Why it’s great to be a single guy during Christmas


look, winter time is pretty much the only time i dislike being single. there’s something great about being at home with the woman, she’s reading, i’m watching hockey or football and trying not to fart too loudly disturb her with whatever the hell she’s reading. day-to-day intimacy is fun, during the winter even with the heater going or fireplace doing it’s thing, the woman usually wants to sit close and under a blanket. i approve of this btw. since i don’t know the absolute maddening bat-shit insane chaos joy of kids running around, it’s usually just her and I. i ALWAYS keep it playful and guns blazing perverted slightly sexual when we’re at home. just part of the charm of letting yourself being duped into allowing a Sailor to get yer goodies. *wink* but then…..Christmas rolls around. FUCK!!!!! i have to go to Christmas parties, and she wants to do the “command Christmas party” in tokyo, and i have to buy presents. the presents part i don’t mind. i have 3 black belts in buying presents for the Lady. sheeeeet. ask any of my female friends or exes. i bet the ex’s would say, “fuck him, but ok….yeah. he is good at gifts.” since none of this matters tis year, i have to tell you…i’m single and FUCK YEAH!!!! being a single guy at Christmas is tits. seriously. at least for me it is. WHY you ask? oh we’ll i shall tell you.

  1. i don’t have to buy SHIT!!!!! my family ALREADY knows. i get a Christmas card form the sis and form mom. THAT’S IT. i read it, but sis’s family pic up and throw it away in january. last GF i spent around $200 on. when i was with the gf in japan, i think i shelled out $300. yeah. we’d been together for about a year, but i knew i was leaving japan in jan for school in San Diego.
  2. NO CHICK FLICKS!!!! and the ones during Christmas are the WORST. i might get shit for this one, but i don’t mind “Love Actually”. cheryl back in Japan put me onto this movie while we were standing watch in december on ship. she popped it in and i asked her about, she described it and i said, “yeah. no. i’ll be in my office.” as i walked away cheryl added, “they show tits.” ORLY. i stopped, turned around and asked, “you better not be fucking with me.” she smiled and giggled (she was a TOTAL perv i might add), “swear to God. if i’m lying, i’ll blow you.” THAT meant she was serious. NO WAY was she doing that. i sat down and watched it. and YUP…..tits. ok, i’d sit through it. NOT a bad movie. i think i like it because it’s British and it’s features KIERA FUCKING KNIGHTLY!!!! i had never seen kiera before but boooooy was she on my radar now.
  3. no.Christmas.parties. *sigh* “danny, can i ask for a favor?” OH.NO. this meant she was going toask for something i know i wouldn’t want to do. i moved my eyes in her direction without turning my head. “what?” she sheepishly asked, “can we go to the command Christmas party?” FUUUUUUUCK!!!!!! i’m an INTJ i don’t MIND social shit, but stuff with a LOT of people does not sit well with me. she knew this. i agreed but told her we would NOT stay over 2 hours. and after 2 hours, i took her arm and said in her ear, “tenemos que irmos” (we need to go).  she looked at me a second and said, “ok.” i told her i was going to wait by the entrance for her so she could say goodbye. we left and walked around shibuya and had some “us time”. that part…..i had ZERO problem with. i wasn’t trying to be a dick to her, but i get VERY tense in large gatherings (the exception being family functions of course) thanks to my PTSD. so being single i don’t even have to worry about Christmas parties. i can be the reclusive dick-bag that i want to be.
  4. no work. i can sleep late and play Skyrim. i can go hunting. i can sleep all day. the day is mine. lol.


yeah, it’s no secret that i’m looking for the elusive LTR that exists in the SMP these days, but……i’m working on that. lol. for the time being, i’m glad i’m a guy during this time. it has to SUCK for women to be single during Christmas. back when i first came into the navy Thanksgiving and Christmas were the times to clean up with getting laid in the Barracks. girls just wanted some comfort and solace and dropped their guard down enough to let you get what she’s probably not let you have in june lol.


have a Great Christmas everyone. hopefully i kill a turkey.

15 Comments on “Why it’s great to be a single guy during Christmas”

  1. ASF says:

    You know I tried Skyrim and was not that impressed, although to be fair I only played through about 10-15 minutes. I just don’t think 1st person games are for me. I am kind of keen on Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, which is coming out in Feb.

    Merry Christmas (again) bro.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      see, i KNOW i’m an RPG fan. and i played all the games in the “morrowwind” series. this one is by FAR the best. lol. it’s very possible that RPG’s aren’t your thing. it is what it is.

      i’m about to head out…..then LDS will slay big scary monsters on Skyrim. stay up. and again, Merry Christmas.

      • ASF says:

        Oh no, I love RPGs. I have all the old Black Isle game classics (BG, BG2, Ice Wind Dale, etc.). Never played any of the Elder Scrolls games though.

    • YBM says:

      Diablo 3, I’ve been looking forward to that game for a decade now.

  2. Ribbon Butterflies says:

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  3. Hah! I love Love Actually. It’s so weird.
    You listed a couple reasons why I like being single during the holidays. I just don’t want to go anywhere.

  4. Bellita says:

    Merry Christmas, Danny!

  5. Merry Christmas ! ( This is my most middle of the road greeting )

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