Field Report: At the Skrip Klub

i’m absolutely addicted to the strip club not far from my house, it’s great for people watching. but…..i can only usually stay for about an hour or so before i bail. i went last night and talked to one of the girls who was really cool. we talked about her bi-sexuality, her bf, her gf and three-ways. well, one of her friends showed up and she went over to talk to her. her “gf” also dances in the club (a very leggy brunette with beautiful eye’s, solid 7 even with the tattoos). after some time the leggy brunette came to my table and we talked for about 5 minutes. i made her laugh, i dropped light sexual innuendo and did general DVH stuff. again she was VERY cool. of course she laughed a lot and i got some minor IOI’s. i mention how i’m FINALLY leaving here in 2 years and she asked me where i was from. well, come to find out she LOVES NO and is a Saint’s fan. i checked the phone for the time and when she saw my screen saver her eye’s got wide. my screen saver is the pic from “natural game”. she asked about the pic and i told her it was a girl i’m “friend’s” with back in NO. she gushed over how hot the picture is. i left about 15 minutes later.

i went back tonight and she enthusiastically greeted me, “i LOVE that shirt.” i was wearing my camo Saint’s t-shirt (i had ZERO clue she was working again). it has “Saint’s” across the….SHIT. i’ll just post a pic of it.

c'mon, this shirt is tit's. admit it.

she sits at my table and is absolutely coo’ing over the shirt. “if you let me wear that, i’ll wear it anyway you like it.” oh, goody, this just fun, i don’t think i’ve ever been given this big an open in a LOOOONG time. lol. i ask, “well, what are you willing to do for this shirt.” she responded immediately with, “anything you want.” well well well…..gentlemen we have liftoff. lol. i told her what she could do would end up with me making cumsies and a nine month gestation period. she’s said, “what….did you say cumsies.” i nodded. she made a “wtf” face, laughed and said, “i’ve never heard that one before.” i laughed and said, “well i’m definitely an original.” she laughed we continued to talk. ok. since i’m going home in february and i’m a total sucker for a girl in Saints gear, add +7 if it’s MY shirt i decided to let her wear it. i went to my car, put on a white t and my FCUK track jacket and went inside. i went back to the table and we flirted about what she’d be willing to do to wear the shirt i got a TON of IOI’s and she was resting her leg on mine and kept flipping her hair. i pushed my phone out and told her to punch her # in. she gave me her # and i let her put on the shirt. she asked me if i wanted her to wear it in what she was wearing or if i wanted her to put on a “special thong” just for the shirt. GEE i dunno. i told her special thong sounded yummy and off she went. now…..yeah, i gave her my shirt, but trust me i’m pretty sure it’ll end up on my bedroom floor at some point. she came back and she looked great. look, she’s TALL, especially in heels. she tied the shirt at the waist to show some of her belly. we flirted some more and i told her about the blog. then i showed her the screen saver pic again (she’s bi-sexual btw) and we kept flirting and on at least 2 occasions she made mention of my confidence. she also mentioned liking my glasses. i gave her praise for having good taste and recognizing a great guy. we talked about the blog stuff and female ejaculation and she seemed pretty interested in it since it’s something she’d never done. she then sent me a VERY nice pic (hubba hubba). we made loose plans to see each other at a later date and she went to the stage to dance. she gave me a VERY nice dance and she came back to my table after she was done.

at this point the talk became more personal. out of respect for her privacy i’ll not go into her personal details but i’ll say this: she’s doing something with her life and she has 3 jobs. she doesn’t smoke, she’s 21 and she’s VERY cool. and well…she’s a saint’s fan; you had me at hello. lol. she has a VERY beta room-mate that was attracted too but whose self-esteem is so bad he killed all her tingles. i told her to send him to my blog and that i’d sort him out. i told her i was going to post about the interaction and she told me she’d want to read it. i asked her if she’d comment on it and she said she would. now, let’s just see what she has to say about all this.

to be continued……..

on a side note, today was the first day i’ve ever been viewed over 10,000 times in a month. i really appreciate everyone taking the time to read and comment. seriously, thanks guys.

stay up.

5 Comments on “Field Report: At the Skrip Klub”

  1. Bill says:

    Danny, this is probably the best post of yours I’ve read. Keep it going.

  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    She just read this post and said she wants to think about her reply. But she said she liked it.

  3. Bill says:


    It’s the best because you told an interesting story from several angles and showed how they intersected.

    Twenty-plus years ago, the dean of my graduate school told my class, “We expect you to produce interesting works of original scholarship. One way of doing that is to take two things that’s don’t seem related and see how they intersect. You may be the first person to ever look at that intersection.”

    I like where you are coming from and I like what you are looking into.


    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Well I appreciate it Bill. She said she’s going to think about her comment before posting and I told her I wanted her to touch on (wokka wokka) 2 things: -how accurate is the post. -what she found attractive.

      She told me, but she says she wants to comment herself.

      Sent from my iPhone

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