    I have a midget fetish too. I usually prefer tall chicks though.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 7:16 AM, wrote:

      “I have a midget fetish too. I usually prefer tall chicks though.”
      4’11” isn’t a midget when you’re 5’4″ you Dick. lol.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      jen was 4’11″

      I have a midget fetish too. I usually prefer tall chicks though. 4’11” isn’t a midget when you’re 5’4″. DICK. lol. and honestly she was VERY pretty (and mexican, my favorite flavor), just you know….17, and her self esteem was in the shitter having lost 2 guys that she liked over a 6 month period. i’m pretty sure that played a lot into it. hell even after i went home after boot-camp she gave it up, even though she was seeing someone else.

    • wingwoman says:

      To be honest it’s a hard thing to factor. I once put up with my bf crazy shit but that was mostly because I was young ,he sometimes acted better (paging Dr. Jekyll to get rid of Mr. Hyde )and had oneitis. Basically I thought he would go back to being nice if we worked on so young so dumb but I am loyal to fault and fairly attractive not that that was even necessary at to get someone else to replace him( imbalance of dudes to chick was high). Never discount personal factors and make generlizations about loyalty and assholes. I wish I had a dollarfor every decent person who stayed in a relationship with an asshole/bitch.

  2. ASF says:

    I kind of like asshole Danny.

  3. ASF says:

    You and I actually have similar tastes in girls (small and dark). Is Salma Hayek your dream girl? 😀

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      her rack is EPIC. dream girl….no. i don’t really have a favorite.

      but i DO prefer dark hair. skin tone is irrelevant to my honestly. dark hair…..mmmmm. danny likey. my next post will address this.

  4. Jennifer says:

    “Girls with very high asshole tolerance tend to have low commitment value, just a trend I’ve noticed”

    That’s because they’re there for fun and not remotely looking for a real partner.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Jenny Jen Jen-
      have you been to Kane’s blog. there’s a lot women could learn from him. he’s a former player who’s now in a healthy LTR. his post “how to win a player is VERY” good. though i don’t know him IRL, i’ll guess he’s in his mid-late 20’s and finally grew out of that “phase”.

      • Jennifer says:

        I know he has some good stuff, and considered him one of the pretty much beyond-reproach ones until I came across advice telling men that, as they upped their game, they would up their chance to get increasingly beautiful women, so they might as well not be with less attractive ones. I agreed with some of his points, like avoiding women with generally less healthy personalities, but hated the note of pride in that advice given to men about beauty; it can be very insidious.

        Anyway, his words here weren’t even that bad; I just hate any hint of promotion of asshole game and thought for a moment he might have been implying that all women have some tolerance for it. I should have clarified, though, I wasn’t talking to him when I said “You lost me”; I meant you.

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        if you choose to judge me based on the behavior of my irresponsible and less than admirable 20’s, that’s up to you. most of it was a defense mechanism after being treated like shit after i treated a girl with decency. so by-and-large 20 yo danny was acting in self defense. again, i’m not proud of a lot of what i did.

        i would like to think you’re sensible enough to define me based on the man i am now.

        so let me ask you: if a woman sleeps around a lot and then suddenly at 23 realizes she’s wrong for it and changes her ways, is it proper for me to think she’s still just a “worthless slut” if i see her 2 years later and she’s in a healthy LTR? are honestly going to imply that people can’t change?

      • Jennifer says:

        I know people can change, and I’m glad you have. The post just seriously turned me off, and it would if a girl shared a threesome story too. Girls are generally more emotionally susceptible to sex and being sexually used, but if a girl used dark female game to get a guy’s money, as a more equal example, I would be very unahppy.

      • Jennifer says:

        When reading it initially, I’m not sure I saw all your admissions that you weren’t proud of it; I was wading through the sex details and trying to avoid a lot of them.

  5. dannyfrom504 says:

    “but if a girl used dark female game to get a guy’s money, as a more equal example, I would be very unahppy.”
    well at least you’re fair, and i appreciate that.

    again, i post it to show i wasn’t ALWAYS the guy blogging now. BUT i grew up. i used my past to show the polarization of me THEN vs me NOW and as you can see…….it’s a complete 180.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yup. Here’s my last post, which showed up above yours: When reading it initially, I’m not sure I saw all your admissions that you weren’t proud of it; I was wading through the sex details and trying to avoid a lot of them.

      A lot of guys will read this and probably just be turned on by the concept.

  6. OTC says:

    Better to be a reformed asshole, than never one in the first place.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      2 points: i got all that “immature misbehavior” out of my system. trust me, my mother HATED that part of my life. it was at a point where she didn’t ask me about women in my life. secondly (and most importantly)- i learned that i didn’t like being that way. it really is a dead end and ultimately lonely road.

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