WOW. i’m speechless.

look, this girl is just so on the money. i’m REALLY floored by this girl’s post. she get’s it. she totally get’s it. now all she needs to do is sync her blog handle with her BLOG name, because i have no clue what to call her. lol. i see this girl being an up and comer on the scene.

9 Comments on “WOW. i’m speechless.”

  1. Wow, now I’m the speechless one, Danny.

    As you know, I usually have a lot to say, me and my big mouth, but I am gobsmacked by your compliment…
    It’s important for us girls to know what you boys are about…it looks like feminism stunted our growth in this area, so we’ve got a lot of catching up to do…
    And it helps me to know if I am in the right ballpark. Afterall, everything on my blog regarding men has to be speculation (just what I am working out in my own head based on experiences, advice I have received, random things I have actively researched…)

    With regard to my blog handle, I have a bit of an identity crisis on my hands…I am so used to being ‘JT’, it feels weird to post as ‘Spacetraveller’ sometimes.
    But it seems I shall have to, to avoid confusion πŸ™‚

    Thank you once again!


  2. Danny,
    I can’t find my previous comment…I might be in moderation?

  3. Bellita says:

    JT makes me feel like I could retire my own blog and just be one of her commenters for the rest of my life.

  4. Bellita says:

    Re: the space traveler imagery

    I know quite a few young Korean girls, and something they’ve all gotten around to asking me is what my blood type is. Whenever they hear it is AB, they laugh in delight because apparently my personality is typical of that type. (From what I gather, personality analysis based on blood type is as popular in Korea as the Myers-Briggs model is in the Gendersphere.) I don’t quite get their explanation of this type, but one description that has stuck with me, from an older teenage girl, was: “You came from another star and you long to return to it.”

    And that is why I’m now inspired to ask you, JT/Spacetraveler . . . Are you an “AB” person, too? πŸ˜‰

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