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the girls have been on fire lately. 2 new blogs have popped up and the latest is REALLY good. SpaceTraveller has been VERY good. Bb’s always on point (thankfully she’s decided to grace the blog scene again after a few days off), Bell’s always got an interesting perspective. the girls have just as diversified blogs as the guy’s do.  most of my time is on the girl’s blogs. i don’t really need “game” advice per se, so i rarely go to the guy sites. nothing against the guy’s though, they’re cool. some of the Ladies i talk to IRL, some…..just in email land.

so i figured i’d describe the girls on my blogroll to those of you unfamiliar. so here i am to introduce you to my “blog ho’s”. i call them that because they put out…..put out posts. lol. and they’re all great girls. and they aren’t “ho’s”. i kid cause i love.

  1. Bb- LOVE B. i consider her my sister blog. she’s the polar opposite of yours truly. she’s classy, refined, well spoken, well educated, and well-mannered. yeah….see, EXACT OPPOSITE of moi. i’m pretty sure she’d tell the hubster “keep him away from the kid” if i knew her IRL. lol.  she’s a sweetheart and has ALWAYS been supportive of me and the site.
  2. Bellita- Bellita is an Angel. she’s a former Nun wanna-be and teacher. she’s VERY articulate and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body. what she taught her Brothers about girl’s is the greatest thing i’ve ever heard. she’s looking for a LTR and i’m ALWAYS rooting for her.
  3. Cadence- she JUST starting blogging. she’s a single mom looking for Mr. Right. her blog is currently a soap opera that i ALREADY know the ending to. i will not provide spoilers though. she’s a very funny and very charming woman. her blog could be considered “chick-crack” as she navigates the SMP with her current “project”.
  4. Lily- i haven’t talked to Lily in FOREVER. i need to email her. yeah. she’s a brit i know from the days of Riv and one of the originals that encouraged me to start a blog.
  5. MissMalice- i think everyone pretty much knows MM by now. she is apple of the Dark One’s eye. her blog is a bi-polar chick Wonderland that ranges from “fuck no i’m not reading this” to “WOW!!! this is GOLD.” you can ALWAYS tell when something makes her happy or pissed because she’ll post a 9000 word mini-thesis on it. i’ll get on paragraph 7 then realize “I’M NOT EVEN HALF WAY DONE!!!!! GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! but she’s cute when she get’s long-winded. she’s also the woman i will warn you about that she runs from absolute Angel to , “dude, she’s about to place 8 inches of pointy steel into neck”.  oh, and i’ve been an email acquaintance for almost a year.
  6.  Old Movie Review- Jamie’s site. jamie is the Manosphere resident Chef. she’s quirky, eclectic and has a great sense of humor. talk to her IRL and i can honestly tell you she’s a VERY COOL woman. i think Tia might have adopted her. yeah. i really don’t go to her blog often since obscure movies from the days’s of yore aren’t really my thing. BUT…..she comments on a few blogs.
  7. Olive- this girl JUST started a blog. and she’s got a very interesting POV. i think she’s just recently taken the red pill and blogging trying to find her place in the world and in the SMP with this new-found knowledge. VERY sweet girl.
  8. Resrieg- this girl’s blog is GREAT (when she’s posting). she’s a 21 year-old woman in So-Cal. she’s KNEE DEEP in the SMP and blogs about what she experiences. she was the female i featured in “text game”. she’s VERY attractive btw and she’s also ingested the red pill. her blog is a GREAT perspective as to the SMP in one of the most NOTORIOUS places for hook-ups. i also talk to her IRL occasionally.
  9. Space Traveller- once i get her to change her handle to the one she uses on Bellita’s site, she’ll be SUPER cool. but she’s a new blogger that has ALREADY caused a stir among the MGTOW guys. she’s in a relationship and she just wants to understands men’s perspective’s about relationship better. she’s JUST RECENTLY taken the red-pill and her posts are VERY good. i sense this girl will be a heavy hitter if she keeps blogging
  10. Susan Walsh-  don’t really know how she ended up on the blog-ho list. she hasn’t really been blogging that long and from what i’ve gathered her posts typically don’t generate all that much discussion. hmmmm. *rolls eyes* LOVE THE TIA!!!


i was talking with a blogger lately and we were discussing if the manosphere will ever go mainstream. i even had a reader ask me. IF the Sphere goes mainstream, it will probably be because of the girls. feminist run liberal media simply WILL NOT accept the men giving red-pill advice and philosophy. they MIGHT however, hear the females out. Susan’s already doing a decent job with the MASSIVE amount of traffic she generates and she’s a positive voice for sphere. some may disagree, but i don’t.

so do yourself a favor and the girls a try, they all run pretty interesting sites and i’ve VERY happy to link them on my site. i wonder how long it will take for Bb to send me an email with a “BLOG HO…..OH HELL NO!!!!!! you will cease and desist IMMEDIATELY” lol.

