Books for Guys who actually like to Read.

i haven’t read much lately, but i think i’m going to start knocking out some of the titles that’s grabbed my interest. i think i’ll start making this a weekly post. the books featured will mostly be from my library. been doing a lot of thinking lately, and decided on a few things for the upcoming year.

  1. i NEED to work out more. i have a MAJOR issue to deal with in April and it would be in my best interest to be in the best possible physical shape. i guess i’ll ask Jae to start giving me my “weekly beat-down” list. plus with the world ending this coming year i figure my best chance for survival will be a skosh of physical strength.
  2. read more. i think i covered that.
  3. start knocking out my degree. seriously. i think i only have 8 classes left.
  4. go back to NO as often as possible to visit the Abuelito.
  5. put women WAAAAAAAAY on the back burner. with the bullshit i’ve experienced out here, it is apparent i’m in a dating wasteland. although this is usually the subject matter for my “girl distraction” posts, fear not kids, i have a TON of wonderful stories as fodder for said subject matter. i can still post my observations of others ala ESPN side-line commentary. so don’t worry.
  6. keep the house clean. SERIOUSLY. i pay someone to come by twice a week and all, but….DAAAAMN. i mean i don’t have corn growing behind my sofa but if you walked in here right now, EEEESH!! besides, i need to unload this beast when i move back to NO in 2014 (if we’re still alive of course).

so…….onto the books. today i shall present 2. the books featured are what i feel would be good “guy reading”, and shall come directly from my own library. i don’t know if anyone’s covering books in the manosphere. so fuck it, i’ll jump on the grenade. first shall be…..

  • Hunger- by Knut Hamsun. a Norwegian writer goes in and out of various degrees of poverty and sanity while trying to survive and keep from starving. it runs from great bits of clarity to absolute schizoid bat-shit insane ramblings. PHENOMENAL book. supposedly the novel mirrors Hamsun’s own life as a starving artist. dude won a pulitzer in 1920.
  • Letters to Felice- by Franz Kafka. look, i’ve been to Prague twice and you’re DAMN skippy i went to Kafka’s old house. this is one of those books that you don’t have read to completion. it’s the actual correspondence  between Kafka and Felice Bauer. a woman he had a about a 5 year relationship with. a VERY nice window into the personal life/relationship of a genius. during this time he had a very productive period of writing. sometimes, a woman can just move you great things.
   stay up.

at Franz Kafka's crib. see i AM cooler than you. *rolls eyes*

me giving peace a chance. i didn't like it, so i stormed off and punched a vagrant. lulz.

at the torture museum. i want this in my living room.

Praha. my last trip on "Danny's European Misadventure". my liver gave me a VERY bad scolding after this trip.

8 Comments on “Books for Guys who actually like to Read.”

  1. Badger says:

    Nice move – a post that functions as an excuse to post DHV pictures.

  2. Ribbon Butterfly says:

    Can I admit something secret and dark?

    (I like Ghost by John Ringo.)

  3. Zorro says:

    Gotta respect a blogger who shows his face, unlike the majority of faceless assclowns.

    I was also a visitor on Golden Lane at Kafka’s house. I picked up several paperbacks of his while there.

    Live the life, dude!

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