Now it’s ON…….

see. now they’re just fucking with me. seriously. this can be the only possible explanation for such brazen mockery.

i went in to work only be told, go home and come back at 133…….1:30pm. great, fucking great. f.m.l. so i get my happy ass back in my car and decided to take a different route in to the Canton. so…..i’m taking a back road that’s basically on the edge of the forest i hunt. and i finally saw it. SONUVABITCH!!!!!! NINE FUCKING TURKEYS milling about on the side of the road. i kid you not. AT LEAST 9. MINIMUM!!!!! i stopped, turned on the hazard lights and got the camera on the phone ready. by the time i opened the door and ducked to where they were. GONE!!!! i heard rusting in the trees and head shot immediately to the right. i saw them displacing into the trees. i took this pic, but you can’t see the birds. but this will give you an idea as to HOW CLOSE they were. now when i got out the car i stayed low and went to the trunk to see the group. NOPE.

this is how fucking close the little bastards came to the road. the tree line is about 40 feet away. JUST INSIDE my bow range. #FUCKINGPISSED

then i zoomed in to show you guys something. an actual turkey roost. as i got back in the car and took this pic, i could see the birds moving in the trees, they were maybe 3-4 feet in the forest. OH, and my was bow in the fucking trunk. *SIGH* now….oh, the pic.

follow the trunk. that dark mass just above the center is a roost.

follow the trunk. that dark mass just above the center is a roost.

btw, this little spot is less than TEN MINUTES from my house. srsly. i take this as a personal challenge from the turkeys of clay county. you’ve thrown down the gauntlet. I ACCEPT. bring it you little fucks. something wicked way comes.  and when i kill one of you little bastards…and trust me, i WILL kill one of you; you’ll be displayed here for the “Sphere to see.

dear turkey's- see this. well, this has your name written all over it. you've fucked with the wrong HM.

i don’t think it’s possible for people who don’t hunt to understand the passion hunters have for the hunt. it’s NO joke. this is something we take VERY seriously. well i recently nuked my DVR with at least 6 hours of hunting shows. just to prove how serious this shit is to me. *SIGH* GOD you guys are gonna laugh at this. as i’m watching the guys stalk boar, i’m WHISPERING out loud to the tv. lol.

*hushed tone* “dude, dude, keep right of the trail. have someone circle around and flush him to you.” lol. i WISH i were kidding. but i’d be lying. maybe now you have an idea as to how crucial this crap is to me. so g’head and feel free to point and snicker. lol.

8 Comments on “Now it’s ON…….”

  1. jamie says:

    Danny, if there are any turkeys reading this blog, they should be captured ALIVE.

  2. Can’t form eloquent comment.
    Too busy laughing.

  3. Ribbon Butterflies says:

    My friend told me about this light you can attach to the end of the arrow so you can find it again in the dark… maybe you need this tracking system to nab that turkey! STEALTH LIKE.

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