27 Comments on “The Girl Blogs”

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Is it just the case for me,or doesn’t it seem like most blog followers and subscribers are chics?

    It bugs me out since I’m involved in social dynamics(Game),I’d expect to have lot more male followers than women.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It makes sense in the fact that women REALLY want to know how guys think in terms of approaching and attracting women. They are also VERY curious to how we interpret relationships. Many of them are realizing that game does in fact work and lurking the blogs.

      I’ll bet $$$ that you have guys reading, but a lot of men don’t feel comfortable admitting that they aren’t good with this stuff. Every email I get from a woman starts with “you seem like someone who generally likes women so I feel comfortable in coming to you for advice.” the guy emails run along the same vein.

      Stay up Kenny.

      • Socialkenny says:

        Good point Danny.

        I have to laugh when I think about it now:guys hate to admit that they read game-stuff or that they aren’t great with women.So it now makes sense why guys would remain anonymous and refrain my commenting on blogs lmao

    • Bb says:

      Could it be because men lead and don’t follow, kenny? 😉 Thx for mention, Danny!

    • Bellita says:

      Women make up the majority of official followers/subscribers on the blogospheres dedicated to books, movies and even faith. I think my religious blog had an equal number of male and female readers at the height of its popularity, but while women clicked the Follow button in order to show their support publicly, men would link on their sidebar or just add me on GoogleReader without letting me know.

  2. MissMarie says:

    I can’t speak for ALL the girls, but it’s so cool that there is an accessible man that is willing to share this sort of information. Especially one that you actually believe, and isn’t just some douchey keyboard-jockey. Danny’s boss, and he knows it 😉

  3. Socialkenny says:

    @Danny-Lmao well the thing is,I’ve been in an on and off LTR for the past 2 and a half years.Funny thing,in my case,LTR management is my petpeeve.I suck at Managing my LTR.So I don’t mine checking out blogs which are LTR based lol.

  4. Bellita says:

    Thank you for the link, Danny. Your support means a lot to me. But I’m afraid updates on my blog will be slow for a while, bringing down my “ho” ranking.

  5. Hello Danny!

    Thanks for that great summary about the ‘ho’s 🙂

    Reminds me of a guy friend who regularly called all the girls at work his ‘b*****es’.
    And yes, he was married .

    That’s some serious Game right there 🙂

    It’s nice to be able to relate to members of the opposite gender without harsh words or fights, even online.
    I like peace…

    So thank you for that!

    Don’t ever change…

  6. ASF says:

    I think it should be a rule that we see pix of the female blog hoes.

  7. Olive says:

    NEVER! Seriously, I’ll reveal my identity to people individually, but not to the entire blogosphere. You never know who could be lurking… future employers, old friends, my Aunt Pat…

    P.S. Danny, I already told you this, but I’ll reiterate… thanks much for the plug! 🙂

  8. I love you LTR guys.. Keeps my hopes alive to know there are men in the world that care about this stuff. SO much wisdom in your posts. Thanks for the mention D. You are uber fabulous, darling 😉

  9. Awww, thanks for the mention! I think I should use that description in my profile. I’ll ponder it.

    @Bellita I read blogs like a man! Did not know this.
    I’m loathe to follow blogs publicly because I’m always worried that they’ll check out mine and go, “What…the frak.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i’m already listed on the “stalk” list. so i get MORE love. geeez.

      HAHA!!! yer a dood. yet you BLOG, then get worried that people actually might read it? :/ yer right: you do have a black belt in dork-kwon-do. lol.

  10. resrieg says:

    Definitely appreciate the shout-out! I wish I could keep up with the regular posting, but since I’m back at school I’m probably going to be MIA for a bit. On the bright side, when I do post again I’ll hopefully have some good stories.

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