Books for guys who actually like to Read

i’m back again with 2 books from the old library for you readers out there. i don’t want ANY female reader’s reading these, got it. lol. these books are for MEN ONLY. these are “he-man woman haterz club” books. GAAAAHRRRR!!!! *rolls eyes*

Youth/Heart of Darkness/End of the Tether” by Joseph Conrad- this one is a fave of mine. it’s actually 3 short stories that can be read separately, but they’re best when read back-to back. it’s the story of a man in 3 stages life. youth is the protagonist as he learns nautical proficiency as a young seaman, heart of darkness touches on colonialism in africa and the human capacity to erode when given absolute authority, and end of the tether is a man who captains a ship though he’s legally blind so he can provide for his family. this is NOT a happy story, but it’s fucking brilliant. just the fact that heart of darkness was the basis for “apocalypse now” meant i had a moral imperative to read this book. if you have a dick, you need to read this collection.

Anthem by Ayn Rand- kinda red-pill’ish. in the future no one has an identity, they’re all part of a collective. everyone has an assigned place and task. there is NO individuality. all decisions are made by a committee. the protagonist commits the ultimate sin and begins to think for himself, makes discoveries that the committee deem “forbidden”, and gives in to his emotions and loves a woman of his choice. GREAT book. you can burn through it in 2-3 hours. and considering the current state of the US, it’s pretty chilling. we are all sheep being herded by the few.

i think this will be a friday night post from here on out. YEAH. friday is officially “Book Post” night.

stay up.

8 Comments on “Books for guys who actually like to Read”

  1. ybm says:

    Just dropping in to say Geaux Tigers.

  2. Looking Glass says:

    I’m more of an Orwell guy myself, but I was curious Danny, you read any Steven Pressfield? I keep hearing good things about him and was wondering if you had.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      I have not. I’ll have to look into him. My library has books from all the categories: sci-fi, poetry, classic lit, fiction, Philosophy (current read), survival…all kinds of shit.

      I even have a small collection of books printed in the late 1800’s-early 1900’s. I collect those. Thems is my babies.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Isobel Riel says:

    Two to three hours to read ANTHEM? Not even if you’re reading aloud.

  4. Doug1 says:

    So danny, why don’t you have an RSS subcription button, or if you do have one, why do you make it so hard to find???

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