What I love about women….

……pretty much everything, but considering how the “asshole” post might have left a bitter taste in some mouth’s i figured i’d drop a  happy pill in the kool-aid. it’s been no secret here that i’ve ALWAYS been crazy about the opposite sex. i thought about some of the things about you ladies that make my man-hamster (i wonder if that exists) go crazy. so, here’s my list of the things about you women that drive me crazy (in a good way. lol):

  • wearing my saints/LSU stuff- MAJOR points here. girl +15 if she get’s “girly” saints gear. but her in undies and wearing one of my long sleeved saints t’s while reading her book. WINSAUCE!!!
  • baby T and boy shorts-  that’s it. i’m DONE. i see her in these and i’m literally reduced to a blubbering idiot with the annunciation skills of a stroke victim.
  • “pleeeeeeease” followed by the “eyes”-  AAAAAAAWWWWWW GAWDAMMIT!!!!!!! and you ladies KNOW the “eyes” i’m talking about. DIRTY POOL. VERY dirty pool. you deploy this and i’m filing it under: “i’ll bring this one up when i wanna ******** and she gives me shit about it.” lol.
  • cooks for me-    never experienced this one before so it’s more a “wish list” addition.
  • victoria’s secretions-  i LOVE going to Vicky’s with the gf. “huh, oh…YEAH….of course we can go, why….why…..why are we still here? LET’S GO.” is typically my reply to being asked if i mind if we “stop in.” and i KNOW you ladies love bringing us in there as much as we love going there.
  • BEWBIES- does this REALLY need an explanation. i’ve been asked if i were an ass or breast man and i have to say…..BOTH, are you kidding me. the last gf had GREAT breasts, but no ass….and guess what: i DIDN’T CARE. i’ve dated women with a GREAT ass but small breasts and you know what: her breast size DID NOT register. i think women by and large regard their breasts the way guys regard their penis size and can be VERY self-conscious of they have small breasts. if you fall into this camp, please to me carefully. DON’T!!!! your A/B cups are PERFECT. seriously. i adore the whole package, not just a couple of specific parts.
  • when she mentions “cookies” in the company of others- you know what i’m talking about here. lol. when she does this we’ll have a little conversation about what type of cookies i/she want and she’ll let me know where the “cookies” will most likely be eaten. aaaaaaaaah. INTIMACY FTW.
  • wake up sex move- ok. this needs some explanation. we’re all adults and well aware of a man’s “condition” in the morning. when i wake up she’s usually on her side of the bed not facing me. i’ll usually move toward her and…..well, you know. well women have this little “move” where they arch their ass upward to make it easier for me to…..you know. lol. I LOVE THAT ARCH!!!!!! it’s sooooooo damn sexy. and i’ve NEVER had a gf that didn’t do the “move” or mention it to a female friend that didn’t smirk when i bring it up. GOD BLESS you ladies. seriously. i can tell most of you ladies are smiling as you read this. lol.
  • sexy emails or texts- oooooooh. this is another one that is just mean. don’t get me wrong…i love it, but i have an INSANELY high libido. for a woman to do this is just…..torture. a sexy text can honestly derail my thought process for 10-15 minutes.
  • “touchies”- touchies are how a women lightly brushes her hand across any part of your body while doing any menial daily task (usually watching tv). her hand is BARELY touching you and she does it. this will honestly put me to sleep if done on my back or head. SERIOUSLY. if you’re a woman, DO THIS. lol.
  • long hair- i’ve posted about how most guys don’t pay enough attention to a woman’s hair. BIG MISTAKE. you work great magic by simply brushing/playing with her hair or massaging her scalp. trust me on this one.
  • overt girliness- slays me. EVERYTIME. i love feminine women, so ladies…..be girl. we like that. lol.

there are probably more, but this is what i was able to come up with after thinking about it while at work today. if any of you guys care to add to it, i’d LOVE to hear about it. stay up.

9 Comments on “What I love about women….”

  1. Badger says:

    Nice stuff. I also love women in jerseys.

    I was turned on to the sensuality of hair-stroking in college. Love the hair.

  2. (snort) Some of these descriptions are hilarious. Sweet, but also hilarious.

    I’ve actually heard the “We like it when you wear our shirts with your underwear” thing before. It does look cute.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I SCORED A SNORT!!!???? noice.

      “I’ve actually heard the “We like it when you wear our shirts with your underwear” thing before. It does look *unbelievable fucking beautiful*.”


  3. Agree with long hair and playing around with it, (re) arranging it . All the women I’ve fancied in the past did this. It is extremely distracting during classes, but also highly pleasurable to watch.

    Love that brushing with the back of the hand on my upper arm or back when laughing or when she asks me a personal question.

    Hoodies can also look great , especially with long hair kind of tucked in.

    Girliness : Check. It falls in with the long hair and touchiness.

    First thing I notice of a woman is her face, the depth and clarity of her eyes, the ease with which she smiles . Little imperfections and dimples. A cute frown when she thinks . That stuff drives me nuts.
    The rest of the body ( barring excess weight ) is kind of secondary . I don’t care so much about sizes and whatnot. More chubby girls are fine too , as long as her face and character attract me.

    Also , somewhat excessive reactivity to surroundings warms my heart ( noises, random people shouting etc.)

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