More MissMalice Wonderment……Twilight Sucks

since i haven’t noticed much of an increase in her traffic while visiting her site, i’ll bother you all with more.

one of the things i love about her is her long-winded and passionate ranting style of posting. present her with a topic she LOVES or LOATHES and…….STAND BACK. lol. once she get started, that’s it. it’s done. i don’t think it’s physically possible to get her to wind down (well, I CAN. lol) once she get’s going. don’t believe me, fine. i present exhibit A: her post on Twilight. i read this and i was smh and lightly laughing as i went through it. to me it’s VERY good and very ‘Sphere friendly. and, well……VERY cute. her blog has 2 sides: 1- the very interesting man-friendly take on relationships where she’s urging women to be feminine, and 2- the side where i can read it and need to schedule a pap afterwards. and that’s just from reading the title alone. yeah…..she’s THAT girly. lol

6 Comments on “More MissMalice Wonderment……Twilight Sucks”

  1. And this is when someone realizes that it’s over a thousand words long and goes, “OH GOD.”
    Hahaha. Seriously though, thank you for the link (again).

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Girl do you really think actually read all that? I got 3 paragraphs in, realized where your mind was, and scrolled aaaaall the way down and made my comment. Lol. Much to your credit: at least you admit to it.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Badger says:

    Dude you got it bad.

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