What’s in a name?

recently i posted an email from a reader, a 23 yo UK college student, and it’s received a LOT of traffic. again…..i appreciate the reader’s offering advice to him. i gave him my advice and a few heavy hitter’s even chimed in *looking at you* Badger and Susan. i think PrivateMan chimed in as well (it’s Christmas and i’ve had a few beers, fuck fact checking). i’ve spoken to him in email more than once since i posted his email. i wish to point out.

1- he ASKED ME for advice. after reading his email, i took him as a good sort and wanted to post his email since i have some really insightful and Game-wise readers. the advice given was VERY good. *looking at you OTC*

2- his posting handle became a topic of discussion. he originally posted as “abuddingpimp” *shudder* look, all other bullshit aside i DID NOT like this handle. WHY NOT Danny? i’ll tell you why….

  • it came across as trying to hard. he wants to lose his virginity and understand women better. VERY noble pursuits. but applying the “pimp” handle, and it’s less than worthy connotation’s, NO. sorry.
  • I took it upon myself to make the email public. he came to ME, for advice. it’s well known by now my perspective on relationships. had he wanted PUA advice, he’d have gone there. but as it turns out……he came to my “beta” *laughing heartily* ass for advice.
  • his handle has generated a bit of a murmur in the blogs…..

http://badgerhut.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/reader-poll-help-get-this-guy-a-new-handle/  there’s another blog that i SHALL NOT send traffic to that pinged this issue and i have to admit, i NEVER thought posting this email would produce this much chatter.

to the lad mentioned in the original post, i say this……you want a decent handle, a “middle road” handle. i suggest this:

DudeintheUK/UKGent/RedPillMan/RedPillGent  you get the point i’m sure.

stay up.

2 Comments on “What’s in a name?”

  1. This is a little like when someone applies for a job with an email address that’s something like “BittySlut69@____.com.”

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