Another Miss and Da 30 point Buck

i was going to go hunting yesterday but when the alarm went off i just wasn’t feeling it. this morning, since it’s Christmas, and figuring God would spare my unworthy Catholic ass and grace me with good-fortune on this Day of his Son’s birth (and since there was NOTHING else for me to do) hopped right out of bed this morning to bag a Gobbler. i signed in around 5:30, smoked my self with moss-smoke, and made my way to my ridge where i can look down on the incoming quarry. found a new tree to prop up against (scouted the ridge before and saw a decent amount of feathers and droppings) and waited for sunrise. i finally heard the trees rustling and the birds announcing their wake up. when i heard the first few calls i started working my call. for those of you who don’t know the joy of hunting, let me tell you this…’s 95% sitting and waiting. i really need to buy a hen decoy and get a wing cal……(you probably don’t know what a wing-call is: well it’s just a large turkey wing that you flap to draw a bird in). i had managed to pass a deer stand (he ran an owl call, so i assumed there was either a drunk owl on the area or i passed a tree stand, looked up, saw a break in the silhouette to give up the hunters spot. i raised a fist to acknowledge him. GREAT, i was his entertainment. well i decided to take a different turn on this one. ok… and large most hunting is done with a slight hangover. so, i made sure i had my last beer 5 hours before turning in. so….i was a wee bit buzzed heading in. it wasn’t all cool out this morning either. s i have to wonder… i don’t, the smoked covered the booze. lol.

i finally managed to draw in a turkey. took about 45 minutes to get him in to about…..BAAAAM!!!!! someone shot at a deer and my turkey flew off. ksjdfhasdhgnpvioawp c*&*^SPK;,d;pqu24t9u9-tuq39-]uag95yMOTHER FUCK!!!!! i sat grumbling for about 10 minutes. regained my clam, and waited for calls to pick up again. when i finally heard them, i worked the call but didn’t draw a bird in. FUCK IT. spot stalk time. i low walked slowly through the forest for about 30 minutes looking for feathers and listening for cal…..

STOP. turkey. freeze.

it was a small male. i knew because the beard was pretty small and the spurs could only be a 1/2″. i drew the bow back, and took aim. the bird was about 35-40 yards in front of me. i took a deep breath and held it. when i finally had the bird perpendicular to me i exhaled slowly and let slip the arrow.

i missed.

i think the arrow may have caught a branch (i took a gamble and it didn’t pan out) and the arrow veered about 7″ wide of the bird. he screeched and flew off. i retrieved my arrow (it was in a sapling) and made it back to the check station. “no luck son?” well hello mr. Rhetorical  Randy. i didn’t respond. he asked me what happened and i told him the tale. “what did you learn Son?” i told him i learned NOT to shoot an arrow into brush and expect to drop my prey. “well son, at least you learned from your mistake, i bet you’ll never do that again.” nope won’t do it again.

i told and even commented on  how game is like hunting. there are MANY facets to consider and there’s MUCH i need to know and be able to recognize when i have prey before me. i have to know the terrain (where did i run into her), know the behavior of the prey (recognize IOI’S), and know when to take a shot (escalate). even if i’m 100% with all these things, i could still come up empty-handed. but do you think a miss is going to keep me from hunting? NOPE. i LOVE the forest and i have a passion for the pursuit. i’ll NEVER quit. however, once i find the future Ms 504. my days of THAT type of hunting will be done.

i’m meeting my neighbors friend this coming week to set up a hunt-date. he’s a deer hunter who leases 2 tree stands on some private property and he wants someone to hunt with. never been deer-hunting before. well, i was talking with  (she LOVES men that hunt btw….doncha Deary? lol) and was explaining we have to meet up before he takes me out with him. well he’s a former golfer that had back surgery and took up deer hunting to fill the golf void. we need to find out if our personalities match and we can hunt together. he’s going hunting next weekend…..FML. i’m working that weekend. but…..i have a lever action Winchester scoped 30-30 on layaway, and i’ll have it paid off by when i get paid on the first. he’s a fellow gun nut so i’ll show him my girls……YES, all my guns have a woman’s name, theres: sophi(AK-47), tracy(pistol), elizabeth(turkey gun), beth(mossburg), and jeanette(bow). and i already know what the 30-30’s going to be named. i’ll keep you guys posted.

my next Lady

Merry Christmas everyone.

as a special bonus i present to you a hunter fave. “Da Turty Point Buck” enjoy.

4 Comments on “Another Miss and Da 30 point Buck”

  1. just visiting says:

    Merry Christmas

  2. The timing on the things that thwart you from bagging a turkey are almost eerie.

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