All too easy

sometimes the blog writes itself. i’ll post 3 stories that caught my eye while bored out of my fucking tree busy at work. sometimes the interwebz makes this shit too easy and i don’t have to do any heavy lifting.

  1. ok. first off, FUCK usher. seriously. supposedly Chili from TLC dumped him for cheating on her, well….rumor has it that he also gave her herpes (at least i remember hearing that). well he ended up getting married anyway and well….if you think having to take acyclovir everyday in exchange for a sak’s 5th ave card isn’t appealing to many women….RIIIIIIIGHT.
  2. this one is beautiful. read the article, then throw the girls name into google and you’ll see her FB profile. check out her pics. yeah…the pics are all you’ll need to figure this one out. typical batshit crazy, plastic ,LA vapid hole. it’s a messed up story, but worth reading.
  3. i’ve NEVER understood why famous pro athletes don’t bag it. do you know michael jordan met his wife when she was a waitress at bennigan’s. YEAH. now she owns a mansion and is worth millions for doing nothing more than popping out a legends kids. *sigh* smh.

being bored at work can make absolute dreck an interesting distraction. they say money and fame changes you, but i think the above examples show that fame isn’t a cure for stupid. stay up.

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  2. dannyfrom504 says:

    welcome to the Danny show love.

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