Deti on Attending House Parties.

Attending House Parties
1.   Before you go, ask whether this is a singles party or a couples party.   You’ll know mostly by who you know the host to be.   If it’s a couples party you will be expected to attend with a date.  If it will be singles, you don’t have to bring a date but you can if you want.
2.   Unless you just want to get hammered and will take a cab home, DO NOT get drunk.   You’ll just be obnoxious and you’ll ruin your chances to meet anyone..
3.   The women will not be as good looking as those in bars or clubs. But they will be primed to meet men.   There’s not much cockblocking.
4.    You will have automatic social proof and preselection just by virtue of your invitation, so use it to full advantage.   But then, so will all the other men.
5.   There will be at least one man and one woman who get shitfaced drunk.  Don’t be that man.  (See #2 above.)
6.   Start out by conversing with the host, then move to the other men, then break out and talk to some of the women.   Be one of the first men to talk with the women.
7.   When you find one of the women to talk with, don’t force it.  If the conversation naturally ends, excuse yourself.  If you like her, casually run into her again.  Don’t forget to look for IOIs.   This is really crucial.
8.   There might be some opportunity for isolation at the house, if it’s a relatively large group and if she’s comfortable.   The better bet is to bounce her to another venue.  An SNL is unlikely at a house party, but not unheard of.

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