I told you, I EFF’ING told.

they’re fucking DEAD!!!!! i will find you little bastards. OH YES!!!!!! i shall. this is the flock i was talking about. there are about 15-20 total. ooooooh, how like like to rub my nose in it. lol.

you see. THIS is what i was talking about. YER DEAD!!!!! YAH HEAR ME!!! i screamed this out window as i took this picture. yeah, i'm THAT guy. lol.

10 Comments on “I told you, I EFF’ING told.”

  1. YOHAMI says:

    Nooo you killed BAMBI!!


  2. just visiting says:

    Lol. Those turkeys are messin’ with ya Danny. You realize that when you actually get one of these beasts, SOMEBODY is going to have to put up a food post.

  3. Wow. Turkeys are jerks. No wonder people love eating them–it’s not just tradition, it’s vengeance.

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