The New Kid

i’ve made more than one mention that we have some pretty Alpha individuals in my work place. there are only about 2-3 people at work that i wouldn’t sit down and have a beer with. well, we just got a new kid working with us and i liked this kid the moment i met him. i don’t know what it was, but i after 10 minutes bs’ing with him….i took him for a good sort. well, he’s a VERY Jr HM…E4, i’m an E6 (the bottom rung of upper enlisted ranks). today he, i and one other guy were working today. the other 2 took up spots at the main desk and i stayed in the back. around 4 i decided i was going to cut my non-tech loose. i stepped out to the front desk and


i’m from NO, but we don’t have a hockey team and i decided i was going to pull for the Flyers after watching a special on the broadstreet bullies. when my enthusiasm for the sport became obvious the new guy mentioned how he and i were gonna get along fine. he made a few comments i should have picked up on, but i didn’t. well…..he’s married, and he’s in his mid 20’s. after mentioning how goaltending in hockey is one of the most DIFFICULT positions to play (baseball catcher is a close second) he explained how he’s been playing hockey since he was 12. *insert sound of earth cracking open….HERE* come to find out, the new guy goal-tended for a VERY famous University (he asked to NOT be named since “it’s a pretty small community”). GTFO. here’s the thing, i told him about the blog (most of the alpha guys i work with know about it) and as i was breaking down some of the “red-pill” philosophy he ALWAYS nodded and laughed and seemed to understand just what i was talking about. this now made a LOT of sense. he got married at 24, and i asked him, “before you got married…how many women had you been with?” he answered that really couldn’t tell me.

now here’s what some of you may not realize, up north…hockey players are GOD’S when it comes to women. seriously. football, baseball players….yeah they do well. but they don’t do NEARLY as well as hockey guys do. it’s the ULTIMATE alpha sport. he told me about playing and some stuff i’m assuming most people outside the hockey world would know. well, he’s a little taller than me, and he’s got that rugged, boyish good look about him. i didn’t ask if his wife was hot, i KNEW she was. lol. this kid had the pick of the top women, and when i finally saw a pic….YEAH. she’s nice.

part of the reason i posted this was he confirmed something i mentioned earlier. he got married young, BUT….he got all that bullshit desire to fuck everything out-of-the-way. he finally found a great woman, and turned in his player card. and i tell you what, i sure as shit wouldn’t want to fight this kid. he says he’s very happy with his wife and he honestly doesn’t miss his old “shagadelic” life. it got old, just like i had said it does on this site more than once.

then he dropped this bomb-shell on me and i’m totally telling the Tia about this. he mentioned at his college there was a sorority whose members each had a shared goal of fucking as many of the members of the hockey team that they could. and each one had her name on a wall with the date, place, and player she hooked up with. the ultimate goal being sleeping with all the members of the squad. i think this KILLS the Duke Lacrosse chick story. and OF COURSE he knew about that story…of course.

he and the Missus bought a house 2 minutes away from me. i got a new beer buddy to chill with at the local and someone else to scream at the telly with when the flyers get scored on. 2012 is looking promising.

stay up.

4 Comments on “The New Kid”

  1. YaBoymatt says:

    Eh, everyone is a hockey player in Canada so the alpha cred you get from it Is pretty diminished. Between lacrosse and hockey the chicks who are good to go melt faster when lacrosse is played up. For me anyway.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      he did in fact mention lacrosse, so i don’t doubt you.

    • Blumel says:

      Where I grew up in New York State, hockey trumped lacrosse. Then again, every school in the area had a lacrosse team, but the only hockey teams belonged to private leagues. If you played hockey, it meant your parents had money, which would give them the edge status wise.

  2. Lost says:

    In Canada it’s not enough to just play hockey… everyone plays hockey. You have to play top tier hockey, and that’s what separates the haves and the have nots up here.

    Oh the good ol’ days
    Beer leagues are so much different.

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