Beast Mode

i’ve mentioned this before, i just don’t know WHERE i posted it. so what the hell, i was mentioning this to a reader in email land and me and the WarMachine were on this subject one night as well.

i was with the gf one night watching some telly and she was enjoying one of her shows (Jag i think, she was a legal asst.) and i was reading a book. before you know it, there’s a commercial on and i feel a tiny hand stroking my “spot” then i feel her breath on my neck, then she’s kissing my neck and ear. oh boy….uh-oh. i feel the need to inform you that this woman’s libido was pretty much on track with mine. she was down every time i was “up” so to speak. i put the book down, closed my eyes (she was REEEALLY turning me on) and said, “babe..wh…what what are you doing?” she whispered back in the low, sexy, bedroom voice that you ladies have mastered and deploy at crucial moments so well, “i’m trying to get my man to fuck me.”


next thing you know, i had picked up all 4’11” of her, lifted her up, and threw her on her back. i was clawing the clothes off of her and we were kissing VERY hard. she managed to pull out my mule through my boxers and before you know it, i was inside. i was dropping 140lbs directly onto her HARD. this only caused a string of VERY sexy phrases in spanish that only serve to make me more crazy. i was pounding into her and biting (yes biting her neck). i had her hands pinned up over her  head, and i was just gunning her down. one thing about beast mode, is that it’s over in a few minutes. when i was done, i crashed on top of her and she was kissing my neck and rubbing my back. she whispered, “ay. que rico danny. gracias papi.” (damn, that was delicious, thanks daddy). i got up and ran the shower, then i went back to the living room, picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. i slapped her ass and she squealed. in the shower she bathed me, and i massaged her scalp after. what a good girl. we were in the shower and she had her palms on my chest. i was kissing her neck and i mentioned, “you need to be careful. you tend to get me pretty riled up.” she sighed and commented, “baby, why do you think i did it?” i stepped back, tuned her around, and moved her to where she was facing the back of the shower. i gently pushed her upper back until she was bent over and facing the shower’s back wall. i took her again. when i was done turned me around so she could massage my shoulders and she said, “que me gusto tu leche.” (i’m not translating this btw. lol).

the next day i saw my neighbor (a slamming hot puerto rican girl) carmen and she said, “nice work papi. i’m glad ****** (her son, i don’t remember his name) was with his dad.” i laughed, “did it bother you?” she answered, “no… was pretty hot Papi.” when the gf moved back to LA, 2-3 months later me and carmen were hooking up 1-2 times a month. lol.

right after i moved here i had the gf over. we had just finished “make happy playtime time” and she was reading on the sofa under a blanket (nakie, of course), when i heard a knock on the door. WHAT THE DUECE!!!! i didn’t know anybody in the neighborhood. brody was going apeshit so i put him behind me and looked out the side latch. it was the fucking cops. WTF????!!!! i turned on the light and opened the door and stared at the 2 HUGE cops at my door. “uuuuh, can i help you Officer’s.” one cop took off his cove….hat and said, “we got a call about a woman screaming and someone thought there might be a bit of a domestic disagreement.” GTFO. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! i sighed and said, “sorry officer, that was her. i moved to the side and the gf sat up slightly  allowing the blanket to fall and show JUUUUUST enough titty meat. she (and DAMMIT was she good at this type of shit) tilted her head slightly, batted her eyes, and said, “i’m sorry, he made me do it. he gave me cumsies.” (bitch stole my line btw). the cops shook their heads and grinned and asked if they could “take a look around.” i laughed and said, “just stay away from the lady, she has a thing for cops.” they looked at the gf and she said, “it’s the hand’s cuff’s and the fact that i have to do whatever you tell me to do.” the cops laughed and i said, “now do you see what i’m dealing with?” the cops walked through the house and when they came back to the living room and one cop said, “look, just try and keep it down ok.” me and the gf laughed, i told him, “i’ll just stuff her head into a pillow next time.” the gf smiled and bounced up and down nodding.

THAT’S beast-mode.

i shall be busy tonight cheering on my tiger’s. so i’ll leave you with these lovely shots.


OH DEAR LORD!!!!! i'm not sure exactly what i'd do with her, but it'll probably be done 12 seconds.

sweater cows-CHECK!!! girl in cosplay-CHECK!!! blue vein throbber erection-CHECK!!!!

oh no. yup. i need to change the boxer briefs. i just made a mess. *sigh* brb. i'm powerless against under-bewb.

one of these not like the other. seriously, i wouldn't fuck the thing in red with a stolen dick.

8 Comments on “Beast Mode”

  1. D– killin’ it with the cop story! What a freakin’ great story. lol

  2. Stargate Girl says:

    Danny- Us larger than size 0 chicks like the wam*bam*thank you mam!* too!

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      The GF in Japan was no size 0, and she LOVED BM. I never said BM was inclusive to small girls Dear. It’s just for this story, the woman was tiny.

      Sent from my iPhone

  3. just visiting says:

    That’s a GREAT story. You just know that those cops were in a good mood after that. (And it’s not the type of job that offers a lot of chuckles.)

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