Repost: Male Social Dynamics with Douchey Mall Cop

since you guys have stated wanting to read more “male social dynamics” posts: another repost. had a beta as all hell mall cop trying to chat up a vendor girl (poorly, i might add) and he decided he was going to give me shit to impress a woman who really didn’t give a damn about him.


stopped at the mall to look for a latch for a sling for the AK. didn’t have one, so i was heading back to my car to get to work. i was wearing a black french connection shirt that looks like a jack daniels label (i just reposted about said shirt). it has “FCUK” at the very top of the logo. LOVE the shirt. french connection is a british clothing store. the “FCUK” part is their little gimmick. it stands for “french connection united kingdom” to those of you NOT familiar.

i was heading back to my car. there was a mall cop talking to a bi-racial girl with blonde dreadlocks and a neck tattoo.. wait…..i need to explain something first.

i’m NOT a big guy. 5’4″, 130lbs. i’m the LEAST intimidating man you’d ever see. that said….i’ve been fucked with for most of life because of my stature. i HATE fighting, i claim to love it, but that’s more the sparring and competitive aspect of it. but an actual “fight”, i try and avoid them. really. if i HAVE to fight, it usually ends in: you need to go to the ER, or you knock me out. neither outcome is relevant to me. but i will make sure i cause you pain. gotta love krav maga.

ok….so….i’m walking to my car, and this mall cop is talking to a girl. he steps in front of me JUST as i’m about to pass him. i almost bump into him, he was about 6′ish. OH NO. i’m pissed off immediately. i look UP at him and give him the WTF look. he tells me i have to turn my shirt in-side out. we’re JUST outside the food court, very busy section, TONS of traffic. i go to pull my shirt off right there. then i pause…my BS detector went off. i pull my shirt down, look at him for a second then look at the girl he was talking to. and it became VERY clear what he was doing. this mother fucker. i saw him talking to her earlier, and she wasn’t interested, just being polite. look i worked with a VERY attractive, big boobed asian girl for over a year. i KNOW the look she was giving him. he was doing all the talking, and she was just smiling. i ask him why i had to turn my shirt inside out. he tells me it’s because it has a “bad word” on it. i ask him what bad word he’s reading, then tell him  to SPELL the bad word. he then tells me the shirt is offensive, and kids shouldn’t see it. i look at the girl. she’s totally watching this.

i look him in the eye, and told him NO. i told him to call his supervisor, HE (his supervisor) could come down as tell me to change my shirt, but that i wasn’t going to do it for him (mall cop). he doesn’t even grab his radio, and i could sense his apprehension. he told me HE was the supervisor (again BS). i laughed and told him he was full of it. “dude, you’re on patrol, the supervisor has a desk job and is above patrolling. radio him and tell i WANT to see him. NOW”.  he fidgeted, but wouldn’t radio in.  he meekly asked me to turn my shirt inside-out. i NEVER broke eye contact with him at ANY point. i was ready to swing, but i couldn’t do that. i had to mentally fuck up this ass-hat. “look, i’m heading to my car to go to work….do yah wanna follow me?” he said no.

i looked over at the girl and told her that i really dug the neck tattoo (which was a lie), and she grinned. i followed with, “i dunno, a girl with a neck tat just seems to say……’do me’”. and i winked at her. she smiled, and i then looked at mall cop dick-bag.

i told my friend about the incident, and he said he’d have hit him (which he would have). but i had to explain that mall cop wouldn’t have said anything to him (he’s 6’0″ and a personal trainer….RIPPED). mall cop was a tall somewhat skinny white kid, probably about mid 20′s. he was trying to impress a girl and thought i was an easy target.

sorry…..this post is more therapy for me than anything. i needed to vent. i’m still fucking heated about it. definitely going to need to go for a run tomorrow before work.

2 Comments on “Repost: Male Social Dynamics with Douchey Mall Cop”

  1. Badger says:

    What a tool. One thing I don’t do with my game is flex in front of other men to impress a chick. I may have to flex just as part of what it is I’m doing, but synthetic social dominance is pathetic and usually looks try-hard (i.e. women can see through it).

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    the woman he was talking to was CLEARLY disinterested. i’d seen him talking to her for over 20 minutes. i got a tingle in 2 minutes.

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