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it’s friday and i’m about to go watch “the girl with the dragon tattoo” so i thought i’d make a quick post before showering and heading out. when i’m done with the movie i’m meeting up with some friends and eventually i’ll get to answering the Blog Ho thriller *rolls eyes* lol. i decided to go with 2 more obscure books. GREAT READS, the both of them.

The Fuck Up- by Arthur Nersesian. the protagonist is the typical american slacker as he slides in and out of bad-worse luck no matter what. he ALWAYS  manages to, well….fuck up. he’s an aspiring writer and he’s just trying to survive. it’s gritty, humorous and i’ll give any reader who’s ever HEARD of this book a dollar.

On the Cobbles- by Jimmy Stockins. tells the true story of a gypsy bare-knuckle boxing champion. take “fight club” and “snatch” except, ya know……in REAL LIFE. it’s a very interesting and entertaining story. you’re getting an inside look at a lifestyle that no-one get’s see.  it’s brutal, honest, heart-wrenching, yet still humorous at times. read it or i’ll break your nose.

Antique Book Mention. i’ll be adding this to booky friday to show off what i REEEEEALLY LOVE. ANTIQUE BOOKS. the first one i’ll mention is a book i picked up in NO on Royal St.  it’s a collection of the complete works of H. Longfellow printed in 1898. copped it for $10. HOLLA!!!!! the only thing that sucks about collecting antique books is that i usually can’t read them. they’re WAAAY to fragile. but i’m a sucker for antique books and the stores that carry them. especially the mom and pop ones, they’re tits.

stay up.

i will ALSO be posting some indie goodness as well. this week i introduce you to Dead Confederate. so, on fridays i’d ask you guys to post some indie rob gordon fave’s.



5 Comments on “Books for Guys who like to Read”

  1. Don’t know what qualifies a book as ‘antique ‘ … But I love buying older (sturdy) Hardcover editions of the classics. One of my favorites is a tiny edition of Charles Lamb’s essays . It’s one of the Ox . world’s classics series printed in 1906. Another one is a calf-leather bound Everyman’s lib . edition of Emerson’s 1st and 2nd essays series from 1922. Then there’s the HUGE tome of Schopenhauer’s complete essays ( all the miscellaneous works) printed in 1942. If ever I need to be mobile I would slim down my library with an e-reader; but some books will always stay by my side.

    You should look into a book called ‘ anatomy of bibliomania’ or the book about books by Holbrook Jackson. It’s written in the baroque/mosaic style of Robert Burton’s ‘Anatomy of melancholia’. Basically, it’s a book about anything to do with reading and book collecting full of anecdotes and quotes of famous writers and their love of books. Short chapters — it’s a ‘dip in ‘ book.

    The index is worth a read in itself :

    Part X . Of Book-Drinkers
    1. Of their liquefaction and propensities proper to drinking p174
    2. They raise and quench thirst and are potent beverages p176
    3. Biblibiobacity with a digression of Ecstasy p178

    The PB is way overpriced but there are older HB editions
    (It’s also in the public domain I believe)

  2. Hmmm . Liking Dead Confederate so far . A bit like a noiser ‘ Low ‘ .

    Belong – Common era is a record I dug for 2011 . It’s a bit unoriginal , more of a ‘sound’ .

  3. WillieMaize24 says:

    If you like antique books head over to Mencius Moldbug’s blog and see his post entitled “Slow History Extravaganza.” Moldbug is great at finding obscure books that are worth reading. You might also want to check out a site called Neglected Books.
    As for obscure books worth treading, one that I found recently that I really liked was Dardanelles Patrol by Peter Shankland. It’s a true story about a British submarine in WW1 that snuk in behind Axis lines and disrupted Turkish shipping during the battle of Gallipoli.

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